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well get a morning good morning guys and welcome to Gaiman another Welsh
community here in Patagonia Argentina we just arrived took the bus over from Trelew scenic journey and it
took a little bit longer than we had anticipated to yeah we thought I was
gonna be like 15 minutes but it was like I was about 45 yeah but it was so cool
we went through some really rural areas we saw farmland cycling this is
beautiful Sun was a fantastic little ride just to get here and now we have
arrived in the center of town in Gaiman and well got a busy day ahead of us we're
planning to do a little walk a little historic walk around town have afternoon
tea a Welsh afternoon tea a Welsh afternoon tea maybe we can find a pub for lunch I'm feeling hungry
at the moment it's surprise that's today's plan just to learn a bit more about the
Welsh settlers yeah here and let's go check it out up let's go check it out
we are now walking up to mirador Gaiman which is a little look at points so we can get a lay of the land like
camera lens is looking a bit dusty here it is bit of a dusty town this is my new
puppy friend puppy friend as we look as we walk along the river we continued our
walk through town and ended up along the banks of the Chubut River this river
right here played a crucial role in the development of Gaiman as it allowed the
Welsh settlers to create irrigation canals to send water to their farms
all right since we've just arrived in town let's talk about transportation
because getting to Gaiman is a little bit different in terms of buying a bus
ticket so we came from Trelew and we had to get this card where you can load
money the card was 85 pesos and they won't take it back at the end it's yours
to keep you have to buy it yeah so just over two US dollars a card and then for
the journey itself it was 45 pesos per person yeah and we were able to load our
journeys like coming and then going back so 90 total and it's a nice scenic road
if you there's two different roads right there are two roads yes that's the other
thing I wanted to mention if you want the scenic route you need to get on the
bus that follows Route seven okay that's the idea so ask the bus driver that yeah
and the company is 28 de Julio this is exactly what the bus looks like green
and yellow the journey itself was 45 minutes and I'm really glad that we
decided to take the scenic road here yeah we went through some really nice
areas yeah and the buses are pretty frequent I think it's about once every
hours yeah the schedules aren't really posted
anywhere so on the way back the guy told us to stand at the bus stop we come by
once every hour so I guess we'll do that guys we've found the pub it's got a
dragon got a mean it's Welsh that's how we choose our food it's right in the
center of town so this is very convenient
the food has arrived we ended up getting the sorrentinos Walia sorentino's are
kind of like round ravioli they're big stuffed with goodies have
pumpkin and we have basil they're in a leek sauce with bits of almonds on top
and it smells so good and there's so much cheese let's not forget the cheese
the pumpkin is so sweet and smooth and creamy this is just delightful like they
don't have a lot of Welsh dishes on the menu this one has a Welsh / good huh I
know Sammis dish yeah I guess I went with
pumpkin soup it already had a bit of melted cheese in there look add Simba
some additional so look at this look at that so just gonna stir that around let
the cheese melt what's still delicious it's got like an intense pumpkin flavor
it's creamy it's a little bit sweet a little salty - yeah it's a perfect kind
of soup for like a full day you like the perfect winter soup they've been walking
around for a little bit we've built up an appetite yeah well it's not quite tea
time here does it happen till 2:00 so we're having
a little little bite of lunch and this is perfect
yeah and we're sharing a main and an appetizer because we don't want to get
the phone we don't want to get stuffed cake it's another we're not drinking
wine either we don't we wouldn't want to get sleepy yeah it was a lot to do today
it's just as kind of the beginning of our outing and this is just a perfect
perfect little meal to have before we we check out more of the town in Gaiman
alright guys we are now walking into a deep dark tunnel
dusty do super dusty like there are clouds of dust blowing our way this is
part of federal Grand Central to boot so the railway line for central Chubut
and it was built in the year nineteen fourteen because the locals refused to
allow the train to run through the town I guess they didn't want to ruin the
peaceful vibe of it so they had to dig this tunnel through the mountain right
now we can walk through a three hundred meter stretch of it do that let's go do
well we walk the length of the tunnel kind of creepy one
you know you're the only two people here and it's a curved tunnel so you don't
know what's around the bend but at the very end they're playing a
little movie about the history of this railway and the train station so yeah
it's interesting about Welsh subtitles for the movie and then you have these
like little info points along the way that just give you information about a
different aspect they give it really they give you information but they also
sweet baby are these your babies baby
our next stop was the anthropological Museum in Gaiman which is situated in a two-story
brick home this museum pays homage to indigenous cultures and history and it
specifically focuses on the de wenches and their relationship with the Welsh
settlers there was a guide on site who walked us through the exhibits but just
as a heads-up all the information is in Spanish
we then continued to her second Museum of the day the welsh regional museum
which is situated in the old train station and houses many of the artifacts
that belonged to the first pioneers we had another guided visit here and
learned all about the Eisteddfod a welsh poetry and music festival that plays an
important role in keeping the Welsh culture alive here in Gaiman
all right guys check in because it's been a while we have managed to visit to
museums already we've been to the Anthropology Museum talks about that the
the Mapuches talks about the Welsh so yeah that was really
interesting and then from there we went to the regional Museum which also
focuses on the Welsh their arrival here we haven't been doing a whole lot of
talking on camera because the people who run these museums they want to talk to
you and they want to walk through the museum with you so yeah we kind of put
the cameras away and we're just chatting with them and learning a bit more about
this part of Patagonia in Chubut but now we are hungry
this time for afternoon tea our Welsh tea so we're gonna go find a place
there's so many tea houses to choose from in this town but we'll narrow it
alright guys so we decided on a tea house Ty Gwyn which shows tea when I believe in
the Welsh got the name right there on the napkin so yeah it looks amazing like
the food's already a bright bubbly one incredible spread oh yeah look at that
on this one plate we've got the bread yeah we have white bread whole wheat
cheese sandwiches scones and lots of butter on that bread it's not a three by
three buttered bread very nice on the other
got six different to choose from my friends we're not gonna be hungry today
and the price it was 14 US dollars per person at Ty Gwyn not bad that's one of the most
portable afternoon teas we've had when we were looking at doing one at an
actual Wales in Cardiff I think it was may have been 50 pounds and I think we
may have we may have been a little bit too cheap how is that very nice I'm
already starting with a little mini cheese sandwiches the breads very light
fluffy so good okay we have two jams but they said the big one was exceptionally
delicious they were right I'd see a rough to read certainly haven't even
tried the cakes never having Walsh afternoon tea was definitely one of her
favorite experiences in town our one tip is to come very very hungry skip lunch
because the amount of bread scones and cakes you'll be served is astounding all
right red time yeah there's so many different things to try there were that
we're splitting it up for the camera let's rather two different jams
strawberry strawberry yeah I think that's what it is and what's this one
again that one is being all the figs it is delicious at a point of you are
really excited it looks like they're bringing us more hot to you more about
team which is gracias gracias you can you cozy got a lovely tea cozies
let's try that fig jam mmm really good both the jams have such different
flavors it's nice to alternate between the two different flavors I don't use
one I go with the fake just because it's so unique so tasty now cakes there's six
very happy yeah okay so this one we said it's called torta negra in Spanish which
would mean a black cake it's a Welsh recipe and it may look like chocolate
but apparently it's me with sugar okay sir it looks like it might have reasons
to very nice this is my first time having a cake like this mm-hmm
good caramelized sugar and those have raisins and walnuts good sir and a nice
surprise something new and you've got more tea more I do have more let's
continue hello my friend come to me this one they said is a cream pie can't
say I've ever had clean pie before
the best way I can describe the cream is like wanted clean what you would put on
the scone right but it's like already in the pie so the only thing and I can make
this better scrubbing a little bit of jam so then
you've got like an actual scone because you've got like the layer of dough the
pie crust the cream the jam it's like you got it all going in a bite you got
it all perfection great discover here you go one where to go don't you it just
doesn't end one more who her newest at the team also the music are they playing
Walsh music I don't understand what but I can't understand this language it's
not English it's not Spanish next hello hello hello mr. big slice of cake over
there look at all that cream in the middle in Spanish this is called
bizcocho a low which I can best describe it's kind of like a sponge cake it's a
vanilla sponge cake it's got cream the raspberries and like
sugar glaze over it I usually catch my breath taking sugar
is tiring so far the quality has been good on everything right
no duds no dad I love this it's like somewhere between a glaze and icing and
fondant good stuff huh and I like the tartness of the raspberries that I mean
you only tried three there's another three more types of keys to go okay I'll
take care of those for us I'm gonna break well well
friends I'm getting a little sleepy over here I'm real ton ding my belly's
protruding whatever such good food we have to finish this must go on show must
go on okay let's try this this looks so good
cut it like that it looks like a crumble
hmm oh my gosh strawberry crumble the crumble on top has additional sugar lots
of jams really sweet this may be the sweetest thing we've tried so far it's
really tasty it's also tart a bit this doesn't have to be your dinner like
there's no way we can possibly use not just dinner I don't even think I'm gonna
have a breakfast at fault what's his neck so looks like we've got like an
apple pie hi guys fine did not skip out on that layer of alcohol in the middle
such a nice thick layer of apples added some cinnamon across I guess you would
call it is super thin so you're getting a lot of fruit
not too much crust which is the way I prefer delicious white and there's one
more last but not least we have the brightest brightest one yeah this is
this kind of has a gelatin jello we have a layer of cream in the middle and a
thicker crust at the bottom with raspberries raspberries cream and jello
so smooth with the jello you're right everything has been so delicious here
it's just it's starting to get full I'm loving it though you come to Gaiman it
is the thing to do oh and I should mention that almost all
the tea houses don't open until 2:00 the hours of 2:00 to 7:00 or 2:30 some even
at 2:30 that's right all right now that we've had a taste of everything can you
choose a favorite out of all the cakes in prize my gosh they're all so good
there was really nothing that was a disappointment but I'd say my favorite
if I had to choose one is right down here apple pie I think the reason I like
this so much is just a copious amount of apples yeah leave the year I think we
can guess mine it was the cream pie scone in pie formed with clotted cream
right here right here two years I like you so guys we're just gonna nibble away
see if we cannot dude we can finish at all I think we can we're getting close
well we didn't quite finish everything but we enjoyed the cake so much that we
got them packed up to go and let me tell you they made a wonderful breakfast the
following morning from there we visited one final attraction the first house in
Guymon here we had a guide who was able to give us a tour in English we learned
that the first house in town was built by David Roberts and his wife Jemima
Jones in 1874 it was a stone and mud construction that originally had a straw
roof inside they had furniture paintings and household items that would have
belonged to this pioneer family
well well well guys that is a day trip spent the whole day in guys what a day
trip we did a little bit of hiking a little bit of self-exploration three
museums me the MT a we had lunch - at lunch we had cakes I don't think we've
packed that much into a day trip in a long time I was that was awesome just
loved the chill vibe of this place we liked it so much we plan to come again
tomorrow more tea visit a farm so there's a farm
I really want to see our guide on one of our tours in Sedona this was telling us
about this place where you can tour the farm they sell fresh produce jams so
we're just really curious we're gonna go check it out yeah and yeah this is an
amazing day the museums we visited three museums and learned so much about the
history of the Welsh here that's a wench's and just fascinating yeah I feel
like this place is such an underrated gem and if you guys are travelling
around here in Philly it's definitely worth coming out so Gaiman to Ty Gwyn come spend a
day or it come spend the night if you want that way you can have more time
here yep yeah we're just waiting for a bus to arrive but to the new we go so
we'll see you guys


WELSH TOWN in Patagonia, Argentina + Welsh AFTERNOON TEA at Ty Gwyn in GAIMAN, Chubut ?

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