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*action music*
Imagine paying for an advertisement to be shown but even though no one watches it you still have to pay [for] it on
TV. You can actually never know if someone is watching your advert
Maybe there are taking a piss.. maybe arguing with their wife.. eating being distracted
Whatever, you still have to pay for the ad to be shown well on YouTube
It doesn't work like that, if you don't watch the entire ad or for at least 30 seconds
You don't have to pay anything. No money is basically lost, so it seems pretty safe...
To advertise on YouTube *laughes* at least it seems pretty great if you ask me advertising on YouTube can give you a wider reach than any
TV Network could. If your target
Consumer is 18 to 34
YouTube has a Wider reach than any TV network than any cable TV network and according to a research conducted by Google
May be a little biased *laughes* but [they] found that in eighty percent of cases, ads
That were shown on YouTube as opposed to TV were eighty percent
More effective to drive towards a sale, and you know I may be [a] little biased as well
But I believe that fact because on Youtube you can target your consumer much much easier. You got demographics geographics time of day
Retargeting of ads and base of interest ads, which have shown to be highly effective
YouTube doesn't just know who your target consumer is they know what they like,
What their behavior [is] like and you can reach them directly not not guessing
and let's say you want to buy the
Product that you see in the advert what you gotta do you gotta walk outside and go to the store?
ridiculous you can just click on the ad
and buy it there :)
So simple, man advertising on YouTube seems like the greatest thing ever I know. But wait..
There's more! on TV ads, You gotta pay a certain amount to get your ads
shown all right, and it could be
Pretty expensive. Well on YouTube if you want to pay a dollar to advertise you pay a dollar that's all you got to do
there's no limit and
Let's say you want to pay a million 50 million you can pay 50 million. No one's going to stop ya
All right, why not spend a little extra while you're at it. Because if you advertise on Youtube, you're also supporting independent
Creators all across the world you can also get organic views on YouTube
Hey, what do you mean with that well you know those old spice commercials?
Commercial: I have a SOOOOON >:D !
Millions and millions of views, you don't turn on the television hoping that you'll see one you go to youtube to watch it
You're basically getting people to watch your advertisement for FREE!
*megaphone* Youtube advertising seems amazing!
Why is why would I possibly never advertise there? But Felix, I've heard that
It's not safe to advertise on YouTube
There is a racist videos out there!
and what if my ads appear on them? Youtube as extremely strict rules..
on de-monetization even before this whole ad-pocalypse happened and ask ask any Creator
And, You talk about politics your video will get de-monetized literally
I play a game with a single bit of sexuality in it like no nudity whatsoever it gets de-monetized
It's very sensitive. It's a very strict system. That's in place
and like I said even before all this outbursts and
People know that if a coca-cola ad appears in my video that doesn't mean that coca-cola is supporting my views whatever they may be
It's just common sense people know this already
it's just an advert and if you want to advertise on YouTube you can reach out to
Creators directly and Target your ad through them get a video done together and then run your ads across their video
Specifically if you want a more authentic way of doing advertisement you can't find it. It doesn't exist
we can talk directly-we have an audience that listen to us they care about what we say and
They trust us if you're scared of your ads showing up in the wrong place,
You can see through analytics
Exactly where your money is being spent. Oh, what, whats that? I don't need the media to tell me about that. That's so strange
It's almost like the whole thing is just blown out of proportion
I could just look online and see where my ads is being spent ad money is being spent on
How about that it's right there in front of you, TV doesn't have that, that's very interesting, and if Youtube wasn't even more safe
They added even stricter rules and for your ad money to be spent the creator has to have more than 10,000 views on the platform
Essentially eliminating anyone to upload anything and have ads on it. Because let's say if a news company
wanted to take
for some reason
advertisements from other companies and place them directly on..
racist content for whatever reason I can't think of.
They can no longer do that. I think it's interesting
Recently what happened with Pepsi. They pull ads off from YouTube to avoid
Controversy and came up with an advert that they probably spent millions and millions
and millions of dollars on and it flopped
it got a ton of controversy because it didn't reflect reality.
YouTube is painfully honest and its reflection of what the audience really want.
If you don't like on something on YouTube
You'll know
Not only was the advertisement offensive
But it was also un-authentic people know this. Why? Because just look at the dislike bar
I know, it's a kind of a stupid metric to bring up, but it's anonymous
And it shows that this type of way of doing advertisement is not relevant anymore
"The way media like to portray thinks is no longer a reflection of reality" -Pewds 2k17


Can we save YouTube?

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