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Today I'm going to help your English sound more natural by focusing on stress and using
it to emphasise how we feel. All that is coming right up.
So why is stress so important? 'This is such a good party''I'm so excited right now!' 'This
is really good'. Woah! Ok without stress our sentences have no life. So we use stress to
help us to show or to indicate what we think is the important information in a sentence.
We also use it to emphasise how we feel about something and that's what we are going to
focus on today. So we use before adjectives. 'He is so annoying' 'She's so cute' 'Oh my
God! It's so cold' And we use such in front of a noun. 'He's such a nice guy' 'That's
such a good idea' 'It was such a bad film'. Ok, can you see there that I'm stressing so
and such? And they are just emphasising how I feel. It's such a good idea, you know it's
not just a good idea, I believe in the idea. It's such a good idea. Alright let's put it
into a conversation. A conversation about Game of Thrones. Did you see Game of Thrones
last night? No, was it good? ? Oh my God! It was so good. You have to watch it. Ok,
cool. I will. Yeah, you've got to watch it, it was such a good episode. Now this stress
pattern is commonly used with so and such. That's used all the time. We can also use
it with other adverbs so in this sentence 'It really stinks in here' 'Can you actually
believe what he just said?' 'I am very tired.' Alright so other adverbs there. We've got
really, we've got actually and we've got very. Alright guys it's time for you to practise.
Now I'm going to throw up some sentences up here and I want you to say them at home using
this natural stress pattern. Ok? Are you ready? Here we go.
Alright guys, I hope you have enjoyed that. I hope you found that useful and I hope that
your English will now sound more natural with this stress pattern. If you would like more
videos on pronunciation or stress then let me know in the comments below. Please give
this video a big thumbs up if you have enjoyed it and if you know anyone that is trying to
learn English please share it with them. As always guys I'd love it if you went and checked
out my Instagram account and my Facebook page. Every day I'm trying to help you guys learn
English so go check them out and follow me over there. Of course I've got new videos
every Tuesday and every Friday helping you take your English to the next level. Thank
you so much for hanging out with me guys. This is Tom, the chief dreamer, saying goodbye.


British English Pronunciation | Stress with SO / SUCH

48 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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