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  • one very hot day, Ali finds a carpet in his uncle shop.

  • What's this?

  • Suddenly the carpet jumps, it moves and flies off into the air.

  • Hey, what's happening?

  • A loud, booming voice comes from the carpet.

  • Welcome, O Master.

  • I am a magic carpet.

  • First they fly high up into the sky and then they land in the jungle.

  • It is hot and wet and it's raining.

  • It's raining.

  • Yeah.

  • Then they fly to the desert.

  • It is very, very hot and dry.

  • It is very, very hot today.

  • After that they fly to the South Pole.

  • There is lots of ice and snow.

  • It's freezing.

  • No.

  • Where are we now?

  • I can't see in the mountains.

  • Can you see me?

  • It's very foggy.

  • Then they fly to a forest.

  • It's very windy there.

  • Oh, windy in the forests.

  • Then they fly to an island in the sea.

  • There is thunder and lightning.

  • Uh, let's go home.

  • Water storm!

  • Finally they fly back home.

  • The carpet lands in the shop and Ali gets off.

  • Wow, what an adventure!

one very hot day, Ali finds a carpet in his uncle shop.


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阿里和魔毯 - 兒童故事 - LearnEnglish Kids British Council (Ali and the magic carpet - Kids Stories - LearnEnglish Kids British Council)

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