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good morning morning travel day it is we are leaving behind the province of
Cordoba today and we are continuing on wards to Mar Del Plata you're going
there for food there's food festival happening I can
say on that we needed to go hey you didn't need to get do a lot of
convention did take too long because it's the travel day we had our showers
got dressed comfy clothes we just finished packing and tidying up
the room because I like leaving the hotel every looking clean so we give you
a quick tour before we stop on our bags and march on over to the bus terminal so
this is our time here the location was fantastic we were on a side street not
on the Main Street like we were the last time we were here
spacious this is where it took place yeah that's really it yeah like I think
some dishes stored up here Lovelace crackers just cookies dishcloth yeah
mugs cutlery and this was the first time we've seen several places know that we
had an electric kettle yes and that made use of the electrocuted
which I highly prefer I mean when you when you do the gas do it by gasps oh
that's a pain we had a microwave microwave and the little fridge are you
leaving anything behind we need to bring our bring all three of them and then
big in comparison to other bathrooms we've had in Argentina same area soap
and shampoo of the walk-in shower and I think this place was like 60 something
dollars a night including tax and everything yeah a little bit
so that's all there is to it yeah let's continue but the room tour is over
Nikita yesterday good right guys we made it to the bus
I said hello with
we fed the German Shepherd the day before know what I remember the German
Shepherd from our last visit which was like three years ago yeah go around
looking a little bit older and yeah we're gonna have some breakfast we've
got a little over an hour until our bus rides
well I just haven't been riding buses very often you get motion sick very
easily I don't I didn't find that bad at all it is a what it's windy because I
mean you're coming down from a high altitude to a lower altitude but anyways
we're here the the right like the road that we're going to Mar del Plata I
believe is pretty much like flat straight so I hope so I can't imagine
getting on another
well here we are waiting for our lunch so we thought we'd talk about prices
with you guys yes so the first bus ride we ended up
taking was 267 pesos yeah which team to seven US dollars per
person and the long bus ride that we're going to take which attach at 5:00 p.m.
and arrive at 9:00 in the morning so I mean that's a very long that's like 16
hours or something so the 16 hour bus ride it's two thousand seven hundred and
forty five pesos which came to roughly like 72 73 US dollars per person so yeah
obviously the short bus ride was much cheaper this other one is about ten
times more anyways we've worked ourselves up an appetite we are going to
be having empanadas and the Caesar salad with agua con gas the pizzas look really
good but we've been having all the pizzas lately summer by gym to eating
pizza every other day - decent yeah we've been wanting to add a few more
greens to our diet I mean it's just so fun to have pizza empanadas alfajores
factorials all the time but we're also realizing that we want to still be able
to fit into our clothes by the time this trips over I want to try one of the
empanadas we each cut - yeah what is cheese I think it's these round ones
yeah and then we got the Arab ones which have meat probably meat and raisins are
we guys so good French out of the oven oh nice look you
could see that I see the ham we're not gonna be stuffing ourselves because we
believe we're gonna be getting fed a hot meal on the bus
dinner is served aboard the bus wash sandwich
let's look like crackers and these are called mentok kappa that also look like
tractors Gina tractor tractor trackers and his bandwidth and hopefully a
beverage beverage inclusive wine we have had wine and whiskey
yeah on a VIP bus I don't think this is it
so our breakfast has arrived someone started eating without me
that's your hat so we got three different things stop it from that
shaker probably with both media you know not your folder so scrumptious here I've
already ate my portion yeah for me so you get one and a half and the thing
that we haven't tried yet is something called a tostada
yeah it's like a grilled cheese with him and with tomato and oregano on top looks
delicious nice little breakfast after a long day of travel yeah in he goes
pretty good double layer of cheese it's nice and juicy from the tomato a little
bit salty it's a nice thing to counterbalance the sweetness of the
media Luna all right let's get to it I'm starving
alright guys we are all checked in to our apartment which comes with a rooftop
terrace yeah well show you that view we are two blocks away from the beach and
we did some groceries yeah we haven't been having a lot of fruits and
vegetables and we thought you know what we're gonna be having a lot of food
tonight at the food festival yeah so let's get into fruit I have something
light with a glass of vino Tinto oh my this one is a special blend it is Malbec
and Bernardo I've never had that combination before how is it potent if
you ask me that's like the strong wine right there it's good stuff oh yeah we
beat about ten bucks to get a whole bunch of fruit which honestly I think is
going to last us the next five days that we're here in the city we got apples
plums peaches basically for a beach right yeah coley the food in Argentina
is so good - and so nice being here like we've got blue skies not a single cloud
perfect day for a food festival by the water I think before we head there I'm
gonna need a little CS so like I did sleep on the bus but it's one of one of
those sleeps where you know you wake up every like hour - and then the boss is
going through some kind of windy bumpy road and you just like kind of jolt it
up in your life so it wasn't a restful sleep I'm feeling a little tired but
that's why we're having a light meal some wine and then the next episode
should be really exciting because this is the reason why we may rush to Mar del
Plata as we wanted to be here for the Food Festival vessel which already
started like a day ago how many second one for like five
I think it's like three full days no there was another like unofficial first
day was I think like some workshops and announcements opening stuff but we're
here for the food so we've got two full days of Feria Masticar Mar Del Sierra and
yeah we're just gonna be eating those do the race keeping it light yeah anyways I
feel like we've rambled on enough about our fruit in our wine
see you soon with more food and travel videos from Argentina's bye guys


16 HOUR BUS RIDE | Overnight Bus Travel from Córdoba to Mar del Plata! Argentina Travel Vlog

18 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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