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[The video is for practice purpose when you know the basics of the language.]
Learning English as a second language is difficult, but what is even (more) challenging is learning it without (a) speaking partner, (which) means practising it at home alone.
There are so many people (who have asked) and it's (a) most frequently asked question: how to practice English alone at home?
I'm going to tell you quite a few ways which are going to help you do a great job at home, (which) means practice (practicing) English alone without having (a) speaking partner.
Let's get started.
[How to practice English speaking alone at home, by Khushi Slingh]
Well, there is a person in your home who is always with you, and guess what?
That person is ever (always) ready to help you.
That person is you—yourself.
Yes, you yourself can help from all the angles you want.
Now, what all you gonna do for it is (all you have to do for this is), you have a speaking partner now at home in front of your mirror.
Means (this means) when you look into the mirror, there is a person right out there (right there) to help you practice your English.
Now, when you (you're) practicing in (by) looking into the mirror, nobody is there to stop you from speaking what you speak.
And certainly nobody to correct your mistakes, so try practicing in front of mirror.
A few months ago, I made a video on how to think in English.
Well, this is step number two, and the video link is given in a description as well as at the end of the video.
So now when you start thinking in English, certainly you start living in the environment of English and for that you don't need anybody else.
You can have mental talk, a bit of the talk with yourself.
(This) Means plan (planning) your day out, plan (planning) exactly what you're going to do be doing by evening today.
What are your plans for tomorrow?
What are the plans for your next visit? The place where you're going to visit?
The friends you're going to meet?
Just think about it in English, and this practice makes you confident enough to think on your feet.
Well the next thing is listen and repeat.
Listen to the piece of music which you like, listen to the piece of dialogue you find interesting, or just, you know, interview of your favorite actor favorite actresses.
Listen and repeat, and that can be done alone.
And I believe you will love doing it as I like doing it very much.
When I watch my favorite actors speaking on the screen, I just pick (a) couple of (pieces of) dialogues (dialogue) and just throw it and speak at the same time.
Now by doing so, you don't just practice English, you practice on your vocabulary, certainly accent as well.
Just do it.
I haven't said everything I know, I just mentioned three of them.
So in the next in the series, if you love doing and practicing all the three different tips what (that) I shared with you, do mention the comment section below.
So I'll make another video as I mentioned the series, where I'll tell you (a) few more ways to practice speaking English alone at home without anybody's help.
You don't need help.
We don't have to shift (live) in a native countries (country) to, you know, practice English.
We can do it right here, right now, at this moment.
While eating food, while sleeping, I mean, while being on the bed, anytime anywhere.
Bye bye!



沒人陪你練習嗎?3 招教你在家就能改善口說能力! (How to Practice ENGLISH SPEAKING ALONE AT HOME — 3 Ways To Improve Spoken English)

359 分類 收藏
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