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WHAT WHAT'S THAT? My background looks different. (jk it always looks hella good)
I better do something about that...
*Swedish Life Struggles*
That better for you? (Edgar is chillin)
*Bob the Builder theme song* COPYRIGHT Beeetch
That actually looks quite nice
That actually looks quite nice. It costed $30
* bob the builder theme song still plays *
* still playing *
* moan *
Top comment will decide what goes on the wall.
I'm giving you this power. 'Cause with great power comes shitty backgrounds.
What should I put on the wall?
You tell me. And if it's something cancerous, I'll still put it!
If it's something horrifically offensive, I'll put it!
If it's your momma's asshole, I'll still pudding
It's gonna be the best damn wall you've ever seen.
[Trump Donald] Who's gonna pay for the wall!
[Audience] Mexico!
[Trump Donald] Who?
* dramatically zooms in to mexican-looking guy *
[Audience] Mexico!
I asked you bros - think you are clever
You think you're smarter than me?
Probably. Yeah, no, de - definitely.
Alright, let's see - let's see what you got.
Bring it on, bros.
So it's time for me - ugh.
* adjusts flimsy ass microphone *
To read your... roooasts.
Holy shit there's a lot of them.
You guys really didn't hesitate.
A hundred thousand comments...
Wow, that's just...mean.
Congratulations on being the most overpaid man-child of 2016.
Hope 100 million comes faster than you do reading Septiplier fanfiction.
Who knows maybe 2017 will hold some quality content but let's get real,
the epitome of your "entertainment" will be dick jokes for 12 year olds.
Nah, but seriously, pewds, I really enjoy your videos and love how much you have evolved as a content -
What the fuck?
Make up your mind!
I thought for once! We had a fan with a little bit of stomach!
I thought for once
We had a fan with a lil' bit of stomach.
You're trying so hard to be a wanabe filthy frank that it actually makes me wish for your annoying "screaming at the camera for the lols while playing some shit came" content to be back.
Okay i- i wanna - i wanna be..frank
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be frank.
I wanna make fun of disabled people.
Alright, Chey Johanson.
"Actual photo documentation of a big nerd."
"Oooh, I'm such a nerd. Ooh."
Actual photo documentation of a cry for attention.
That's what that should say. You're welcome, Chey.
In recent years bee colonies around the world have been collapsing at an unprecedented rate,
a rate that is alarming many food producers because it affects every crop that depends on
Uh, direct - depends directly or incorrectly on bees for population
At present this is done efficiently and 'free of charge' by bees.
But some scientists believe that if bees continue to die out at the present rate,
bees may disappear altogether within a few years. Sad react only.
*sad music*
*sad music continues*
No more bees...
That's horrible.
No more bee movie memes.
there will never be no more bee movie memes
I love how you say that your content is better nowadays,
when its just a combination of desperate filthyfrank copycat and youtube rants no one asks for.
Just go back to your gaming videos because it was the only thing you were good at, in life.
So I was good at something. Well, thank you.
Oh yeah, don't forget the clickbait title because that's the only way people will be interested in you and your content.
Alright, Mr. Reza, alright.
Let me tell ya, ain't nothing interesting about you.
Anything that you - oh, my god. Is that...Is that bread and olive oil?
I take it all back.
Oh, this guy. I can really take - *laughs* this guy.
*laughing continues*
This is not roasting, this is just being mean.
You guys are just mean.
You have to be funny, otherwise you're just mean.
*sad music*
Not sure why your channel was in my recommended list
maybe this is what happens when you watch too many animal planet videos.
*roast worthy music*
That's a good roast. You know what?
Joel Dha - Dharmaraj, I'll give you that one.
You're pathetic. I can't believe that you fooled everyone that you're gonna delete your channel when you reach 50 million subscribers.
Oh. Did I fool you? Is that why?
But you didn't! Little desperate to reach your milestone of having 50 million subscribers.
Shows that you're nothing but an attention seeker and a greedy bastard.
Oh, and btw, I'm glad your neighbor kicked you out of your old home due to the fact that you scream like a little girl whose vagina is getting stretched.
There needs to be a little bit of comedy. You're just being mean.
You're just - you're just being mean. Okay?
I don - what am I supposed to reply?
to you, Dave? What am I supposed to say?
The fact that your mustache...
Is the saddest excuse of a mustache I've ever seen.
How 'bout that?
I bet your blonde hair is fucking dyed.
Homosexual dicksucking ballsthrumbing faggot.
Go get a dick. 'Cause apparently you can't get a life.
Dick equals life...
*angelic chorus*
Hello, my name is Hristolav Goranov and I'm bangin' my sister.
*rap music*
You're so retard that even YouTube -
Well, if you can't properly conjugate the word 'retarded,'
Then when you call someone retarded, you kind of failed.
Couldn't even get three words in.
Great, Felix's using his viewers to give him new video ideas for his dying channel
maybe he'll start gaining subscribers, or even, get views through some way outside of clickbaiting gullible viewers.
*explosion sound*
You were better in 2012 (oh, wait, that's not a roast, that's the truth).
*explosion sound*
Let's watch a video from 2012.
I'm ju-
A random video. Let's just see.
Here we go. Here's a video.
From 2012. Smack them titties.
[Video Pewds] Hello? Ah!
[Video Pewds] Okay. Back off! Power of Satan!
[Video Pewds] Smack that! Oh, I can't smack you with the cross
[Video Pewds] There we go! The dark sha -
You know what, they're right. That's hilarious.
[Video Pewds] Gotcha.
[Video Pewds] Dog shaped gong of justice.
It's just - it's just cringe.
I don't get it. I don't get it.
*groan* why?
* sniff *
You have 50 million subscribers. Each video, you have at least 3-4 million views. That's like 46 million people ignoring you every day.
You fuckin' bitch.
Remove 'Pew' and 'Pie' and you'll get the future of your channel.
I miss the old Pewds, you know. The one that wasn't driven by the sub count or the youtube awards.
The simple Pewds who made me laugh hysterically. Seems like you killed him off.
Here's like one of those whiny comments for no reason.
Like, I genuinely don't care about subcounts anymore.
Like I - I've never watched it.
Like, back in 2013-14, I would watch my subcount literally every single day.
Like I don't even care anymore.
Like it's cool that we've hit 50 million, but I mean it when I say it's irrelevant.
And it's weird to me that for some reason people pick up that it's the complete opposite.
Like, this Eugene Choi guy is like -
You've killed this old Pewdiepie. All you care about is subs now.
Before you were - before you were different.
But literally it's the complete opposite.
I don't know - I think people just like to complain.
I think people like to whine and make up their own reason why.
Oh, hey, Pewdiepie. I noticed recently you've been standing up for the little guys on youtube.
Pity you need RedTube to get your little guy to stand up.
See, that's a roast!
That's funny, at least!
Thank you, Adam Norwood.
This is what I expected, like funny comments.
Literally all I get instead is like - eh
Hey, I love your videos, man
Finally, I nice comment. You know, for now, I accept it.
I love all the livestreams you do. And all the charity you've done.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate that you enjoy.
Especially love your drunk Minecraft and...five nights at Freddie.
Oh, wait, that's Markip-
PewDiePie, more like, shut up, you drama queen
Are you trying to imitate Leafy?
Stupid cunt, I hope Idubbbz gets your ass.
Mark and Jack deserve more subs than you.
Edgar deserves a better owner.
Edgar, what do you say, you love me, right?
[Edgar] Please adopt me.
[Edgar] He abuses me. For views.
YouTube hates you so much that even the Pen Pinapple Apple Pen guy had more screen time in YouTube rewind.
It's true!
Ayyyyy, look at that roast!
Michelle, are you crying now? 'Cause I roasted you?
*muttering* no one fucks with me.
Yeah, who's - who's crying now, huh?
That's fuckin right, who's fuckin crying now?
This is how you actually look like...Got 'em!
You say you don't like your old videos because you were "trying too hard to be funny"
Well at least you were trying back then.
My tears...
That was good. *laughs*
If someday a virus kills half of the world's population, you would make a video whining about the fact that you're losing views.
That one's good. That was probably my favorite.
No need to roast you. You've already made fun of yourself enough times that 50 million people will only watch you to feel better about themselves.
*sad music*
Why did I even bother getting a new office?
When my channel is gone, anyway...
Ow, ow why does it burn? What the fuck?
Thank you guys for roasting me.
I think I need it to stay humble
But maybe sometimes you could say something nice to me! i will, here i loov u peowds
Anyway, uh, check out this video (gimme revenue plz)
Uh, it's another roasting video. It's kind of like this one, but...not really.
And I made it a long time ago so it's pretty much irrelevant but I think you'd still enjoy it.
so have a go, have a look. if u want me to get some kool views
See what you can find. Maybe click on a video even after that one.
That would be cool. That would just be great.
*swedish anthem



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