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Cambodia 18:00 Hours *Safari music plays*
You didn't see me, but here I am.
BeastMaster64™*don't you mean 69 (☞゚∀゚)☞ *
*grunts while crawling*
*repeats* BeastMaster64™ *ok. ಠ╭╮ಠ*
*Music pauses*
*Here. We have BeastMaster64 giving birth to a new dank baby*
*Music contiues* It's been eighteen months
licks lips
eight... teen *fucking tRIPPY*
*shhh* x3
Thats poodiepie right there.
I've infiltrated his office
I've killed all kinds of shit.
Dogs *Laughs like a sociopath*
I ate a Chihuahua once. *true story*
But if there one thing I've never hunted
It's a Youtuber
I'm not just gonna hunt a second level piece of shit Youtuber like... *pauses*
Markiplier. Oh frick. Wait.
Oh no.
I'm on the hunt for the "Poodiepie"
The greatest god damn Youtuber of all time #SelfCentered
Love his channel, but it needs to die.
*epic music starts*
*dank intro=dank quality*
I'm not just going to kill poodiepie
I'm gonna eat his asshole tonight
Pewds: Thats...? Brad: HA ha ha
*pewds giggle*
*lets try again* I'm not just gonna kill pewdiepie, I'm going to challenge him
Then I'll kill him
I'm gonna beat him *grunts while kicking*
Just like I killed Jacksepticeye. *gonna see how much Septiplier fans he pissed off....*
I'm going to challenge him, in a duel *I'm not a Septiplier supporter.*
Then I'll kill him
Have you ever heard of Leafy *yes*
More like...
Thats him there *Leafy: y u roast me so bad*
What did I say about talking back to me? *Leafy: That hurts.*
You're a plant *no shit pewds*
You're going to pay tonight for that.
*Solid snake music plays*
*licks razor blade*
*has an orgasm*
You got a new hero.
I love you like you were my father
I based my whole career after this man.
I wish I could call you daddy. Can I call you daddy? *call me big daddy ˙ ͜ʟ˙*
*sad music plays* Snake please
*high pitch school girl voice* SNAKE-OOOO
Snake: Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg.
The first this has been bothering me for too fucking long
These fucking light, don't turn off!
*loud gun shot*
Pewds: Oh Jesus!
What the fuck are they made of?
Oh, oh... I missed
THATS IMPOSSIBLE! I've never missed a shot in my life, from that close?
Holy shit
He's nearby.
Him being in his office effects my skills
*shitty kazoo playing*
he's near
*loud gun shot* *glass smashing*
That fucking right
*epic music plays*
Am I gonna get in trouble for this?
*loud gun shot*
Do you think it will go though the roof?
Cause theirs people working upstairs
Ah thats concrete, we're good
Hell yeah, I'm not going to jail bitch! Ha ha! *not again...*
Is that a fucking water bottle?
*loud gun shot*
Wait I hit it?
Its leaking!
look at that shit *those aiming skills*
hell yeah
*loud gun shot* Got em'
*why the fuck did you shoot that water bottle*
*what did it ever do to you*
*triggered much*
*i am going to flag this video*
*Swedish National Anthem starts playing*
*some Swedish garbage*
Hey poodiepie, nice to finally meet you.
*Swedish: You need to die
I challenge you to a shot off, who ever wins...
Gets to destroy the the other loves most.
*more Swedish but with some crying for some reason*
If I win, I get to shot your 50,000,000...
whatever, I don't care
AND I get to kill you.
If you win, you get my most prized position, in the entire universe
it is...
been with me since I was born
no... I'm okay, don't worry bro
Thats right, it's on bitch!
*Leafy: Subscreb to meh chanel*
Leafy, what did I say? What did I fucking say? huh?
If your going to be a... if your going to be a plant then shut the fuck up, you're a plant
Nobody watches you anymore
he hates when I say that
*Pewds giggle*
Why don't you take a three day break? *piff* He went on a three day break.
He made a video saying hes going on a break, and how long was the break?
Three days? Three fucking days?
This is how you do it in Call of Duty *loud gun shot*
Let's not fire at the glass anymore.
Pewds: I should definitely not have a gun Brad: No, no you shouldn't
*even more Swedish*
*gun shot*
OH HO, Ha ha
Yeah! ha hah ha
*Swedish* BeastMaster64
*robotic voice* Perfect
You call that a gun?
Here we go! *kisses gun*
my first shot
As steady as a rabbit... bird
*gun shot*
*Uncontrollable evil laughter*
Oh, OH! being on a cross wasn't a hard enough time *Oh my god! You killed Jesus! You bastard!!*
Now you been shot... in the dick!
*robotic voice* Perfect
*more Swedish*
*gun shot*
*robotic voice* Japan
Time for number two baby! This banana is gonna go.... banana, okay
here we go
lock and load
just gotta
*sad music starts* I've never killed a banana before
Is it morally correct
Who am I to say if a banana lives or dies
I suppose we all go to hell anyways
*gun shot*
I mean if I missed that, that would be pretty shit.
see right there?
Thats the penis of the banana
*robotic voice* Perfect
*gun shot*
*gun shot*
*robotic voice* Japan
Last shot, if i get this one... you die pewdiepie
*gun shot*
*rip Leafy*
I won! Thats right I won!
But I must confirm the kill
*gun shot*
*rip Leafy*
*Pewds giggle*
*robotic voice* You win!
Be right back, I'm going to kill what you love.
Now I get to destroy the 50,000,000 then I'm gonna destroy you
Cause I'm BeastMaster64™
*gun shot*
*loud explosion* *sad piano starts*
*loud explosion continues*
whats this? huh!
your old gun
what a piece of shit
*Swdish cry for mercy*
Now its time for the real poodiepie
*gun shot*
*rip pewdiepie*
*sad piano continues*
The End
*Directed by Michael Bay*
Hes alive!
*gun shot*
*Whatcha Say plays* Mm whatcha say? that you only meant well? Well of course you did
Mm whatcha say? Mm that it's all for the be-
*gun shot* Mm whatcha say? Mm that you only meant well? Well of course you did.
Mm whatcha say?
*gun shot* Mm whatcha say? Mm that you on-
*okay its 10 minuets go home*
*gun shot x3*
*gun shot*
*gun shot x2*
*gun shot x3*
*gun shot x2*
*gun shot x2*
*gun shot*
*gun shot*
*gun shot x2*



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