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Hey, it's me, Pewdiepie, and welcome to Friday's with...
*The drugs have kicked in.*
*The word you're looking for is Pewdiepie.*
*It happens to the best of us.*
Last week, I asked you bros to submit your best Pewdiepie memes, if I know you bros correct
this is probably going to be pretty shit, cringey, and unfunny, just like me! Let's watch!
Also, new competition down in the description, check it out.
It's basically photoshop time, boys.
The floor is a quality content.
Shut up man... hehehe.
The floor is making video below ten.
*Gasping for breathe over irony and truth.*
How to recognize early signs of autism.
*Chuckles, with tones of sadness*
Seems like a very informative and great video that I would love to watch. Also,
Buy a fidget spinner as well to test yourself today.
How to respect women.
Today I'm here with a lovely,
beautiful, me.
Yeah, exactly.
This is not true. I respect waman.
I want someone to look at me like Pewdiepie looks at Conan.
He is a beautiful man. He's very tall, extremely tall, actually.
This one is fucking amazing.
Yah, where's the yah?
"What is uuuuuup Drama Alert Nation" Aw, come on.
*The scene from Alien*
More memes, please.
*Throws up a little*
Aw, look how cute.
England is my city. Oh no,
It's re-(tarded)
"England is my city" is such a dead meme now, but it will, it will stay in my heart, in a very special place forever.
Also, Nick if you want to call me anytime at night
for a little bit of swiggity swooty poodiepie booty
You know where to find me. I'm gonna have to go with me
Uh... eh huhha
I remember tweeting this to Miley Cyrus, like, "Hey Miley
You stole my outfit." It got like thirty thousand retweets or some shit, but she never responded.
*The daily life of a Youtuber*
Nice old, uh, old meme, but, uh, I appreciate it. Just because PJ is a wamen. It's okay,
It's just a handshake. God damn it. God fucking damn it.
Ah ha ha ha
I love how I looked at my hand afterwards as well like...
'Ah, stupid hand. Y-you really messed that one up, didn't ya?'
Haha, I'll never forget that moment. It's ingrained,
Cemented into my mind. Anytime I try to do a handshake, I just get PTSD and I start shaking.
I just wanna play games, smoke cigars, drink whiskey, and suck dick.
Marzia: "Oh that's good to know." XD
The fuck do you find these reaction faces, Jesus Christ.
Mah name eh Jeff.
The floor is "try not to..."challenges"... ehahah
The floor is outdated memes. Kazoo kid, upgrade. Okee-ah.
Want some bread?
Yes, that's my favorite one so far. Hell yeah.
"Hey everyone, Scarce here." "What kind of drugs do you take!?"
"My name is Jeff!"
"What the hell is wrong with you?!"
"Stop it, it tickles."
*Cover your eyes, kids*
"Oh, I like it here."
*Sexual noises*
"Oh my god!" Excellent,
Excellent blend of the green screen. "I want to give a second chance after all she's my future wife."
"You know what they say, love is blind." (Pewds and Tommy in unison)
"I bet you wish you were this good at juggling, bitches."
"Aaaah, aaaah, shit that hurt, ow." *laughs*
"Caught it with my ass."
Hell yeah. "Why did you do it? I loved you." "Why are you so hysterical?" My idol is a liar.
There is one thing that will never change, the brofist.
I'm sorry, you don't appreciate the fact how progressive my mind is for thinking about
Minorities such as whamon, sorry for respecting whamen.
I'm so sorry. (He's not)
Top 10 Legendary... cars...
I need to get that car to work again. The battery's all fucked. I need a new battery for it.
Started from the bottom- *starts chuckling*
Started from the bottom, still at the bottom. How about that?
The floor is disrespecting women.
*They mean wahmen*
That's right.
I would never, never disrespect a whamon. If my life depended on it. If my- If I was hanging off a cliff
Prepared to die, I will- What the fuck am I saying!?
Making new original content.
Getting your fans to-
You don't know that, you don't know that. That is not true. I could- I could easier (He meant easily) make better memes than this.
That is surprisingly accurate!
*silent laughter*
Well done. You know what, well done. I'll take it.
Before and after YouTube boycott.
Pretty accurate.
Pretty goddamn accurate. Look how happy I was. Look how better days were right around the corner, but they also took
(pause for effect)
One thing I didn't know they could take.
My quality content, because I never had it.
That should not have been funny. It really shouldn't.
Running out of video ideas. Asking other people for video ideas. Asking bing.com
for video ideas.
Creating another YouTube channel and pretending that you are (a) beginner YouTuber begging for video ideas.
Asking Jacksepticeye to temporarily host your channel while you go backpacking through Japan with Edgar-
I legit thought about having Jack take over the channel for a day
Fuck, how do they know?
*Laughs* Hey, it's your uber driver here. I am outside.
I would- I would ride with that uber. I would five star the fuck outta that uber.
Me tryin'...
Why are you guys so mean? Hahaha. You. The girl he tells you not to worry about.
(You know it)
(This is getting weird) (Pls stahp)
*Marzia voice*
Listen, I've done like what, ten "You laugh, you lose" videos. Oh, I'm sorry, back in the day today it was totally fine
To do one hundred Happy Wheels.
Oh, but I-if I do ten "You Laugh You Lose",
"Oh, he's out of ideas!"
"Oh, he doesn't make original content!"
Well guess what?
This is YouTube.
This is how it is.
Shut up!
*Sad poodehpear*
*earrape Marzia noise*
When people ask how many times a day I make billions and millions.
I like that that 'cause it's a subtle Pewdiepie meme, uh, but also very much in your face to get it for those, uh, newcomers.
I like it. Appreciate it. My name is Nick Crompton and no
I'm not from Compton. England is my city. Pewdiepie is a nazi, Scare Pewdiepie season 2 cancelled
Pewdiepie has no original ideas
Pewdiepie has made billions and millions
Why, why did that become a meme. The fucking billions and millions, out of all things.
Oh, I don't understand you guys, but hey fuck it.
We do look extremely cute here.
I'm not gonna lie.
Me and Marzia, are really couple goals.
Did Brad submit this, or what the hell?
All right, everyone we need more ideas for original content.
Greenscreen competition.
Meme competition.
Cross that.
We're doing a photoshop competition.
And you could win it.
Uh, I'm gonna... download the pictures that I posted in the description and photoshop it
Whatever way you want, whatever way you please, uh, I see I see what you're doing here, trying to make fun of me for not having
original content, but
to be honest,
I- I love these so much. It's so fun to see the community come together and with the same fucking weird humor as me, and
Doing these stupid shit, so if you want to be part of that, I think it's awesome. I really appreciate it.
It makes me feel like I'm not just y-uh fucking...
I dunno how to express my feelings, ok? :(
It's cool. It's cool to see you guys, uh, taking part of the, uh, the sisters.
Being part of the
Respecting Women Community™
We're at 55 million Subscribers now.
This one is beautiful, it's a classic.
This is the end of the video. I guess that you're going to pause this just to read this. I fixed all of the errors from this caption. It took me 3 hours to fix this. It's 1 AM here at my local time. PewDiePie, I hope you're happy now. You, yes you, looking this caption, I hope that you are happy now. Anyways, I don't like self promotion, but these are the channels that helped: Michael R. (Mr. Monopoly profile pic), John Kaspersky, Art Collective, Peniel Grefalda, Julia Bessenbacher and OliverFX for contributing as well. Thanks Everyone!



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