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Today I'm making rhubarb soup for Spring. There is always a choice of two soups for
dinner here at Audley End House. It is believed that a lighter soup is more suitable for ladies
and for the gentleman a darker heavier soup.
This is a light soup which I'm going to serve with sippets of bread.
For this recipe you will need:
Beef Stock.
A small onion.
Slices of bread.
This is rhubarb from the kitchen gardens. At this time of year it's grown in forcing
pots so we have young stalks that are pale and delicate. Later in the year unforced rhubarb
is a little courser. So use that for puddings. It's also useful in jam.
Rhubarb is usually associated with sweet dishes. But it works very well in soups to provide
a citrusy note to the flavour or in place of Tamarind.
Today I'm using beef stock that I've added a little bacon and tomato to and then strained
And now the rhubarb.
I'm adding a small onion. Onions aren't very popular at the top table - well it is associated
with the poor. But I'm adding it to give a little flavour.
Next add two thin slices of bread with the crusts removed to thicken it. You could use
cornflour or arrowroot but it won't be as wholesome.
A little pepper and salt.
As it boils, you will need to remove the scum from the top. The kitchen maids can do that.
As this is a light soup I need to remove the bits. So I am going to strain it.
Darker soups are often called purees because they are thicker - whether they are made from
vegetables or meat.
This will be reheated before serving. Now to make the sippets.
Sippets are delicately cut little bits of bread which are then toasted or fried. You
can serve these on the side with the soup or in the soup. Some people might call them
There we are - rhubarb soup. Perfectly delicious and seasonal.


How to Make Soup - The Victorian Way

47 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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