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MEME ? REVIEW ? (how tf does he fit in that closet)
*clap clap* Meme review *clap* *clap*
Meme review welcome back to america's the world's favorite show meme review ;)
Clap it up everybody we're back (swistian channel)
(i pray to felix every night before bed.)
That's right give it a clap give it a round of a.. just do it just give it up kay? Just give it up
Meme review, since I've been away of course there's been some air.... there's been an empty void
There's been memes that have not been reviewed. Why? how am i supposed
to know what to think about memes if pewdiepie hasn't reviewed them??
Hello internet and *SCREAMS OF SCARED CHILDREN BLASTS* welcome to behind the meme
Good thing all the memes this week has been s*ugh*t (CHRISTIAN CHANNEL)
First meme. What is the greatest comeback of all the time, when someone hits you
with a stinger and you just know you have to come up with something really good
to really get their backs just the ultimate
strongest comeback that will send that pshhhh back to the medieval ages
Y O U ' R E M O M G A Y (no u)
That's right 'your mom gay' is the greatest
comeback of all time. There is nothing you can do if you get hit by a 'your mom gay'
Let's review some memes of 'your mom gay.' "Be my valentine"
Your mom gay lol. OoOhhh
My heart bleeds for this man.... poor thing.
"i assume you're mr.-" " -Gay"
y o u r m o m g a y
GoT eM! good that's how you talk to women .LisTEn aNd LeaRN.
Your mom vs. Big gay - A nice little-
little fighting meme. Who would win: a well-thought-out and structured argument with valid.. multiple valid points
Y o u r m o m g a y. That's right it doesn't matter WHAT they said if your mom is gay is said
Hey don't look at me like that I'm not the one that makes the rules.
Here's the aftermath....
of someone hit by the your mom gay
It stings
oohh...it's.. it hurts just for me to look at. This is painful.
Your mom it's even gayer up close
Buzz Lightyear, your mom gay
Poor buzz light year he didn't deserve that but some say
as painful as your mom gay meme is to be hit by some saying that there is one only one,
force that can match its power.
Youre mom gay
No u
**grunting noises**
No u
potentially the match of
your mom gay. If you are having an intellectual fight with another being and you get hit by your mom gay the only thing
the only thing worth fighting back with is "no u"
Your mom gay - No u
che che che da da dah
if someone hits you back with a no you i got you. Your mom and dad gay together
It's mission to all the globally starts watching
your mom gaaaAAAAAAAaayyyy
no... *gasps intensifiys* uuuuuu
I know what you're thinking: "hey hey pewdiepie my mom is gay and that's not funny!" Don't worry!
Don't worry of course this is just a big coincidence
Hahahaha gay doesn't mean gay it means Grespectful Ato Ywomen
It's an acronym. Your mom gave meme is a
fantastic phenomenal meme it's not just a meme but a power statement it's a power move
to inflict, upon your worst enemy but only the worst cuz you don't want
to overdo the damage that might be caused. It's a solid meme that gets a
give it a thReE it gets a number thReE
that's worth an applause I think at least maybe
I'll give it a sEx it's a six now good job good job your mom gay meme you did it
What do you guys think let me know in the comments I will 100% read all of them. They better not say your mom gay.
My mom is not gay, no u no u
M O V I N G *clap* O N *clap*
A question that we've all asked ourselves since the beginning of mankind since we used to live in cage and scribbled up on walls
Before we invented civilization
helicopters and bungee jumps
There was one question that was yet to be answered
w h e r e i s u r p e e s t o r e d?
everyone is asking this question is pee stored in the balls
Scientists have been trying to figure out this incredible phenomena
for a very long time and there's many different theories and assumptions
Here we have brock obama saying pee is stored in the dick that's why it's called pee-nis cuz of the pee
That makes sense. If we store pee in the balls where do girls store them?
In them titties? Do girls pee at all?
Mike Tyson famous scientist says pee is stored in the heart
I mean I don't understand where else it could possibly be, Mike Tyson now you're just being silly. Yoda says pee is stored in the balls
neil degrasse tyson says
peanuts are called peanuts because pee is stored in the nuts. he makes an excellent point
I think this is the right theory. thank you neil degrasse tyson for your contribution to the science community
Finally we know how to store pee. Therefore chicks do not
pee for where would they store it. That's right women don't pee
everyone knows this. it's a common fact it's the mandela effect where everyone believes one thing
But the truth is actually completely different the pee is in fact stored in the balls
Everyone knows this please spread this message across the internet so we can finally stop the debate
and move past two more important parts of science like is the earth flat we're still working on that one
But in the meantime
There's some haters of course and the pee is stored in the balls community there's the critics
saying if pee is stored in the balls then why don't they shrink when we pee? This can easily be
explained but it will take too long and I don't have time for
intellectuals like yourself.
Why are you're all so big me need to pee
I think it's time to move on from this meme next I forgot, to rate this meme my god
this is a fantastic meme probably the BEST meme that we've EVER had
it's getting a one it's such a good meme just kidding it gets a 6
five point four
next BAh
Black Panther is out in the cinema and people are excited
So am I. It's looking great I can't wait to watch it. People have a lot of opinions about de movie bla bla bla
stupid limp tardes try to politicize the movie arghhh
stupid stupid lib tarts makes me angry if you give black panther a bad review
you are racist i don't care i don't care i don't care.
He's right he's right
I'm not disputing this. There's a lot of
political claims about the film for exTample this old man's purposeless rolling black panther is another
perfect example of white people putting their noses in places it doesn't belong and i agree 100% why this
man was in this film it makes me so a n g e r y
If you're white and you don't go see Black Panther at the midnight release
you are racist and if you're white and you do go see black panther at the midnight release then you're racist because you're taking up
a seat of a black person. Come on come on what do you thinking so I carefully did not buy
black panther tickets for the opening weekend because I didn't want to be the white person sucking black joy out of the
theater. What's the appropriate date for me to buy ticket? Is next weekend okay?
Can I please go see the movie now
Please the right answer of course is two weeks you have to wait two weeks
there was a picture of the prank a private viewing from black panther where people did the black power sign
Living in the screen empty big mistake big no-no that's not gonna fly so people added in other
beautiful images as a meme here we have logan boy oh
wow black panther is looking great can't wait to watch it
finally a progressive film is that markiplier i didn't know he was in the black panther film oh the new black panther I didn't know
Spider-man (not Spiderman, yes) was in it that's amazing i'm so happy now why wouldn't you be excited
about a super of man movie there's only been
18 of them from marvel itself i don't understand why anyone would not be excited about this film the Black
Panther meme was not even a meme i don't know why i added it in it gets a 10 out of 10
It's one of the greatest memes i have ever seen in my life
Do we have time for bonus meme yes we do
BONUS MEeeeeeeeeeeME!!!!
Good fortune upon you friend we have time for bonus meme. here we go
Girl: How much do you love me?
Boy: One
Girl: oh my god you're so mean i hate you
*girl commits suicide*
*boy visits girls grave*
like if you cried leave a like right now because i know you cried because so am i this is so sad
can we hit 50 likes. check out another
Meme review right here click on it a good time there's more memes to explore
Hopefully next week won't be so so great as this one because this will never be better than this one?
Sqaud fam out!! (bye)



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