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Let me tell you about my favourite website. (wut..)
*dramatic music*
It's, it's bu- It's uhh...
It's buzz- It's BuzzFeed.
*dramatic choir*
I really like-
I really like-
I really like BuzzFeed.
I think it's a good...
It's a good website.
I think it's pretty- It's not bad at leas- It's not bad!
It's not a bad website.
It's a youtube channel! (DUHH!!)
What do- What do I know?
Well, BuzzFeed, figured it out, okay?
Everyday I think about, what video, should I make?
BuzzFeed clearly figured out, what the fuck to do.
2 dollar hotdog, versus, 169 dollar hotdog.
7 million views!
Thank you, very much!
That will be 70 grand, I'll take that one.
171 dollars on a video, and bam, you got 7 grand back.
100 dollar sneaker, versus 25,000 dollar sneaker.
Now, me being a greedy little Swedish bastard,
You know, I got some better ideas, straight off the bat.
1 dollar piss, versus 200 dollar piss.
5 dollar pizza, versus 500 dollar pizza.
But get this! It's moldy!
That's hilarious.
And then I'll throw up everywhere when I eat it.
5 dollar prostitute, versus 200 dollar prostitute.
See, I wanna actually know the value!
And like, a 200 dollar prostitute versus anime pillow.
That's a tough one!
Oh, you make vlogs now?
GUY IN VIDEO:"Dude those are pretty fresh actually"
THE FFING GUY IN THE VID: Yeah they are customs actually..
What the fuck is this?
BuzzFeed you were supposed to be
quick and snappy content
someone found out about the youtube algorithm
let's go and try some-
some vurses ok
see what we can come up with
it's really-
really gotten to that point huh, where I just rip on buzzfeed
kinda sad isn't it
*more intense choir music*
alright guys
this is pretty big deal
not everyone has this but we managed to get from the Japanese website
very exclusive
very- very high quality water it costs-
6-680 pounds (roughly $842)
for one bottle
it's diamond water from Japan it's been filtrated
it has it's own filtration system so it filter-
it continuously filters itself
there's no purer water than Japanese diamond water like this
y'know I'm pretty excited to drink this
it's pretty expensive water... thank you youtube (where to buy that?)
I'm more excited to drink the piss
it's a thing that not everyone can afford
I'm really-
I'm really proud that they sent it to us 'cause I'm not- I'm not gonna pay for it
600 pounds that's pretty crazy
this is the cheap water
just tap water
I'm excited 'cause this one comes with a mist
it's almost like drinking it
can't wait to do this with my piss
okay so I'm gonna drink this water
this is the cheap water
then, I'm gonna piss in this
we're gonna wait a day
then I'm gonna drink this water, the expensive water.
and then I'm gonna piss this water back in the bottle
and then I'm gonna drink it
and then I'm gonna value it
which piss tastes better
$1 piss or $600 piss
*gargles and tries to speak but I can't understand him so...*
this water tastes really-
I love buzzfeed
it's my favorite
I was waiting for the piss to come
ok guys
I finished my-
my first water
but I'm basically going to
take a piss right now
here we go
I got it
wow it's a li-
kinda weird lo-
man I need to drink more water, this is-
not ok
see you tomorrow
it smells really nice
alright, welcome back
it's time to drink the expensive water I'm really curious what it tastes like 'cause buzzfeed
haven't tried this
my moonshine jar
alright here we go
I don't wanna spill a drop
every- imagine how much a drop costs from this
here we go
*dramatic music*
oh my god
it's amazing!
I'm like a new man!
oh my god my mind has been-
it's been levitated
$5 hot sauce vs. $5,000 hot sauce
5 million dollars vs. 50 million dollars
a cardboard cutout of pewdiepie vs. real pewdiepie
it tastes pure
like yo momma's ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the tip of the tongue really sizzles
see you... when I need to take a piss
*Brad's voice offscreen* "He's pissing, he's pissing"
Brad: "You haven't got the bottle."
*pewds in the bathroom*: "I CAN'T STOP."
Brad: "can I br- can I come in?"
pewds: "wait just no"
pewds: "wait don't worry, don't worry."
pewds: "I found a cup."
pewds: "I got a lo-" Brad (laughing): "he pissed in a cup."
pewds: "I got a little bit."
Brad: "Why didn't you take the bottle in?" pewds (whispering): "shit shit"
pewds: "don't worry 'bout it."
Brad: "Are you serious!?"
pewds: "don't- don't worry about it."
pewds: "high 5! :D " Brad: "NO NO NO NO NO fuck you, stay away."
ok now we put the piss in
Brad (laughing): "oh my god!"
'cause it has the filter
right? so it should-
it shouldn't be too bad
what are they- what a-
disappointing amount
which one do I start with? do I start with this?
oh shit
Brad: "fucks sake"
Brad: "damn"
Brad: "are you serious?"
Brad: "I will stop filming"
this is sanitary
Brad: "no it isn't"
ok so this is the cheap test
I'm gonna drink it from the-
*dramatic music*
Brad: *gagging*
*dramatic music*
doesn't taste good...
hey Brad
you want your Christmas bonus?
Brad: yee
then one mist in your face
Brad: no
one mist
Brad: no
you don't want-
50 pounds? (roughly $62)
Brad: "I mean I do because-"
come on
Brad: "I want-"
no, you want the m- you have to take the mist
Brad: "give me the 50 pounds first"
I already-
Brad: "I'm gonna trust you'll snatch it away"
*dramatic music*
Brad: *screams* "AHH No wait I wasn't ready"
Brad: "wait wait"
pewds: *laughing* "ew"
Michael: "How was it?"
alright buzzfeed
let's see you try this
*dramatic music*
Brad: "it's so much fresher"
so warm
it has that Christmas feeling y'know
tastes just like Christmas
so here's the question
$1 piss versus $600 piss
the result might shock you
(wait for it.....) (WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!)
( back at it again with that clickbait )
Wow (srsly pewds?)
The epic prank guys..
It was beer all along.
Leave a like if you got pranked.
"this was a 600 dollar water though and i did enjoy the taste. it tasted like wasting your fucking money
Thank you for watching.
*snickers* "stop zooming"


$1 PEE VS $680 PEE

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