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well good afternoon friends from las grutas Argentina we are all packed up
here in this apartment and I'm watching a German Shepherd run around outside
yeah I think that what the winds have calmed down a little bit oh my ending
today I went for two jogs and it was easy windy outside
yeah yeah the waves were huge but anyways we are leaving las grutas
we just finished packing up and cleaning the apartment and we're heading to the
bus terminal where we're catching a bus to the capital sorry
buenos aires honestly I thought we were gonna be spending a lot more time and
witness itis on this trip and we've hardly been there at all and we're
hardly gonna spend any time there on this trip we're just going there to pick
up a special guest for sure and then we continue our argentina trip we do continue
you'll find out anyways you guys know the drill
we're gonna give you an apartment tour of las grutas so you can see where we've been staying
and yeah then we're gonna roll let me roll we commence the tour morning guys
so this is one of my favorite parts of the whole apartment just the date course
yeah the decor is near to go check out the old telephone that's me yeah so cool
just love the ways been decorated yeah a lot of attention to detail in this place
and I mean the lady that we rented from on Airbnb was telling us like this is
her family's summer vacation home basically
yeah very homey very cozy it hasn't just been decorated for her
guess for her being PBS - it's done - it's extra special the family estate
yeah kitchen teaching was incredible come on in here so we had stove talk we
were boiling our water there's coffee and tea you know electric
kettle here no and then we were doing your dishes here by far the best feature
of this apartment was a washing machine it's been ages
yeah we've been hand washing for a month I'd say it like two months yeah so it
was so so incredibly nice to have that we we did two washes while we were here
yeah full set of clean clothes yeah which is fantastic and then moving
on here this was a great table we we would have our meals here we also did
her work on our laptops it was fantastic and guys the best part about this whole
apartment it's a windy day so we brought a lot of things in from outside like
this clothes drying rack and like facility burn chair are usually outside
German Shepherd people going for a walk this is where we also walked a lot of a
giant Argentine flag off in the distance it's a major landmark for the city and
yeah so that is the balcony living room and before I show you that we got to see
how I did my friend here hello mama cat this is a mama cat well the cat has just
had a copious amount of pâtés and yes and she's mortals and she is taking a
grand siesta oh yes I got away from her kid
yeah the kids was really playful he's a very very very playful today so yeah we
had another coach just again a very comfortable living space especially for
two people nice decorations I like the the nautical theme there's like a lot of
little sea shells and starfish you didn't have that the boats yeah okay let
me show you the bathroom very standard bathroom just walk into here we have
think we had a bathtub with water water
it's the first ever been a toilet that's all that's all the oh my gosh first
world bathroom guys it has water in his water supply in here we had come in
various Limon plenty of space then beautiful Vees of the ocean - wake up -
yes mention that those views them views some views youth and then we had a
wardrobe which we didn't utilize and so there's extra bedding I mean it would
get colder here and like say June July down and the office of other powders
from the very be the winter yeah and we paid about 40-something bucks for this
place what a night I mean if it might cost more during high season yeah it is
office I mean the location is amazing I bet I bet they do charge us more just
walk out the door the beach incredible look at this this was cool - yeah the
Fed I gotta leave it on indeed well that's that's enough rambling we have a
taxi to catch and an overnight bus to buenos aires argentina
well we have about two hours before the bus gets here and we found the cafe in
the bus station a little place is the smallest bus
station ever but they do you have a tiny cafe they have like probably ten
different things on the menu it's offseason
related so what can you make us as well what do you want and relay I don't know
what do you make so what's up you guys we also have all Kapoor's our favorite
kind well which I should say I mean we do
like the debate ones better but this is a favorite I favorite mass-produced one
I'll see ya and I haven't been drinking what's here
on this chicken it's are very very rare so I'm getting imperial beer IPA and
this is from Stephen this is from Santa Fe it's a car that oh that's gonna go so
thanks for the pizza nice cool gear good stop guys
he's a happy man happy man so Audrey what did you think of las grutas a
surprise destination for us on this trip it was very chill I have to see when we
first got here like my first impressions on the first day when nothing was open
and there was nothing to do I was kind of like oh man what are we gonna do for
the next like three and a half days over here maybe we should just hightail it
over to be aim but I turned out to be really relaxing yes sweetest cats cat
friends mama cat baby cat walks on the beach along the cliffs we made friends
with with the chef here service he served us one of the best meals on the
whole trip probably the best meal on the whole trip
we had great walks along the beach got to check out the caves I got to go for
some jogs the weather was fantastic sun every single day I mean is good plus we
got caught up on work a bit and so it just ended up being a fantastic place to
be based for a few days and if you're thinking of coming here do so we love it
we recommend it very highly I bet it's even more amazing in summer
so if you get to during the warmer months mm-hmm do stop
there so guys Pizza has arrived and we thought it was just gonna be a personal
sized pizza slices Familia that's perfect
I'm already so my first lace here it's got lots of mozzarella oregano olive
screen all know what it's really good pizza especially considering this is
just like open and I'm a little cafe in the elevator
which is like me I'm forming for the writing keeps at a bus station man I
thought best we'd maybe maybe feel the finest sandwich ever feel the how about
a hot meal like that matter this is this is like a bonus whoa I'm tonight you're
travelling got my kick with buenos aires first class for the first time first
time so we're gonna apparently be it's over the hot me a little of course of
that and yeah be well-fed today mm-hmm they're having a little work session on
our laptops until the bus gets here lots of lies
still another 45 minutes
what's do we have some type of fried rice
target Sam is shocked by the lack of meat I
will give it a surprise it's a yellow rice with carrots and peas it's cold
it's fine right well that's the situation is improved
not just anything up to my back well we may have spoke too soon for sure is hot
you don't sauce and chicken and we have a loud like that right so we have a
pretty nice a situation happening here and got my buenos aires check you out
this isn't as close to it as you can possibly get with the actually being a
bit blinds backfire like I've already my eyes are shedding okay go to sleep
and you've got a pillow you gotta go blank it and there's a bit of a leg rest
right exactly looking here
good a good point
good morning friends we are having breakfast
still waking up they just like 7:15 slept some self woke up a few times over
the course of the night but it wasn't a horrible sleep considering we were on
the bus
and eat breakfast I ordered some mutton which we'll call a green tea
of a better way of explaining it if I had an iPod lemon-flavored
I also have like melted mascara on my face
Sam's happy
we're just called
hello are you ready to eat I am or did you fall asleep it took so long getting
ready I felt I did not take long I had a shower
so now let's Sam is awake we're gonna go for food in buenos aires argentina he found a
burger place for us we haven't had burgers since one times I know that the
city of buenos aires argentina is obviously known for its courageous pizzas it's past this but
apparently there's a really good burger so yeah we're gonna go out for food and
then we'll give you guys a little apartment tour so you can see where
we're staying and yeah it's gonna be a bit of a chill day it always is after we
do bus travel because we're discombobulated
so this place kind of has like a cool warehouse vibe industrial lighting like
metal chairs I get the feeling it's a really popular place at night like to
come with your friends talk some drain oh yeah here I'll be sleeping at the
when I did it when I researched it on Google Maps and showed the most popular
time to me and yeah it's definitely there like 9 10 the lunch isn't quite as
busy especially rate at noon yeah picks up at 1 or 2 they basically just opened
and style
Oh what do you think well that's what I thought oh no no those are the
caramelized fries this one's actually mine this is the triple a burger look
oh my daddy's one count them one two three and bacon and yours is this fitted
after the Smoke Shack it has I got cement some special sauce
of that peppers two patties cheese bacon it looks good survived amazeballs you
can't even take a bite out of the whole thing look at that he's gonna have to
like it on the bottom not on the bottom oh there's bacon in there
this is definitely meant for sharing like look at that carbs grease cheese or
meal today goodness so guys we are back in the apartment post lunch hole we
cannot finish the burgers and their entirety they were just so massive so
huge so tasty and delicious at the same time anyways since we then sleep to two
all on the bus we're gonna have a little siesta but before that I wanted to give
you a little apartment tour because it's nice and clean and organized right now
and never lost very long because of someone right there over there so yeah
I'm gonna give you the Grand Tour starting here this is like the entrance
this big wooden door love it we have some super hottie ceilings in this place
like we booked it because of the architecture so coming through we have
the living area let me show you this section in the living area we've got
these two white chairs and then what do you call this the seating area by the
window Sam help me with vocabulary here a reading nook we have stained glass
windows lots of pillows I feel like I'm gonna work there this is our dining area
slash Sam's office over here what are you doing checking out hockey stats it
is hockey isn't it it is it was it was hockey guys then we have the kitchen
nice and bright very airy we have lots of natural light in this apartment which
is very nice washing machine I didn't even realize I booked a place with the
washing machine but check that yeah we've got one in the kids
so electric kettle coffeemaker living it up here probably I've got to say this
place was a steal it's a low season right now so we paid a forty something
yeah dollars a night especially I guess what you're staying here yes and it's a
place for three people on some land that's like 13 bucks per person cheaper
than a hostel look at these doors numbers straight that numbers this is
gonna be our bedroom here we've got two single beds little nightstand things are
starting to get messy already we've been unpacking then we've got the bathroom
pretty standard toilet bidet really good good shower good water pressure hello
little mirror hi and then there is a one more bedroom here with a nice big double
bed there you have it some shelf space we're only here for a few nights so it's
not like we're gonna be I'm packing too too much but yeah check this place out
isn't it amazing this may be my favorite Airbnb we stayed in oh poor thing
anyways you should sleep in the bed because I'm claiming this as my section
so Tata shoo shoo after you go should we say goodbye to the people yeah I think
it's a very good point in the episode thanks so much for watching guys and
we'll have we'll have a couple more episodes in buenos aires argentina


Travelling to BUENOS AIRES: 15+ Hour Overnight Bus Ride in ARGENTINA + Eating DELICIOUS BURGERS!

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Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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