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(oh so he WASN'T in the closet the whole time..)
Hey, yo what's poppin logang,
it's ME, ya boi,
an- -i-
I'm in Tokyo and it is littttt ?
I'm uh, super jet lagged.
We arrived at 7 in the morning,
and uh yeah, it's it's rough, man
Jet lag is rough man.
This view is seriously the coolest ~
Aahh we're staying in Shibuya for 5 days,
and then we're gonna travel around Japan.
Hey, hey, hey
Look what I've found
I even got this tiny bottle from 7-eleven. So cute
I love Japan. So now we're going to the Sanrio store
PJ & Sophie is here
and it's gonna be ~lit~
be de beb bew boom boo doo bum ~bew~
~buhh doo boo~ (PJ: I'm excited)
I'm excited to check this out.
So basically Sanrio flew us here,
So we're gonna hang out with them for five days
And uhh, let's see what they got inside
So cute
oh my gawd
They literally have Hello Kitty...anything
I need to step up my merch game man.
So we have 35,000 yen to spend they gave us just to buy whatever.
Why not get a Hello Kitty cane
Ohh, that's awesome
Gudetama is definitely my favorite
I'm too tall. There you go.
duHahahehe !
hueh *laughing at his own face*
I didn't realize I made such an insane face when I did it.
Now look at dat boy
(MARZIA: *adorably amazed gasp*)
chtehehehe! (MARZIA:aaaa~!)
Oh my god, they have Tamagotchis with Gudetama~!
*tries reading japanese*
taah-n ?
(MARZIA: *agreeing* mhm hm!)
sh-shiio ?
(MARZIA: ji.)
tan - ji ?
(MARZIA: yo.)
tan yo ?
(MARZIA: tanjyo.)
(MARZIA: born?)
Oh, he's born
(PJ: Yeah, he's born.)
So we're using like this translator app
((it's the google translate app lolz))
'big satisfied large more desert also'
So cute~!!
I don't know if I'm ready for this responsibility
We got a crazy crossing happening here.
We're in Ginza. This is not the big big one, but it's pretty big
It's four degrees out. It's really cold
But I feel pretty awake
I don't know how we ended up here, but it's pretty chill.
There's a little bench here.
You can just sit.
Our dog sitter, sends us pictures.
There's Edgar not wanting to leave the beach.
*~marzia giggles~*
We are at the restaurant from the famous scene in Kill Bill, you know,
where Uma is just slicing everyone.
This is so cool
Look at that
Is that vape?
All right, we just came back. It was a really amazing dinner
I ate so much tuna and then we just came back to the room and this view
Now, I remember why I missed Japan
Everyone was kind of tired, but it was perfect anyway. See you tomorrow!
uoohh.. forehead.
What's up, Squad Fam. It's your boy.
Today, we're going to a theme park
which is called,
This is definitely one of the best things with Japan.
What is he doing?
So even at the station, they have like the Sanrio figurines.
I like the little butthole.
(PJ: The attention to detail.)
What is happening here?
I've died and come to cuteness heaven.
There it is !
What's wrong with you, PJ?
(PJ: Don't! Don't!)
(PJ: Keep, keep your stupid snow in your pocket)
*pewd laugh*
Look at that
*PJ laugh*
I had to check it
Puroland, here we come.
Oh my God, look at that. Wow
We're going through the theater to check out a Gudetama show.
I don't know what's happening.
Oh my god
( how small you are!!!!!!!)
ah sumimasen!!!
( I'm afraid he's too small for the spectators to see... )
( It can't be helped~ )
( 'cause I'm an egg~ )
( You're right.... )
Oh my god
Oh my god
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa (Disappointed)
I'm either in heaven or hell.
Now that's some sexy legs, boi
What do you got going there?
(PJ: This thing?)
Yeah, What is that?
(PJ: Uh, you know...)
(PJ: I don't know.)
We're going on a plane, guys.
Everything is so cute
oaA! Hello Kitty, over here!!
Cinnamon! Cinnamon~!
buhbyeeeeeeee !!
arigato~ (Thank you)
That was amazing.
I don't know what I just watched, but it was great.
It's my dress now. Ha ha (PJ: nO!)
I'm kawaii
(PJ: Dude, that is my dress and now you've glitched it.)
PJ, that's Hello Kitty's bath.
PJ, that's Hello Kitty's bed.
Stop it
(PJ: I'm so tired, though.)
Hello Kitty is waiting for us in that door.
PJ: It's gonna happen.)
(PJ: It's finally, this whole trip is, this is what we've been waiting for.)
I think she was really into me.
We're about to meet
Gudetama himself
This is where he lives.
That is so creepy.
He's coming. He's coming
He's commiinngg
PJ, He's coming.
(PJ: We're gonna meet-)
(PJ: Gudetama )
Yuuuppp (Everyone Gasps)
aAH! *giggling*
(PJ: Come on out, don't be afraid!) oh! no-ohhh !
*laughing* come here~!
(PJ: hello!) hheyyy !
*cute pewds chuckles throughout*
oh! HOho !
Gudetama ! Gudetama !!
This is it
*marzia giggle*
Don't do it, don't do it !
yeah! huhehehe
Here we go (PJ: I will never be the same.)
We're leaving.
Goodbye, Puroland.
Good morning ! It's another day, another life to live it.
I ran out yesterday to buy this jacket
I love it, so much
One of my favorite brands, Wacko Maria
It's reversible as well, so fucking cool.
We're gonna do some more shopping today. I'm really excited. We have some more time.
We are at Tokyo Station
Look how pretty it is with all the lights.
I'm gonna try my luck at the Gachapon
I really want the Pop Team Epic one.
Look at those !
Yeah !
We're at Harajuku and we're gonna apparently check out some hedgehogs at the Hedgehog cafe
(PJ: Heyy , do your best Hedgehog impression.)
Oh my god, who are those guys over there?
Can I dab?
(PJ: Don't do it, no)
(PJ: Alright, wow)
(Fan: Pewdiepie!)
*Pood chuckle*
(FAN: We followed you on Youtube !)
Oh, thank you. Good luck on the race.
*another pood chuckle*
*pood chuckle again*
They made it to the vlog.
There it is. It's happening.
Don't eat them.
Look at that! So cute~
So this is our Hedgehogs that we can hold !!
So cute~
He's very cute.
His leg is all up in the air
Talking on the phone.
This is like a special one that like, holds on
We're going in here now.
Oh my God. Look at this food.
I want that one.
Alright. Just kidding. I'm getting this one.
(PJ: The vegetarian option.)
Can you shut-
Oh my god, we got iiiit !
Oh, no Pompom. Sorry. No! Pompom, please :,(
Pompom tastes good, though. Oh my god. We get -..we get a mug.
*adorable voice* lookat it !! it's so cute~~!
I'm gonna eat you. Mmm. It's really good actually
PleAse pEwdiePie, DonT EaT mE
Go for the face, Marzia
Kill him, kill him
Pwease don't do it, Marzia.
I waNt To LiVe
Oh my God ! Why would you do that?
Something's about to happen
PJ, what did you do?
If you don't know what that was, we met with a
one of Sanrio's character (Aggretsuko) who is like a work Bee???
But when she gets angry she gets like into heavy metal and like really aggressive
It's fun meeting all these like characters is really weird. It's really awkward and strange was really funny
♪tamago tamago♪(egg)
Oh my god
♪shiromi siromi shiromi♪(egg white)
What are you doing PJ? You're not a Sanrio boy.
He's such a doofus. This is my favorite Sanrio Boy.
(PJ: Why don't you kiss him then ?)
Do you want a photo spot with me?
(PJ: Absolutely not)
What about now?
(PJ: Alright, yeah yeh yeh yeh)
How do we look?
We're like having a private tour on the expo when everyone left.
( I'm ready to battle anytime nyan~~)
*Pewds WIN
Give us the money!
And who doesn't want a Hello Kitty laundry machine.
PJ: Oh, thank you. Need to-... quite wet outside
This one is so cute
Alright, we've been out for like 11 hours. We're going to the ninja cafe right now
Marzia: Restaurant
We are entering the ninja training. Oh it's like a cave.
We need to up the bridge is that what's happening
I'm really scared. I think she's lying to us. There's no one coming.
It's clearly nothing happening. I'm waiting for the enemy.
The enemy's not gonna get us now.
We're almost there.
I'm so tired.
Poor me.
Hot stone real hot
How hot is it?
A million degrees.
Whoah, that's really hot.
I did it. That was me.
We're gonna meet with the creator of Gudetama.
And it's gonna teach us how to make how to draw
But we're not allowed to film her and she's a because she's a secret identity
Just like I am
Whenever anyone asks Who I am
Is this- is this a lit vlog?
Let's go
This view is insane, this is the room we were yesterday, and now, we're gonna get taught how to draw.
You got this ball machine.
What do I do now?
Sanrio Artist: You find it difficult. I think we did it come on. Thanks. We can do this. Thanks. We all wish it didn't turn out
PJ: I'm really bad at bodies
So we got original drawing of
Gudetama and Aggretsuko. Very cool. This puts ours to shame
That was super fun everyone was so nervous before but we all had a good time. I was scared
I was gonna offend her. I think you did actually PJ, yours was pretty shit. Yeah, she was pretty upset.
We're going here to do like this VR game
That was amazing
That was way cooler than I thought it would be. I've done VR before but that was like so much better
Wow PJ you look great
In all its glory
Beautiful so beautiful
Oh my god
Finally at the famous Shibuya crossing everyone is crossing People just walking across buildings
Pretty how is it pretty big? It's pretty big.
It's gonna be the last day I get to see this view in a long time boy
We're leaving Tokyo today
And we're going to Osaka where we have a lot of cool stuff planned as well. The trip is not over yet
I bought this Gundam. I'm so excited for it. You can't really buy like good Gundams in UK
All right It's still cool as shit, but it's not a model. You just put the pieces together
I was really hoping to build it. I might buy another one then because I'm an idiot
He is cool but I wanted to build him God damn it.
Welcome. We're in Osaka..Osakaa
We've been traveling all day. This room has no windows in it, so it seems like it could be any time any time
I don't know what time is it.
A bit different view then from what we had in Tokyo
We spend the last three hours trying to track down our tickets
It didn't work, but we're here at the venue.
Are you guys excited?
Excited We got the tickets all right there we go
Okay, so I'm in Osaka
Getting a tattoo, a slippy tattoo from really cool artists.
It's not just slippy, i like the folklore of it and then when sleepy passed away. I was like oh, yeah I definitely want to get something. (rip slippy ?)
So I'm really glad i'm finally getting a tattoo. I'm really excited
There it is, he's playing
The legs are done. Looks really good
Look at that so cool
I'm very happy thank you very much
i love it
That tattoo artist didn't speak a lot of English
Neither do I apparently. But he told us that it's illegal to get tattoos in Japan which I didn't
Marzia: Well he didn't say it was illegal
That's true. It's not illegal to get tattoos it's illegal to make tattoos
Unless you have a medical license. I knew it was illegal in South Korea
I didn't know it was in in Japan, but it's interesting
I guess that's why we were in like this outside of Tokyo not in a studio.
Oh Osaka, well
Okay, we're at aquarium now, it's raining like crazy. My feet are wet, life is tough
Good luck seeing anything hehee
Oh my god, what is he chewing on?
look at that fish right there
Those otters were wack!
He's loving it
Look at that guy
Look at this guy
Doesn't look like it but he's so big
Marzia: He's so angry!
Oh my god. I didn't see him.
Oh my god they got isopods. ?????? ???? is happening! Look at all the isopod info!
So cool
Look at these losers.. You got any good fish down there? uhh
PJ now with the video won't have ads on it. Oh my god
It's the eel from Super Mario!
(PJ) I just said that come on! (Pewds) Shut PJ..
There's so many people! (PJ) Sorry who are you? (Pewds) I'm a very proliferant youtuber.
(PJ) proliferant..what?That's not a word (pewds) Logan Paul, subscribe.
(PJ)What?.. no
Holy sh*t dude! That is massive. Waaaaw
My god, it's so amazing. This is so big
Hoooooolllyyyyyy ssshhhh****tttt
This is the best fish. This fish should not exist
Does it even know what's up and down?
Hey, man, you look pretty good,No you look pretty good,
(Fish)I love you , man. (reflec.)No I Love You Man, (Fish)I love you more, man. (reflec.)I love you even more man
You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life No YOU are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life
Ah, thanks man
Holy sh*t. PJ I didn't know you were a crab. (PJ)You've already made that joke, Brad don't leave that one in
Wow Brad is not editing this.(Pewds talking in a weird voice) hey everybody its PJ.
I do arts and crafts videos
What are you doing there Marzia?
You made a new friend
Just hurry up, come on, follow me
It's the best fish of them all, me(I agree pewds)
Looks like PJ finally made a friend
I need that. Give it to me yes
I never thought this moment would happen you're coming home with me. We're gonna have the best time
His name is Chompon and we love each other, sorry Marzia. Well look at the ferris wheel!
That's so cool
Whatever, i'll do it for the shot! bye Marzia. Its fine I have Chompon
We're back at the hotel, I just cleaned the tattoo. Thanks again to..
Husky, I think Hucksi for doing it, I'm very happy with it.
The shirt I bought I had such a rush to buy it. I didn't look properly. It's clearly fake
I don't even like Supreme that much, but I really like the Akira collection it goes in the trash so annoying
Oh well, not everything works out well. Well now we're gonna go out to eat
Probably won't vlog anything more well. Actually. It's rainy, and it's very pretty, but that's not why you watch my vlogs is it
What's up, what's up? What's up? What's uuuuppp??
Today we're going to Osaka castle and then we're gonna go to Hakone what am I gonna do?
ESKEETIT..SQUAD. No. It's just me
Thank you. It's interesting contrast of like old and then new
they have ducks
Do you see that?
There, I found him. I found him. There he is.
Photo op ,there we go..
1 million stairs, we made it to the top look at that view boy. What a panoramic view
It's very windy
I'm cold. Don't drop the camera Felix. Don't drop it. Did you make a new friend PJ?
So cute
Look at you
It's cold. I don't like it here guys. Can we go home, please?
Hey guys. It's me. We are in Hakone right now which is a bit outside of Tokyo. It's famous for its hot springs
We're out late. So you can't see the views, but it's snow outside. It's really beautiful
-DANCING PEWDS- I'm loving this
We've been travelling for a long time. I'm tired and we are here we are here now
They have like this table just for writing. How does it work? I've never done this? This is so hard. I never done it.
Look at that
Welcome to Hokkaid-
Hakado? (PJ)Try again Where are we?
we are in this tiny little car,
going down this giant hill that we went up for
last night with two luggages.
but we're going to visit,, uhh,, some stuff, today!
as all the days -- surprise!
Gottem good!!
One thing you need to know about Japan, is that they got 7-elevens
Freaking everywhere. They got all the Japanese whiskey
Kirin, Suntory, Nikka, which one is th.. Taketsuru! This one is amazing
Guys should I shave my beard?(please nooo pewds)
It's snowing oh ma gawd
Another thing that I love about Japan is that the vending machines have hot drinks lik ise this
So hot, it's so nice. I love Japan guys
We are going to the open air museum
I almost died
I stopped the recording god dammit. They're having such a laugh over there
This one is amazing
Marzia, you were right, It is the Swedish artist "Carl Milles". My granddad used to, he used to help sculpture for this artist
got em
Logan Paul in the house, everybody
Woah, what is happening in here?
I have become a robot
Come in Marzia
Come in ... in the bubble
Join us
One of us! One of us!
*evil wheeze laugh*
PJ: You're an asshole
This place is beautiful~!
Takes me back, man
This is so cool! It's incredible!
Hell yeah. Is that a Louis V?
Hot spring footbath going on over there
That feels amazing
That's a big ball, that's a big ball! Wow !!
Is it doing it? oooh
Hello everybody it's your favorite vlogger Felix here
We're at Hakone shrine
We're almost there. It's f*cking freezing. Where's the shrine where is it? No one knows
Maybe in three years we'll see the shrine after
PJ's done filming his full-length feature documentary about this lamp
I think soon we'll able to move on when he's done with his lamp. Oh my god. We're not at the shrine yet guys
That's okay. That's fine. I want to walk upstairs. We found it
The shrine by the river. We picked the really windy day to do this. That's so cool. This is unreal look at that
Dare me to go out?
*walks directly through the centre of a gate for the Gods*
Nice and warm!.
Let's go upstairs. how's the light PJ?
It's a good lamp (PJ)yeah pretty good. (Pewds)Sorry this is my shot (PJ)No that's my shot.
This place is beautiful.
I look like such a homeless person. I really like Hakone reminds me of San Francisco in a weird way oh, I run up the stairs
(That's how you pray Logan)
Successful day
Fun times
Thank you for answering Sofie
We have a long bus ride now, but it's kind of nice.
so fucking cool
That's so dope
Marzia I'm vlogging
Just came back from the onsen. So refreshing how do you like it?
(Marzia)Yeah we love it
Yeah, it's so nice, and now we've seen everyone naked
No, not really
We were like hey don't look at my dick man. Tomorrow is the last day. We're traveling back to Tokyo
I hope I can buy a Gundam
I hope we can go to the Gundam place cuz I really want to build one when I get back.
That's my goal for the last thing of the trip.
Good morning.We're leaving Hakona to go to Tokyo and then tomorrow we're going home
Got a well needed beard trim
I'm so glad. I don't know why I didn't do it before. We are back in Tokyo.
That's gonna be me one day, look at her so happy with that whiskey .
It's happening...
It's happenin I'm so excited
As you can tell from my facial expression which is about to blow
Oh my god, we're in America!That's so crazy
I found it guys
(PJ)Crazy you want to get inside, you wanna operate?(Pewds) Oh my god,
what if we steal it and fly it back to Sweden.
So this is a real size one
By scale that's so cool. Holy sh*t. That's sick
Look at that
These are sick
What happened there? (Marzia)He's so cool!
These are the perfect red once. Holy sh*t
There he is
So which one should I get? That one was really clean-looking I like it. I'm so happy right now
I'm like a little kid. This is so much ! How am I gonna fit this in my luggage?
So apparently that one and that one is the same
Getting it. Oh, it's lit
So cool, so I got the, this one. That's the one I got so I'm gonna build that one. I'm so excited
I also got this japan-exclusive. I'm doing the haul literally outside. So cool, I'm so happy with it
I was so excited when I found this
Guys this is the end of all the Tokyo vlogs we had an amazing time
This is one of my favorite Tokyo trips or Japan trips. I loved it. It was great leave a like
I'm gonna walk back to Sweden now
I don't live in Sweden someone help me hello
((this is macy again is anyone still reading this? no? ok ill stop. i am annoying. i still want that squad fam thong. im gonna go eat my salad))


all about the ?R E S P E C T? in Japan..?

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