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It's dat time again...
I guess I gotta make another video..
Let's see how the comments did on my last one...
comments did on my last one
Why am I talking like *laugh*
Zavala the idiot:"Truly ran out of ideas."
Nayeli the 10 year old: "Felix is low-key running out of ideas.."Pewdiepie is officially out of ideas"
"out of ideas intensifies" *TRIGGERING INTENSIFIES*
"I guess he is really out of ideas..."
"Pewds really is running out of ideas"
"When you run out of video ideas."
"When you're out of ideas."
"Runing out of ideas"
"Buy a book on creative ideas please"
God Damn! You're so retarded
You think i'm out of ideas?
boy you think I got this soundboard because I
you think have this sound...
you think i have this soundboard because I'm out of-
creative comedy ideas? Listen here. Listen here, okay.
It was a joke, okay? I did it as a joke once and now everyone's like he's out of
fucking ideas he made a video he's not of ideas I got stacks and stacks to put
ideas in my idea Bank
okay so what? maybe I am out of ideas huh? but there is a good reason to it and
when you find out boy you're gonna wish you never commented "he's out of ideas"
ever. again. because the truth might shock you
let's play something serious...
overused meme
I've been running an idea business
yes, that's right for other youtubers
I've have-have, i have-had so many ideas that I've been exporting them
basically I'm the guy on top of YouTube and I've been giving everyone else the best freshest ideas because I
top of youtube and I've been giving everyone else the best freshest ideas because
i care about YouTube. Αnd I care about how it's going for everyone
It's true. I know it's shocking and I'll prove it to you okay I'm just going to
set-I'm just going to set open for business on my phone
and soon a bunch of
youtubers is going to call...
asking for ideas
*Generic annoying ringtone*
*Fake laugh*
you need ideas okay I got it okay I got it c-calm down just read other
people's comments yes yes that's right for 300 episodes wait-you already done
that 331 of I am out of ideas huh I am out of ideas huh this is saltiest video ever
what how about 112 episodes of the same
goddamn thing oh oh you did that as well that Markiplier? I got you fam don't
you worry you got a SEXY voice just just fucking
grunt just make some grunting noises make it a fourth-fourth series let's play
the fourteen-year-old girls will love it and a 27 year old straight men that's
right love you too bye bye
*cow that moo's inside*
have you opened your rights yeah yes that's right it all makes sense
Oh another call hello who is this? Smosh!
oh that's okay just make one hundred and
eighty five episodes of eating food but I am out of ideas apparently and while
you're at it make the same videos you've been making since 1984 but it's not just
youtubers it's BuzzFeed as well when I was working there I gave them all of my
best ideas Americans try swedish candies for the first time? my idea, this is my
idea, that's my idea, this is also my idea, that's definitely my idea,
Hey exility haha my man what's ups, okay just I got I got you fam just spin a fidget spinner
for 24 hours
I know it's hilarious original
LispyJimmy my man just
spin fidget spinner for 24 hours that's great okay
why are we still here
MrBeast my boy what is up spin the fidget spinner for 24 hours straight
yes no one's ever done it it's a creative original idea
fuck I'm good damn I'm good at this come on can you guys please just hit
subscribe oh because I could break my record if you guys subscribe that would
be so awesome
*Why are we still here*
Jacksepticeye what she won't girl all you want to celebrate your round
three special just just make
ten things you don't know about me
number one you have a foot
so good at this! I'm so good I've ideas DanTDM what
is up my black brotheren and sorry I'm sorry it was a joke it was a joke
god damn it okay just make a fidget spinner video.
*Cancer audio*
Fousey! What is good? you're homeless now that's right not it's not a
publicity stunt at all get this but you'll make a video you'll say that
you're homeless you'll dress up like you're a meatball and then you say you
gave out all gave away all your shit but really you didn't
'cause no one's going to check that shit anyway
Marissa! Who the fuck are you? Oh, uh-
Make a video on how to shave your vagina.
"unfortunately you know the area itself is so sensitive"
oh she actually did it
"...a whole lot that you can actually do about it and I feel it"
Doing God's work
Thank you. FaZe! Oh, it's the whole FaZe clan?
right listen up I got a great idea I get it no one's watching your shit
anymore that's okay I can relate it's okay don't panic it's gonna be okay it's
gonna you got a long life to live when I'm sure all those money's gonna last
so don't you worry. now what you gonna do it's make a video on how you almost died
that's right, that's right. twice. you know I don't think about it
make it three times three times next man yeah fuck you make it four make it four
you've almost died four times how old are you 12
you're welcome FaZe apex you almost died face cake you almost dad first but you
almost died you all died okay face how did it why haven't they done yet at
least one of them surely should have been dead by now hmm marks
I didn't think you'd gone I got a great one I got a banger for you
my mom had sex with me when I was 12 that's right that's right wait a minute
you're not morgs you're a cancer cell oh god damn it you tricked me!! You may think
I'm just fucking around and this is all just fake phone calls, well, I've got
testimonies of real youtubers who approve of this service and if you're
youtuber you can hire me as well, because I have so many great ideas just listen
to this fellow people millions of creators suffer every year from taking
idea suggestions from PewDiePie I am one of those creators.
i mean i knew his ideas were bad but Jesus Christ it just makes me wonder what planet is this guy
even from I don't get what could possess someone to think of the ideas he thinks
of that may sound like a compliment but it's not I feel like some of my worst
videos have come from passing conversations with PewDiePie where he
said 'yeah that sounds cool' he cursed the idea. the man is a curse.
PewDiePie wanted me to come in today to tell you all about the amazing ideas
that he's given me over the years but really he's given me nothing but trauma
just flat-out, doubting everything I've ever known type of trauma
Do not take advice from this man he is a serial killer *laughs* as in his ideas will kill
you and not in a good way so PewDiePie fuck you.
PewDiePie's ideas legit almost killed my channel I mean some of the worst ideas ever came from him.
PewDiePie's idea service has saved my ass on so many occasions I can't even
tell you how many times I've relied on it just like shit out another video God
where would the world be without his ideas
permeating all of YouTube it kind of works out like trickled down "ideanomics"
where he creates the ideas and then he leases it to his inner circle and
then it flows down and it trickles down all the way through YouTube and everyone
benefits from it like not many people realize he is the source of all the
mediocre watered-down ideas that you see
I've come out with some pretty awful
videos over the years and worst of the worst of the worse them have all been
ideas that PewDiePie has given to me. PewDiePie comes up to me one day online
he says to me hey Anthony like I really love your reviews I really love your
channel but you know would be fun they'll be really funny if you reviewed
memes he would co-host the channel with me and Here I am like almost a year into
doing this meme series no sign from PewDiePie all the videos are terrible
and now my whole YouTube career has really just been shot in the leg over
PewDiePie and because this dude has essentially lied to me about sort of
collaborating on this channel helping with this channel and you know the sort
of getting involved in this whole mean thing is really just kind of sullied my
reputation to be quite honest sometimes people say to me how do you come up with
all your ideas and the truth is I don't whenever I now if I did I just message
PewDiePie whenever I need help he's always there
he even gave me the idea to dye my hair the same color as his I just don't know
where I'd be without PewDiePie.
don't you feel terrible now that you've all been
commenting he's out of ideas that's right because I have had ideas I've just
been sharing the best ones for real though I I've always really enjoyed with
YouTube with trying out different things I remember back in the day when all I
did was play amnesia I really thought that's all my channel
was ever going to do or achieve I'm really happy with the way my channel is
because it's so spread out in a one day you can get a video with me yelling some
cancerous memes the other day I'm talking about my favorite manga and I
really enjoy the mix of it and I it makes it really satisfying and fun
for me to do different things I'm really glad I'm not locked into doing one thing
but it's seeing this whole meme with me running out of ideas literally started
because I I guess I've tried out so many different things but that's why I enjoy
enjoy by YouTube if I do different things that doesn't mean like if I ran
out of ideas I'd be doing the same shit over and over that's running out of
ideas trying out different things that is fucking hell I don't know what the
fuck to say to please you I don't need to say anything to please to you fuck
you and as always sister fist
I dread the day that I don't
have PewDiePie's ideas to fuel my own videos because without that constant
flow of mediocrity coming down the waterfall that is YouTube and going down
to the bottom my god we'd all be lost we'd have to come up with our
*Legit Real Vomiting*
I just thought of the fact that we'd have to we'd have to come up with our
own ideas Oh


I'm out of ideas for this channel...

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