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Have you guys seen all the Twitter drama lately?
ALL the diss tracks, HE SAID WHAT IN THAT SONG???
he is reacting
to the reaction of that diss track
and that diss track- that diss track, I didn't like that diss track as much as the other one
SkydoesMinecraft did what
When did your bar drop, lower than my sub count
"When did you dar drop lower than my sub count"
That was hella tight' man. Hell, Yeah.
*some type of unidentified species sounds*
diss track
I thought we were done with these fuckin' shitty diss track videos, didn't I tell you ? Didn't I fuckin tell you about the diss tracks?
You didn't listen. Did you? Ooooh, you just HAD to make another diss track
Fucking cancer of YouTube, I can't think of anything worse
Than these fucking cringy ass fucking youtubers being all like
"Oh I can rhyme 2 words together"
"Look at me, my dick is big. I s- I swear guys"
"It's really big ... you have a small penis, but my penis is a lot bigger. I swear" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Oh you left our team ? our artificial team on YouTube ? ooOoOh... that no one cares about anyway?" What the fuck is this shit?
What the fuck is all this shit, stop it. stop it. I don't care...
Anyway, today
We're going to react to some of the reddit ...
the Pewdiepie subreddit. Last week, I asked you guys to post literally anything you want, I am going to check it out
And it's usually a good time, it's usually a good time. Let's have some fun; starting off with a respect women meme.. that's uhhhh
Incredibly unfunny thank you, all right. What do we got here?
SleepyPie the ultimate respe- That's a pretty cool fan art
I actually really like that. I don't know what the fuck I'm looking at but that's pretty cool
Ay, we got another one of these incredible
"I did this with real life paint stuff." So cute, amazing talent. I love it. Thank you.
And as always...
Sister fister, I don't get it. Is that his sister? he's oh
Is that game of thrones? That's a great show, I need to watch it (common pewds)
I kept joking about me making a book, called "How to Respect Women"
I guess someone already did it.
"A pure
Said by no one! No one said that. But I'd still buy it you know you would buy that shit don't fucking lie to me
"Dream Tube a YouTube dating simulator"
I want this game, please. Oh my God,
have you seen the size of Jack's hands? My God. I am into big hands, so I'm into this game
Look at Mark's hand, Goddamn giant hands. I love it
You can do some sister fisting with those hands if you know what I mean, you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You dirty little bitch. Hey, where are you? You know what I mean, okay?
You know what I mean
Thank you for putting the "Felix" text there just to clarify this meme in case you're fucking
Legit you can make these from going to websites okay? I know this took zero effort. So- jus- get out of here
"Netflix plan to spend seven billion on original content in 2018. Your move Felix"
Well, I know they're borrowing money to do it, right?
They're- the- they're spending a bunch of mon- no one cares, basically. Yes
I could probably ask them to make me a show, but no fuck that
"when you gotta make a youtube video at 8 but you also go to protest." *Pewds realises* Ok ok ok?
Listen, I don't want to see this discriminatory racist memes anymore ok? I'm sweet cut 64 now
That's my real name and this is how I roll
this... shit is disgusting *spits*
That's a brand new display. I don't know why that's... it's still disgusting
I don't want to see these filthy memes on my page ok, DELETE THEM
DELETE THEM , thank you. Hey, it's a Nick Crompton "England is my City" meme
these are definitely not getting old these are definitely still really fresh.
"Happy Anniversary Melix" aww that's so cute
Thank you. That's very nice. I saw this. Me and Marizia both saw this.
Very cute. We had our six-year anniversary
dabbing on-
for each year.
There you go, you're welcome Marzia. Oh yeah by the way squad fam. Oh, "oh you stole squad fam from
Jacksepticeye cuz he has it on his shirt!" listen. This ? stole it from me, okay
I have my lawyer send a cease-and-desist to this bitch, and this was his face afterwards
That's right. Hey *laughing*
These are good these are fucking good the Min Yoonh one is
impeccable. the fact that people aren't paying-commissioning me to do artworks for millions and billions. It's disgusting.. DISAPPOINTING
Pewdiepie knight... okay
That's pretty cool. That's pretty fucking epic that looks legit
you're so talented, you guys are so talented. "Pewdiepie Channel 20-" ah
You're just so mean you guys are so mean you know that?
"Guys, I saw jackspedicy." Wait a minute, enhance on that photo enhance. Oh my God.
"What up squad fam"? Hey, it's Endigo again. I know I am saint.
(He knows he is a saint)
I know I am perfect
(He knows he is perfect)
I know these things already
(He knows these things already)
Squad fam let's begin( Squad fam let's begin)
Next week squad fam. I challenge you bros I mean squad fam squad fam
I challenge you squad fam
Next week squad fam to do anything literally do whatever the fuck reddit.com/r/pewdiepiesubmissions
That was really dope. Thank you Endigo and Day by day, you guys always impress me with your talent. This is so good!
"When you have to explain your joke" what the fuck is this image, where do you find all this shit?
"He looks like a wamen in that picture"
Thank you. He said whatever you want. So I turned him into a wheel. Thank you. That's awesome. Thank you
Thank you so much. Is this gimmick getting old? this is legit the fourth time I see this
Step up your memes this is garbage
"Besides that, do you respect women? Sometimes." *gasp* oh my God!!
I have this very sub Pewdiepie meme going on right now. Okay. It's based on a video that
I had to delete because it got er, it got copyrighted, but basically it's me laughing at
Japanese anime, I know I know no no don't don't click away yet, basically me
Reacting to japanese anime where they try to speak English, and it's the funniest shit
I don't know why it's so funny, but lo- look at this
Oh My God, and then there's of course this one
Hello, everyone!
(Hallå everynyan!)
harro! evenynne onea
(How ae you? wae, tsank you.) (Oh my gaah!)
OK pewdiepie 2017. My name is JEFF! you laf*laugh*
Respect wahmen. sister fis- okay, whatever what about the squad fam? Huh? I think you mean squad fam.squad fam.
We do the praying emoJi
Squad fam. *claps* "Do you respect wamen?sleep it is edible painting on cookies" wait? You made it slippy cookie?
That's amazing. Slippy!
Slippy would you like it to see this?
Is it too hot in there for you?
He loves it! portrait of Marzia. okay, I said you can do whatever you want, but it needs to be related to me
Okay? I'm the important one here pay at- don't- I am the one that matters.
This is very cute by the way
I will make sure she sees it but no! "Hey Pewds, check out the art for your next line of merch hit up ya boi"
"zero deaths." that's actually pretty cool, but no.
"Pewdiepie and the Quest for good content" what do you mean? Wha do you mean are you not enjoying this video?
Oh, that's right. Be sure to leave a like by the way ;)
What is up with my hair J- Jesus Christ. Whoa? That's actually fucking good. That's really good
What do you mean you tried some? all these humble ass artists
"Oh, it looks like crap" the mona Lisa. *Whiny noises* "It looks terrible man"
come on this is good. You know this is good. Don't lie to me.
Explain this poods. He was a Harry Potter fan all along
Well, you got me
JK Rowling, if you're watching this. Yeah, yeah. I hope you're happy. Okay. Because I'm not a Harry Potter fan anymore
Because you're mean, you're so mean, you're a mean salty ass bitch!
Consider yourself not a fan. I mean myself
Whatever shut up, shut up, JK. "One of these are not like the others Jake-" *laugh*
You snuck that one in there good job. Good meme appreciate it. This beard has turned my manliness and
strength plus ten at least
"Remember Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars? This is him-" *giggle*
A lot of people don't know this but it was me. I didn't want to admit it because everyone hates Jar jar
I guess to be fair, I am technically like the Jar Jar of YouTube anyway...
So, have you bought my merch yet? "all hail captain sweet"
Yes, look at those muscles! Hell yeah!
*animal noise* That was another one of the reddit Pewdiepie Submissions
and in the spirit of all the cancer on YouTube make a diss track on me
That's your next job is to submit your diss track on me
Bring it on suckers! because I will dab left an' right ain't nothing you can say about me.
Diss track me for the next one make a diss track you have seven days
Make it happen Fam squad Jiu-Jitsu. Thank you for watching this video. Make sure you *clap*
Jiu-Jitsu and I'll see you bros in the next- *Stuttering* I'll see fam squad in the next video *clap*



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