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Katy Perry has been all over YouTube lately to promote her new album
"I am a white sup-remanist"
"I am a white sup-remanist".
no, it's called "witness"
Now a lot of people have been hating on my girl, Katy Pay, lately.
And I want y'all to know...
...if you mess with my girl Katy Pay,
you're messing with me
you're messing with me
Because what you're doing
Because what you're doing
Is disrespecting women
Is disrespecting women
WHAMEN, you're disrespecting whaman
and, me, me, me, Felix, number one advocate for respecting whaman.
im here, making this video...
my favorite artist..
Kerry Perry.
Kerry Perry.
Kar Peri
Katy Perry,
Katy Perry
care package inbound.
The *first* thing I've seen when people talk about Katy Perry,
Is her hair. She shaved her hair.
"Why" people say, you looked way more attractive before
Why people say, you looked way more attractive before
Now you look like my grandma
Katy Perry, didn't you make fun of Britney Spears for cutting her hair?
didn't you make fun of Britney Spears for cutting her hair?
(host) "she's back with music and is here at the grammys" (katy) "did I leave?" "Should I leave?"
(host) "well the music, your music, there was a pause in your music for a moment"
(katy) "yea, well thats called talking care of your mental health."
(host) "how'd that go?" (katy) "uh, fantastic!"
(katy) "and I haven't shaved my head yet"
(host) I like your hair.. *Yeah we did too*
- I like your hair
But, really what she's doing here is
But, really what she's doing here is
is *not* making fun of Britney Spears..
And, she's not having a mental break down, just 'cause she's cutting her hair
And, she's not having a mental break down, just 'cause she's cutting her hair
she is actually copying my hair. *all facts*
She hits me up in the DMs last night, I have evidences of it
She hits me up in the DMs last night, I have evidences of it
i ha-
i have evidence of it
uh, she basically wrote
yo dawg, it's ya boi
kakakerryperry can i
copy your hairstyle you look hella swaggen
in it
lit emoji lit emoji
100%, 100%
I of course said "No, Katy Perry, fuck off. This is my hairstyle"
I, of course said, "No. Katy Perry, fuck off. This is my hairstyle", but she did it anyway.
but she did it anyway
I'm gonna let this one slide only because I have so much respect
I'm gonna let this one slide only because I have so much respect
For hhhwhamon
Forhhh wahmon
Now to promote Katy Perry's album,
Now to promote Katy Perry's album,
She's done a lot of interviews with different people.
Err, there's one with famous
Scientist?Uh, there's one with a famous
What does he do?
Wha -- What does he do?
Ehh, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
*I'm gay*
- So, have a seat.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh my gosh.
- Uhm, it's called StarTalk
Erm, it's called StarTalk
And some people were saying, uh, "Katy Perry, you're a fucking idiot"
And some people were saying : "Katy Perry, you're a fucking idiot"
*laughter* (silently agreeing)
But you don't understand Katy Perry like I do, okay?
She's not an idiot,
So when she asks questions like,
- Is math related to science?
*laughter* (yeah she's a bit stupid)
I lo- I love how even Neil stumbles for a minute. He goes like,
"What is this fucking bitch saying? ermuhf Math related to science?"
- Is math related to science?
And then he's like, "oh yeah,"
"I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson, I gotta hold it"
"Hold this shit together."
A lot of people say there's no stupid questions.
I say: "100%, you can ask stupid questions."
I remember in school the teachers would always say, "all right, no stupid questions."
And then everyone would just raise their hand
Asking a bunch of stupid fucking questions.
If you wanna ask stupid questions, don't waste my goddamn time.
Because I have no stupid questions.
My mind is
So advanced,
So technologically pure,
That I would never in my life ask such a stupid fucking question like,
"Is math related to science?"
Is math
related to science.
What. The. Fuck.
- Is math related to science?
That is the dUMbEsT--
I'm sorry, sorry *ahem*
Some people are making fun of Katy Perry for making this statement, and it's horrible.
Okay? There's no stupid questions.
*Yes there are....like "is math related to science?"*
Okay? There's never been any stupid questions. (liar)
- Most people who could be born,
- Will never be born. Will never even exist.
- So the fact that-- - Like sperm?
*screech* BITCH
Oh my God, Katy Perry you're so... "Like sPERM?"
*laughter* *remember kids, always wear a condom*
I ... Bless,
Pewds: Bless you. God Bless. - Okay, yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah. One gets in... - I mean it's science,
- ...The rest don't. - So where do they go?
Ohh... xD
I love how straightforward he said that.
T H E Y ' R E F U C K I N G D E A D
- So where do they go? - They're dead.
*nukes on pewds face*
I love this interview.
It has so many good bits from it.
- Though he was an android, he had an expiration date.
- An expiration minute, and there it was. That was the end of that mov- end of Blade Runner. I mean it was...
- I was struck by it. - Yeah. I gotta watch that again.
- Gotta watch it again? Okay, good. Do it.
- Do you believe in reincarnation?
Ni🅱🅱a, you asking Neil deGrasse Tyson if he believes in reincarnation?
*whispering* There's no stupid questions. There's no stupid questions. There's no stupid questions.
There's no such thing as a stupid question.
- And so, I cannot guarantee for you that we are not in a simulated universe.
- I just can't--
- *Ko ko ko ko ko*
- I wanna become a scientist, now. - *Laughs* *bitch you thought*
- No, we need you on the, we need you on the stage.
Neil, you Fuckin' Legend. *The real abbreviation of the "NFL"*
No-no-no-no, y-y-you do whatever it is you do.
You shake your ass on stage.
- When you're done on the stage, then we'll take you in. - I might be done on the stage.
But the real question here, "is math related to science" though.
- "Is MatH rELaTed tO ScIEncE?"
* is mAth rElateD to sCiencE?? *
It should be a test to become a scientist.
First question,
"Is math related to science?"
Katy Perry.
Katy Perry also did a therapy session.
Which, uh, when I first heard about it, I thought it was really cool.
'Cause there's a stigma against people doing therapy, and ehh,
Mental health in general. It's something that people don't really talk about.
So I like the idea,
But at the same time, she's just doing it to promote her shitty fuckin' album.
Anyway, I'm just kidding -- I'm just kidding. That was a joke.
The therapist, I swear to God,
If this is supposed to help people go to therapy,
Then I dunno how the fuck that's gonna work,
Because seeing this therapist, I would just run.
I would not tell this man what I ate for breakfast.
He's a--he's a reptile. *possibly related to leafy*
This man, is a reptile.
- You have the formula?
- Yeah, for sure! - Okay,
- You have-- - That's the whole point of this whole thing is that if people can s-- *reptile lick*
*claps* You see that!?
- you have
- that's the whole point of this whole thing *lizard lick instant replay*
- is that-is that people
"Yes." *lick*
is that-is that people
He's a reptile. He's a goddamn reptile.
The Illuminati. It's all real.
*lizard lick*
Would you wanna go to a therapist that does that?
*lick* "Yes..."
- Wow
*lizard lick*
What the fuck is that? Ugh-- It makes me cringe.
It makes my whole body feel weird.
Might be sexual undertones that's doing stuff to my body that I didn't know about. I had feelings.
Maybe I need to go to therapy to see that out. But ain't sure as hell goin' to this guy.
- Sorry. - Wow, that's no *inaudible*
- Why did I laugh? - *Laughs*
Pewds: No one laughs like that. - Cause you never done it.
*Imitates laugh*
How do you laugh without closing your mouth?
- Why did I laugh? - *Laughs*
- Cause you never done it.
It's like a puppet, you know? "Ah hahahaha,"
"Ahhh ha ha ha ha."
There's something inside that man's body.
Now even more and more... more and more lately,
Katy Perry has been talking about social issues, such as,
Cultural appropriation.
- But I can educate my-- educate myself,
- And that's what I'm trying to do along the way. And even in, you know, my
- Intention to, like, appreciate Japanese culture, I did it wrong, with a performance.
- And I didn't know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong.
- And sometimes that's what it takes, as it takes someone to say,
- Out of compassion, out of love, "hey-- - VSauce, Michael here.
She's not Japanese!
I can't, I'm sorry, I can't defend Katy Pay anymore.
I've been defending her now for several minutes,
But I cannot defend K.P. after I've seen this despicable performance.
Cultural appropriation is off the levels.
This is at least a level 7 cultural appropriate.
Everyone knows you cannot appreciate other cultures.
It's the same for Japanese people, okay? Have you guys seen Neon Genesis Evangelion?
The greatest anime of all time.
*Cory in the House is the greatest anime, Felix!*
Neon Genesen, err, Genesis Evangelion.
If you watched it, it has a lot of Christrian, err, references in it.
It's got the crucifixion of this angel.
That's not cultural appropriation, okay?
Katy Perry had no reason to be dressing up like a Japanese Geisha, okay?
In Neon Genesis Evangelion, they had a reason.
As you can see here by this interview where they admitted that,
"There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool."
Okay w--
She knows nothing, but at least she knows that.
Well, this video is probably gonna be a shit storm.
I err, I really like Katy Perry.
I love her music. I think it's great.
And er, I just don't understand this approach that she's taking,
Going all social justice to sell her album.
It seems so pandering, it seems so opportunistic,
And it seems so, to me, as another "artist,"
I think it's disgusting.
It's so easy.
It's so easy to just go out and babble a bunch of shit about how we all should love each other,
And how, how cultural approcia-- appropriation is bad.
I've been seeing this for a while,
And I'm just at the point where I'm like, "Katy, please just shut the fuck up."



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