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good morning good morning guys greetings from sunny Seoul South Korea it is early
in the morning it's only 8:30 and we're gonna be doing a 7-eleven Korean
breakfast haul seven 11 is right behind me now Korean convenience stores
are everywhere in South Korea you can't walk a block without finding one so
there are really three main convenience stores in South Korea there's 7-eleven
there's Family Mart and there's also CU Soon and what we're gonna make this
into is a bit of a challenge it's gonna be a ten US dollar breakfast challenge
obviously in the local currency which is Korean Won and at present exchange its
Maneecheon Won so twelve thousand won I'm gonna be taking that into the
7-eleven grabbing some food bringing it out here and showing what you can buy
for that kind of money so let's go inside
see what we can get for breakfast bring it here and eat it right on the street
so the first thing for me to do is to grab the drink I've had several coffees
of the hotel I'm gonna get a juice silly thing these are really interesting guys these vitamin drinks To start off with
Barbecue oh they have so these are rice rolls oh yeah the triangle gimbap all mangos
is that stuff eating Bibimbap Bibimbap man
Oh they have waffles you think he'd make it a mess dude making a mess you're one of the yogurt
drinks as well not really paying attention to the price have you been
open s I don't even know what it is - it's probably pretty close do you think
so it's always okay to go over does not really Korean where you know this is
actually this is like you can't break Korean oh yeah oh yeah they like the
sweets in the morning see the hardest part is that sam hasn't really been
keeping count of how much each thing costs so happens when he gets up there
you might go over so let's see let's see what happens here Sam got one thing that
costs almost ten thousand so he almost ruined the challenge here yeah oh I
think I'm good whoa
right good good can't believe I was even counting and I was able to get it like
bang on like it's all I have left its equivalent of like less than 20 less
than 20 cents the most 15 cents is left super happy is my haul crazy but it's
funny because that squid I thought it was priced at 4000 and there's actually
9000 Won so like 8 9 US dollars alright guys so this is a breakfast haul it ended up
getting eight items for just under 12,000 won so less than ten US dollars
that's like unbelievable value and it's a combination of savory and sweet items
and so I've also got two different drinks and I'm gonna eat them from eat
and drink them from left to right now 711s are different from what you'll find
back in the US or Canada or even Europe there's a lot more inside of these ones
in Asia it's just an experience to go in there because there's just so much to
purchase and anyways I'm hungry so let's dig in I am starting off with a vitamin
drink it is called Vita 500 (비타 500) which means but vita means basically vitamin
500 so you're getting I think 500 milligrams of vitamin C and it's in a
sweet drink actually I remember when I was feeling sick as an English teacher
here some co-workers brought me this as a very nice gesture
you know booster booster your immune system with some vitamin C and so yeah
this is awesome yeah exactly 500 milligrams of vitamin C let's try that
that's quite sweet it's got like the giver have you've ever had the chewable
vitamin C tablets dissolve them in water it tastes very much like that really
good hey I need to stay healthy on this trip to you so how could you be having
this one shot like it is soju dude moving on now this is really cool gimbap (김밥)
is probably like one of the most classic kind of Korean fast food breakfast items
in fact you can order at any time of day lunch dinner there's actual restaurants
that specialize in it and what it is is Korean rice rolls and in the middle you
have various ingredients now the one that I chose today is bulgogi 불고기 one of my
favorite Korean foods marinated beef and so I'm just gonna open it up and show
you guys what's going on so there's quite a bit of packaging here look at
that oh my gosh look at all the look at all the bulgogi in there there's not the
bulgogi you've got carrots it looks like we have
cucumber as well so a nice mix of meat and veggies obviously rice on the outer
layer and the far outer layer is the kim the seaweed so let's try that I
really taste of bulgogi mmm love that meat man if anyone's coming to Korea for
the first time a really safe item to try is bulgogi because it's not too spicy I
love that man nice dense rice roll and this is a part of food that really fills
you up like if you finish this hole then you're pull this looks like a it's
basically just a prepackaged waffle I I'm a I'm actually seeing like these are
more I I don't think these are Korean characters and if so they're written in
such a way that I can't read them so I'm not sure what it's called is saying
Sakura sak so this could potentially be a Japanese product that sold in Korea I
I don't know entirely but these kind of pastries is kind of like a prepackaged
waffles are quite common in convenience stores in Korea so I'm just gonna hold
that up for you so it's not a crispy waffle like the
kind you would get if you put it into the toaster you can see that it just it
feels kind of soft in the hand right what is that it's fairly sweet you
can tell that like soft it soft has a soft texture but it's like he tells not
freshly-baked so this is an item that is a big hit or miss for me it's also
something that I love more about now I'm still moving on to the fourth item I am
getting a red bean paste bar I don't know the name of this it's like yeah
obviously has like a Chinese characters and even the Korean I can't really tell
I think it's young yang-gon gang young young gang could be wrong about that
comes in a gold wrapper probably looks like a chocolate bar but it isn't
wiggles like a jelly so smooth and sweet and you get the intense red bean flavor
it's also obviously got a considerable amount of sugar this is kind of like a
dessert bar tense red bean paste I really like this one I remember trying
it many years ago in Korea I've had in a long time so I was happy to pick that up
moving on to the fourth item this is called yoga yoga rigidly a yogurt drink
I'm not sure what flavors that says nom young I don't know what that means to be
honest you can read the Korean and pronounce it kind of poorly but I don't
know what it means it's gonna crack that open oh it's got one of those tops seals
in the freshness to make sense since it's kind of a milk it's a milk product
that's a tough one to pop there we go
Oh super-sweet yogurty milky drink no I think it's got a lot of sugar in the
there man it's very sweet not my favorite that's another item that
I probably won't get again now this is one of the most classic items you can
find in a Korean convenience store this is called oh this is Bibimbap oh this is
actually a bibimbap flavor but I believe this is called Samgak (삼각김밥) got triangle gimbap
anyways the most fascinating thing because there's a procedure to open it
it gives you instructions like one two three and so I'm going to attempt to do
this I'm probably gonna screw it up but let's try so step one I go like this
on that part step two I believe I just take it out try two
ready remove this plastic oh look at that came out step 3
I pulled it out from there and Wow guys it's basically just rice with
ingredients inside look at that this is called the bibimbab got different kinds
of vegetables it appears to be a little maybe a little bit of meat or mushroom
it looks like we have onions and carrots and then of course the classic red
pepper paste sauce which is the gochujang and a shaped like a triangle
hence it's called triangle gimbap Sam in Korean means 3 so that's why I think
it's called Samgak but I could be wrong please correct me
if I am all right so you basically hold it the seaweed wrapper gives you it's
basically like a handle so you don't get your hands all sticky and you can just
bite right into it that stuff is the best
of all the things I've had for breakfast this morning I like that's the most I like
it even more than the gimbap over here crazy good grab
only got two more things to try what does they have no idea what this is it's
just like it stood out to me in the store so I ended up getting it it's
called the Maxs Bong max bond and if I have if I could take a
guess it's either gonna be like a tofu kind of stick or maybe something with
like with an odeng kind of fish style not sure be honest I don't even know how
to open it I think it's here I think I see an arrow so let's see what I can do
here yeah this is how you open it prepackaged stuff guys so you just go
like this and you've got your item on a stick let's take a bite oh I'm
all your hot dog you got an artificial flavor to it I'm not a fan of hot dogs
in the first place I'm because this is cold this is an item that I wouldn't get
again and last but not least I'm going for something sweet this is a baked good
as coal GG it's cheesecake cheesecake flavor bomb basically soft looks like a
soft fun prepackaged I've tried this before in Korea as well usually I
actually get it from a place called Perry baguette which is also a very
popular place to get breakfast in South Korea it's a bakery so just open it up
like this it's got like kind of like a muffin wrapper at the bottom open it up
like that I'm gonna break in half very very soft texture very fluffy subtle
choose pick flavor sweet but not overly sweet of all the sweet things I've had
aside from this bar which is my favorite it's my second favorite sweet item I
like it way more than the waffle if you have a choice between these two items I
would definitely go for this cheese bun just keep on alright Sam so I also threw
the $10 convenience store challenge onto 7-eleven and a lot of things I did some things
differently than you yeah also the seaweed
straight see we like sheets of seaweed yeah amazing super salty and then I got
some porridge something like oyster porridge I'm gonna
try a few things for you I'll start with this one it's not my favorite thing in
the world but they say people love it here in Korea it's gonna mix it up you
know it was amazing with your challenges you hit the 12,000 won mark like it's
not literally yeah alright so let's get some of this check this out
see that mussel right there it must be a muscle an oyster figure right see soup
with seafood not my thing sorry I don't know you like most things
in Korea so far yeah I love everything in Korea everything in Korea has been
like especially the spice yeah but this has to be my favorite right here like
gimbap ax the gimbap a hand roll it's just so good oh yes so it's beef right
yeah BBQ beef it's a little creamy there's a some rice and there's some
carrot or I might do is I'm gonna combine some of this on it I just really
love the seaweed like I love the salty goodness man it's very salty it's just
like a tiny cracker you eat the whole thing and it's like five copies
these sheets are unreal it's so salty great crunchy yeah I love about it is
how creamy it is inside sometimes it's great plan or suppose it's like baked
crabs not this is like delicious barbecue beef and guys I hope you love
my part of this video I'll see you in the next adventure so overall a really
good haul for 12 less than 12,000 won ten US dollars will recap two drinks
over here the savory rice items with these two things three sweet items then
this hotdog which I didn't like so my favorite two items from the savory
section right over here triangle gimbap bibimbap flavor and the soft little
cheesecake flan favorite drink between the two definitely the vitamin C so I'd
say about half of the stuff I really enjoyed and the other half was more hit
or miss anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this Korean breakfast haul at 7-eleven
so if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up leave a comment
below subscribe to david's channel David's been here subscribe to our
Channel Samuel and Audrey we have so many more videos from South Korea coming


Korean Convenience Store $10 Breakfast at 7 Eleven in Seoul, Korea

62 分類 收藏
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