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*what are you doing pewds?*
YEAH! TEN KILLS IN A ROW! Uh?! Were you watching?
Oopsiee that was just me playing with my new f- Honor View 10 phone
Just look at the screen. Look how big this screen is. It's not as big as my mouse pad
but it's still pretty big. I can play comfortably
5.5 hours of gaming on this thing. For real I really love this phone
if you guys want to pre-order it you can do that from now til' the 22nd of March
and you will get a $30 free gift card, which you can apply to buy in this phone.
Now, they didn't tell me to tell you this but.. for the price range this is in, this offer combined,
it's an amazing deal, and you get an amazing gaming phone for it it
Also has one of my favorite options, which is the game suite so you can add in your game.
And optimize it for gaming mode, but also the best thing which is the uninterrupted gaming mode.
So if I happen to get a phone call while I'm playing you don't want it to interrupt you here
I'm getting a call from Marzia
Yeah, it shows up, and I can just click it away so easily, and there's no problem, and I can just keep going
(voice of Pewdiepie) *PEWDS?! Pewds, are you ignoring me?*
So yeah definitely make use of that offer, check out the link in the description and now let's get started with the video.
Sometimes you just gotta look back at your history and pay your respect
You gotta
Revisit a path and say "an AMA say" ("Namaste")
I will now of course do what made me popular on YouTube which was play video games
But not just any video game. I'm talking about the horror games
[Mocking Commenters:] "Why don't you play more horror games, Pewds?"
Well because there's not enough good ones! I wait for the quality ones to come out like "3:00 AM
at Krusty Krab!" That's right, that's what we're playing! All right, uh, high graphics, please. I want to really see the pores
on Spongebob himself.
Full disclosure, I am shitting myself. Oh, am I playing as Mr. Krab? Oh my god
This is just like the anime (?). Holy cow I have so much money!
This is what horror games will get you guys. All right, what do we got?
Uh, controls...
I can... crouch, in case I need to go down on Mr. SpAengebAEb...
All right, is there anything else I need to know?
I can read that. OK, objectives. Oh wait. I need to know objectives - gather all the money... all right...
uh, ARGH!!!
I can't even
Krabby Patties, ok, pack the leftover, check the bathroom trash for bin that
no, wait, I can't read.
lock up and leave alright. It seems easy enough, check the bathroom trash ok
What happened *le gasp*
Oh oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no
I'm oh I can't this is too scary
When the light starts flicking you must hide
Oh shit, uh, shhit,
closing the - barricading the office ok, ooh
Oh, thank god. Oh, thank god.
Alright, where's the Krabby Patties?
I gotta pack them.
I'm packin em.
Come on, pack em QUICKER!!!
*sounds of game over*
Objective complete, I did it!
Damn it
Alright, let's go everybody come on pack em.
Pack em!
We don't have time Mr. Krabs, please!!
pack em quicker!!
OH, he's coming he's coming!
*rip $399 chair*
I actually genuinely got scared
No, that was just me
Overreacting like a fake.
I don't actually get scared guys,
what do you think I am, some sort of man child that screams at video games?
That ain't me!
Oh God Oh God.
What is he doing?
What is he doing?
*le gasp*
Where did he go?! Oh my gosh!
Alright, did I have to do something with the soda machine? *no*
I know I need to check the bathroom, so let's do that.
Here we go.
Oh, yeah, the bin. Loot the cash in the bin. Okay here we go.
Oh, God he's coming!
Oh, God - I love the jump scare sound, it's really good.
Oh God close the door, close the door, he's right there. He's right - oh, thank god
Oh, thank the Lord. Thank the Krusty Patty. (?)
If we make it out alive, bros,
That's right. I'm gonna make a Fridays with PewDiePie *finally!*
Oh my gosh
I, of course ki- what was that?!
You got a you got a make really weird faces for the thumbnail for no reason at all
The 2013 ERMAGERD face.
Can I has hamburger?
Am I right guys?
Alright listen come on come on guys
We can do this although. I'm do oh god
We can't pack the krabby patty pack the krabby patty back the krabby patty
the tension is killing me. This is too exciting
I don't know what to do.
Is the oven still on? it's shaking...
Oh god, oh god. I can't fail-
What the heck man, I'm genuinely not scared at all this game is... s-
Did I get the thing in the bathroom?
I forgot. Okay, I did.
We got the money
we got the burger
What else is there?
Checked the bathroom, checked the leftover--
gather all the money from the cash register?
Oh God.
Oh my god. He's after me!!1! *rip*
Oh, nooo, I'm...
what if I die? *no Friday's with PewDiePie*
what if I die?-
oh I made it I made it
why is the Danish flag here *spitting sound*
lemme get all the cash
Thank you
Thank you very much
Objective complete. Thank you.
Oh, god.
Oh my god.
I just got to lock up and leave
That's all I have to do Felix,
but be careful there might be
oh god
I feel so immersed, I'm in the game my whole character
they should make this for VR
okay here we go
How do I leave?
What the hell?
I can't leave.
gather all the money
Uh-huh argh pack the leftover check the bathroom trash lock up and leave
there must be another exit...
*scream at videogames*
*rip $399 chair*
That was my genuine reaction (sarcasm), mixed with actual scare--...
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Sorry guys. I need I need some cute time with my dog.
Yes, he's wearing a nappy, and he's six years old.
[Pewds speaking as Edgar:] "It's okay, Pewds; It's just a video game."
No, Edgar, it's not, this is serious.
I understand like if I'm actually scared of a game
It's fun to follow along
But what's the point?
Like the last good horror game that came out was the Resident Evil 7
and that was fun cuz it was a good game
but then I get shit in-between for like not playing enou-
Playing enough horror - ah, shit, he saw me
I thought he couldn't?
All right all right all right this should be it.
*le gasp*
Oh my god. We actually did it, absolute lu--
Wait where do I get the lock key from? Oh, no do I gotta find it or something?
What do you mean?
I did all the objectives!
I don't feel the least bit dead inside playing this, trust me, I feel great.
All right, we did all the objectives,
which we've done now about 500 times.
Why can't I LEAVE?
You best not teleport on me
What the?
there must be something out? Oh, I can jump.
Oh I didn't loot the cash register!
Oh my god, this is the most important one of them all!
Hey want to hear my my spongebob impression?
*He-hey, Peter - hey, Peter?*
Oh, god
Hey Peter. I'm spongebob and I'm running the heck out of here.
Oh my god, I am being
What the hell I did everything!
Oh God he sees me
Oh, shit (x3)
My dude oh my god, he almost got me no no we're not oh
Hey look at that ass son.
Damn, you look good.
All right, where's the key? There must be a key.
I'm getting really fucking annoyed. This is why I don't play horror games cuz they're all - oh God
No, no no no no no no no no
no no no no NOOOOOO!!!
I'm gonna actually do everything in order cuz I think the game might be actually that retarded.
Okay, we did it we did it
Oh, he teleported in the bathroom, it's just a random thing like
all right all right
pack all the burgers.
Okay, okay, okay ok ok ok
This is our chance. This is my moment!
my moment!
Come on baby.
Oh the objective's complete!
Oh my god, I did it!
Find the key in the basement lock up I get out! Ohh!
Oh my god oh, my god bros.
Oh my god bros
Bros if we do this you have to subscribe and become a bro today
That was it I did it.
Oh god. Oh my god.
No, I don't wanna play more!
There's the keys somewhere in the basement. You must find it.
Okay, brochachas.
Oh my g-
Where's the key??
Javlar fita (fu**ing vagina)
Oh my god, I just sworn in Swedish unintentionally!
That's awesome!
Leave a like on this video guys.
No, do not make me redo all that.
I swear to God if you make me red-
Oh, thank God, okay, thank you.
I am losing it guys. I never been this scared out of all horror games:
that's all the ones I played
Do you think it's random where the key is spawned or do you think it's the same any everytime?
I think it's same every time
you found the key now get out of there.
Oh my god, noo!
Oh, he listened.
I am out of here, come on, bros, let's do it!
There's the ladder guy bros!
Oh my gosh you had the key now go outside and lock up
What do you mean?
Go go go go go go bros!
Go bro bros!
Go brah brah brah!
How do I even lock this?
You know what? Whatever, I don't care.
It's done.
How is this game still going on?
Cum bucket.
What do you mean? Why's oh oh my car my car my car of course
Well, I don't know man
So I can't leave.
Did I not lock, is that why?
Oh, left mouse button to lock the door now get to the.. okay, okay, we did it we did it bros.
Oh my gosh
Friday's with PewDiePie is gonna be epic this week guys
Oh my god, are we gonna make it?
Oh my god
Oh my god, We got to put on some epic music to celebrate.
All right guys smash that like button and check out next week's Friday's with PewDiePie
it's gonna be lit, and remember
*subscribe to PewDiePie*



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