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And don't forget bug spray it's perfect for spraying in the face of hitchhikers whoa an RV camping here
That was a fun 78 hours well no more this year
We're visiting every tourist trap along the Redwood Highway, and I'm gonna prank back every single one
What do you say dude you're coming I are you into the trouble of packing all your stuff even stuff you kept in that secret
box under the bed whoa
What's that? I know? She's not interested, and I know it's over
But how do you just turn off the way you feel about someone two words Dipper move on yeah, dude and road trips the poor
Man our fees are amazing I can't believe we're sitting at a table
We're coming up on an attraction run by the most black hearted proprietor in all of Oregon's
Don't let the face fool you this woman hmm so uh
Come here often now. I'm a tourist haha. You're funny and cute. I mean not cute. I mean you're not
Something on your mind kiddo you're thinking about Miss cold-shoulder over there huh I'm sewing well
I can't think of a perfect metaphor, but you get the gist at this rate
I'm gonna grow up to be a sad loner like Toby determined
Whoa never say that about yourself jerky is just a term non. Jerks use to badmouth innocent jerks
Conflicts comedy some third word starting with the C the three C's of the Stan Pines dating technique
Where you go
Hi, I'm dipper crazy plays right oh hi, I'm Emma. Sue you know if you pretend we're right-side up
It looks like everyone's hair is standing on end huh kind of a jerk
Wow we have to get the candidate before your mother gives birth
It's a long story. Maybe you could tell me sometime. Here's my email address candy looking great looking great
Is that a new pair of glasses very shiny?
Maybe it's a blood pooling in my head but dipper seems
Can't believe it worked. What do I do now do I email her no. No you practice the more guys hello
They'll come back for me
So then I said to the bouncer where's your I'm just a little worried though
I mean is it bad to flirt with this many girls at once. I'm just trying to get over Wendy
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings
Please oh you always just don't fine
Three two one
Man coyotes Donna, I never really noticed him before but he seems different lately
That's sweaty and more charming
But how do I approach him don't even worry about that can can if they'll walk of the world's biggest park?
Sort of there she is kids mystery mouth
Five times the size of the mister today the mountain falls
Question the back seat makes me carsick can I sit up front today also question I'm the size of two people you're sitting close
So deeper I was wondering would you maybe want to walk around the mystery mountain with me today alright Road Dawgs?
I got five bucks or whoever could tip the Big Blue Ox go go go I
Will see you in there
Smart, but I never thought of her like that. This is all moving way too fast
Huh okay, I just need to be honest with her and tell her I I'm not ready speaking of which
But I don't want to lead her on ah watch and learn
Whoa I seem to have lost my number what I'm doing. Here's a little secret. Oh you seem like a man with secrets
You know I'm going on a break
I wonder what they'll name the baby if I had a baby. I would name a grander term. He's my head falling on your shoulder
This is what I want, this is all part of the plan and stuff Oh different Hey Hey, who are these girls dipper?
Why haven't you called?
Romantic log right mean nothing to you
I can't believe it you agreed to go on a date with me and you were seeing dipper pies
I thought you are a nice guy, but I guess you only care about yourself
Kandi wait
I'm s. I can't believe people fall for it. You're so brave. What can I say? I'm a real catch yes
Flame retardant raccoon says don't hug forest fires ah
Stan where are you? I need your advice. I'm about to become one
Turns out Darlene is one of those spider people, but beyond that the dates been okay
Wait wait wait also this acid. She's splitting my face. I'm up the mountain at widow's peak all right. I'm gonna find you stay put
You got it. You're so funny great story
I love a man with shoulder hair you you didn't mean it about my shoulder
Tell me Stan the Foods for your body which to my weird species is food allow me to slip into something more
There there let my calming voice soothe you it is helping
Girls there your clear. Oh you what?
Please I don't know if you're really up there or not, but if you are please
This is Travis
Listen carefully this skytram has an emergency trap switch below us is Oregon's largest Paul Bunyan statue and old
reliable goes off in fly
It was a boring boring ride cared that was ingenious how'd you know that would work useless travel templates?
Stay have you ever considered becoming a comedian?
You know I actually have comedy is too subtle these days my style involves more oversized props
Get the car
Truth is I've been divorced once and slapped more times than I can remember
Confidence can buy you a lot
But at the end of the day pickup artists tend to get our heads bitten off
When it comes to I guess I just need to learn to use that power for good
Hey, I found a pamphlet, I don't think you've read yet, I deserve that
Still feel a little bad about wrecking those tourist traps ah come on everyone loves my friend. That's what you get I
Don't understand, I completely don't deserve this oh man. Are we gonna have to help clean this up nice anyway
All right, Stan another day another random body pain here we go
Dear Stan dear Stan. I took these to build a planetarium suit for soos. Sorry Dipper
Well let's not take this seriously
Rough start to a day, but it's all gonna be worth it when I fix that light bulb
Known such softness anyway, where were you?
Well TV at least you appreciate me behind bars in actual adult prison a
Memorial statue is already being carved in the deceased mayor's honor
There will be a town hall meeting this afternoon to discuss replacing him new mayor, huh?
We're here to choose a man for the first time in almost a century fill all the requirements wait, bud gleeful. He looks good in
Jail that was a good day now folks. I know our family's had its fair share
Everyone look under your seats you
Heard strange hi guys Tad's the name and being normals my game loving you dad, and I love bread
It's a shame for it isn't here
He'd run no offense, but you're just some two-bit carnival barker, and your head is more ears than face
Oh, yeah, well your face is more fat
it looks like we got some competition here folks, which I'm fine with totally fine with I
Was gonna let bygones be bygones Stan, but you just made a powerful enemy
Uncle Stan what are you doing?
Running for mayor did I did I not make that clear grunkle Stan. It's not that we think you can't do it
It's just what do I have to show for my life. Do I really want crooked grifter on my tombstone?
How about crooked mayor?
Stable let's talk I know stick
The word Pig
All right everybody eyes up here
okay fly to the candidate covered in more seed and bestow a birdly kiss upon him anointing him mayor I
Couldn't make this up if I wanted to now here's the tea man
Candidate Stan first question. How do you feel about the American flag?
What would you do about the crime in gravity falls wait do you mean crime in general or just the specific crimes committed like
It's not that you're a miserable
You just need to learn when to keep the cap on from now on maybe you should just read our prepared remarks
Sorry kid stump speeches in a couple of days, and if he continues like this. We'll lose the bud for sure hmm
It's a shame there isn't some device that would allow you to control someone else
Oh wait as long as you wear the matching one
He'll say and do whatever you want him to thank you great-uncle Ford. Yes, yes use it responsibly at all
I'm a certain dude. I got some fancy
Education eat it prosperity get it a gravity falls. We can be proud of get it
Higher than Stan Pines here, let's get real. Do you think the women of gravity falls were too much makeup?
who may know me as that guy who accidentally let all those bees loose in that elementary school a few years back, but
I believe in things America freedom Ameri free break it down
Why are people jamming their hands together, it's applause
Dad they love you they love
Gosh huckleberry honeysuckle darn it excuse my language. I'm so sorry
You listen daddy, and you listen good prison is a nightmare
I hate the same slop every day the mayor dimes my one ticket out of here, which is why you're gonna win this election
Pardon me out of prison, and we're not gonna let the pines dad my way I can but but you don't understand
It's just this no more spooky. Spells well daddy. Maybe you just need to have more
Big shot now this I could get used to grunkle Stan
What's with the outfit you're missing your lucky tie ah why do you kids have to constantly tell me what to do?
Everyone in this town is finally showing me respect
Maybe you kids should too uncle Stan we'd respect you if you took things more seriously
What this tie is a mind-control device invented by Ford if it wasn't for this tie you'd be losing
Well you could tell that know-it-all someone totally suggestible an empty piece of clay we could mold to our whims
Hey a little help dudes. I accidentally got my head stuck in my shirt sleeve. I guess
This is my life now Bree and here come the three most popular candidate
Wait a minute what
Those backstabbing let the debate begin first question I
Don't know much about taxes
But I can promise you a kitten in every pot that doesn't make sense my able to cram is don't so bad
Both full body there's gonna be no time crunch mad Pope bud
You may now throw your birdseed me
Hello there long time no see except in my revenge fantasies where I see you on an hourly basis Julian
The hold your grip oh happy happiness where you Mabel if you great it'd be mine
I even made you this wedding dress and crafts class don't ask what it's made of you
Say hello to the next mayor of gravity falls kids
And that is why
The Statue of Liberty is our hottest landmark kids you were right all along. I should have listened to you when I had the chance
Gotta go save my family. No those are just some demolition dumb is nothing to see here. Can't it gleeful I?
Still drop you you know
Despite winning an overwhelming 95 percent of the vote
Election officials had to disqualify him due to discovery of an extensive criminal record oh boy Stan
What did you do to this shocking development it would appear the mayorship passes to the only candidate who actually filled out their paperwork
Local enthusiasm enthusiast Tyler cute Booker on an unrelated topic. I have a lot of cheap pugs that I need to move them fast
I'm sorry Stan. I actually think he was mayor would have been fun. Maybe it's for the best. I wanna go vandalize mayor Tyler's mansion


Gravity Falls Roadside Attraction Episode 29 - Yellow Fish

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Amy.Lin 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 30 日
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