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My favorite story is
which is sort
of funny because it's not that much of a
I'm saying that because it has a
very little dialogue in it sometimes
chapters go on with no words at all
being spoken
it took six years to make
but you can read it in six hours but
then you'll probably miss the point
because the story isn't much told in the
words it's told through the journey
try and explain what I mean with that it
literally just about a guy walking
through this giant never-ending
and I'm pretty sure the guy
Achille which is named doesn't really
know either what is happening because
it's been so long that he's been going
through it
and because of the lack of
dialogue you're really forced yourself
to figure out the story and it's also an
opportunity to make it your own
obviously you're giving a certain frame
for it but it's also why I don't really
want to talk about the story too much
because I I think everyone have their
own perception of what it is
Hidetaka Miyazaki the creator of Dark Souls
said himself that when he was a child he
loved to read but he wasn't very
talented at it so often he would read
passages of text that he couldn't
understand so he would instead allow his
imagination to fill in the blanks this
is exactly what blame is there's so much
empty space for you to fill with your
own imagination and it's almost like
you're co-writing the story with the
author which may seem a bit self selfish
but it also makes it so much more
personal I guess the creator of blame
tsumoto nihei shows that you can tell a
story with barely any dialogue and he
does this because he draws it so
beautifully me hey used to study
architecture and you can definitely tell
while reading through it some of the
scenery is just outstanding and it
really draws you in and even though it's
so dark and so grim you you still feel
like you want to be part of it and a
really weird and twisted way each each
page is a piece of art I think at least
I realize I'm talking about it like it's
some perfect piece of art but it's it's
really an action cyberpunk manga
it's it I sit that's all it is but it's
all know so much more flame came out on
Netflix as a movie which I guess is
surprising cuz it's pretty old and I
didn't really love the movie but I
thought at least now is a good chance
for me to talk about it because it is my
favorite manga and I figure now is good
time as ever to do that I love blame
because a lot of small reasons I love it
because the art improves so much just
from volume 1 to volume 2 it's so
interesting to see the artists grow
while making the manga and seeing him
improve I love because it's an 18 plus a
manga but it still takes itself
seriously enough not to overdo the gore
and all the sexual bits even though I do
love anime titties I love it because for
me it's like a friend it's a friend that
you can revisit whenever you feel like
it and you find out something new that
you didn't know before but it's still
nice to just revisit
I really love Blame I don't expect
anyone else to really like it it's
really not for everyone at all I just
love talking about it and I really just
want to say thank you to Tsumoto Nihei
hey for for making such a wonderful
piss of art


My favourite manga

16 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 7 月 2 日
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