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  • It's no secret that Starbucks isn't cheap.


  • And if you're thinking about also getting something to eat, you can plan on shelling out at least 10 to 20 bucks.

    如果你也同時想要買個東西來吃,你可以預期到你的荷包將被掏空 10 至 20 美金 (約 300 至 600 台幣)。

  • There's an old saying - you get what you pay for--that you'd hope would apply here--but according to Starbucks employees and managers, that's not the case.


  • When asked about the food at Starbucks, one Redditor and former Starbucks employee said,


  • "All Starbucks food is reheated frozen food."


  • "Doesn't mean it doesn't taste good, it's just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced."


  • Another Redditor volunteered a little insight into Starbucks' entire marketing plan, developed to keep customers happy with their pastries, claiming,


  • "Pastries are thawed overnight."


  • "The warming is so you feel better about paying 3 USD for a single fucking cookie instead of going to the grocery store across the parking lot and paying the same price for a dozen."

    「加熱只是為了要讓你花 3 美元 (約 90 元台幣) 買一塊該死的餅乾時感受好一些,而不是拿相同的錢去對街買一打餅乾。」

  • The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee.

    星巴克存在的目的是在於,讓有選擇障礙的人不管怎樣都要在買一杯咖啡之前做 6 次選擇。

  • Of course, you expect to pay for convenience--that's why fast food is so popular--but Starbucks has always marketed themselves as above your average McDonald's Dollar Menu.


  • That may be true of their coffee, but when it comes to pastries, you're definitely not getting anything baked fresh in store.


  • Another Redditor confirmed,


  • "Everything is frozen and comes in individually wrapped packages."


  • "Pastries are taken out of the freezer the day before to thaw overnight."


  • "Same with sandwiches, except those are put in the walk-in fridge."


  • Other commenters asked a very legitimate question: "How do they do it so well?"


  • We all know that frozen pastries and bread don't taste like they're fresh, so how is this such a well-kept secret?


  • According to The Daily Meal, Starbucks offerings have to taste good, of course, but they also have to be made in a way that accounts for the fact they're going to be frozen, transported, thawed, and possibly reheated--if you're the kind of person that likes a warm biscuit sandwich.

    根據 The Daily Meal 報導,星巴克提供的商品必須好吃是必然的事,但他們的製造同時也必須考慮到冷凍、運送、解凍或許還有再加熱的部分,如果你是喜歡那種熱餅乾三明治的人。

  • So Starbucks has strict controls in place all along the line, to guarantee pastries go from factory, to freezer, to store in the most efficient way possible.


  • What I like about the popular cheese danish is that they don't indicate what kind of cheese this is, it's just like cheese.


  • Still, slips happen.


  • Foods aren't packaged properly, trucks break down, and people get distracted.


  • So how can you be sure that your 4 USD pastry hasn't been thawed out and refrozen a few times before it reaches your hands?

    所以你要如何確定你花 4 美元的糕點到你手之前沒有被解凍又冷凍很多次了呢?

  • Well, just like anywhere elseyou can't!


  • Starbucks has also partnered with a range of small businesses to make their products available in stores.


  • Surely, the local offerings are fresh, right?


  • Not so fast.


  • Bon Appetit spoke with Meghan Ritchie of Megpies, who started out making her jam-filled pastries for a food fair booth.

    Bon Appetit 採訪的 Megpies 的老闆 Meghan Ritchie,她在一個食物博覽會的棚子裡開啟了她的果醬餡餅派的事業。

  • They were super fresh and labor-intensive - and when Starbucks approached her, things had to change.


  • Now, Ritchie contracts with a "co-manufacturer" she won't name, who makes Megpies on a large scale, flash freezes them, and ships them to various Starbucks locations that thaw them as needed.

    現在 Ritchie 與一位她不提供姓名的合作製造商有密切來往,而這個製造商使 Megpies 大量生產、急速冷凍並運送至各星巴克據點。

  • If you're still jonesing for a pastry along with your coffee, consider this Redditor, who warns:


  • "Never get a pastry on a Friday."


  • "It has been on the shelf for a week, and it tastes like stale death."


  • Others were quick to point out that pastries do in fact have a shelf life.


  • But that isn't what some customers want when they're paying top dollar for a muffin.


  • One Redditor shared:


  • "Once a customer overheard me telling a new barista the pastry shelf lives."


  • "She stopped me and asked, 'Do you mean to say that this danish could be two days old?"


  • "It was two weeks old before it came in the door, please calm down."


  • So should this global brand be more transparent about their baked goods, or have they already been forgiven?


  • At least now, if you want to order the food at Starbucks, you'll know exactly what you're getting--and it's probably not your money's worth.


  • Coffee on me.


  • Ladies and gentlemen, free coffee and donuts and danish and bagels, anything you want, on me, I got it.


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It's no secret that Starbucks isn't cheap.


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