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hey guys Sam here with another food adventure from India this time trying
some of the best Punjabi food and Amritsar Punjab in this episode we were once
again joined by Deepak from Amritsar Walking Tours and together we visited a
100 year old restaurant Kesar Da Dhaba that serves up some truly mouth-watering dishes our
lunch consisted of Makhani Dal a lentil dish that takes 12 hours to cook
palak paneer a spinach and cottage cheese curry that just so happens to be
my favorite and paratha a flatbread that is cooked in a tandoor oven and then
coated in ghee if this sounds appetizing join us as we sample some of the best
Punjabi food Amritsar India has to offer cheers guys
good afternoon good afternoon guys greetings from Amritsar India so I am
joined by my good friend Deepak of Amritsar walking tours yes and what are
we gonna have for lunch right now we are standing in the old Amritsar where
y'all get to the golden temples so for the lunch I would like to take you to
the 100 year old restaurant probably one of the very best and old restaurant of
Amritsar as which is about famous for the vegetarian vegetarian food and it's
specifically a lot of local dishes the Amritsar are into Punjabi dishes as well
yes Wow and before that I like to take you to the different different old
markets like utensils market cloth market jewelry market to bazaar are
wonderful so let's go explore we'll work up an appetite by doing some walking
first and then we're gonna have some great lunch let's do it
like this that's nice dude how do I even get it in I mean I think they have to
like melt it shut was in my guy's life happens fast in this market that I'm
visiting here I just recognized this was the place where I stayed on the very
first time I went backpacking across India it was called the Sagar inn guest
house it's near the Golden Temple and it looks exactly the same as when I came
here ten years ago
so friends right now we are reached at utensils market which is one of the
favorite and old market you can find out different varieties of utensils over
here even the local people as well as the tourists who visit Amritsar Punjab come
over here you can see this is a kind of red bangles which is used by the girl at
the time of her marriage she will read she married the one day prior to her
marriage and we read for six months for one year so so getting a chance to
explore the markets here in the old part of Amritsar India has just been fantastic a
lot of these little places are just narrow streets there's tiny little shops
you pop in and out most of the vendors are very friendly we've seen lots of
silverware we've seen lots of pottery we've also seen some places selling
street food as well so yeah if you're visiting Amritsar India don't be afraid to
just kind of wander around these little lanes and just get lost you can see this
tree how big it tree is we call it Baba or Hadji
okay it is a kind of banyan tree actually yeah we Amritsari really people
haven't fade that this a missus it isn't near about 500 years old city and we
have fade that this tree is as old as this city oh wow and there is a temple
over here Wow and you were mentioning before that the
tree wherever it grows yes we have noise people allow it people out to have it
from there you know the doors from there never cut it well so for instance I'm
gonna show you where this tree goes they can spirals around the market and goes
right up into this other building alright gentlemen and what is next we've
explored the markets to my friend right now we are going to the hundred years
old restaurant known as Kesar Da Dhaba which is of one of the best restaurant
in Amritsar running from last more than 100 years serving vegetarian food
so here my friend you can see is cooking dal makhani over here yes which is one of the
kind of landings maa ki dal with you the speciality of this in a restaurant and
you know how much time it will take to cook like wow it's all 12 hours yes but that
is some serious occasions which make it more delicious more beautiful absolute
anything so fascinating to get into your inside of the kitchen these guys are all
so skilled I love watching them make the flatbread behind me is also really cool
seeing how the dal makhani is being prepared check out the size of this pot guys
absolutely enormous and this is what they used to mix all preparing it for 12
hours unbelievable I can't wait to try some was definitely going to order it
for lunch see the quantity of clarified butter lucky how rich it is
Wow look at that yeah amazing and here's
so exciting did you give us a little tour of what we have but we have here we have three
different items yes definitely my dear friends firstly
we have a makhni dal which is cooked good more than 12 hours and which is the
speciality of this restaurant Kesar Da Dhaba friend and I think what I was able to stir yeah thanks so
much fun and the second one way to have palak paneer it's a kind of spinach way
house because I see my one of my favorite Indian curries the palak paneer
it's the spinach and the paneer oh it's so rich and incredible I can't wait to
try this one is the third house flat Indian bread which we call paratha find
the tandoor yeah yeah so that's what we were seeing them prepare in the back
as well oh wow they were just like slapping it into the tandoori oven incredible
just makes it they for they put a lot of ghee yes so that's why I told you when
you re in Amritsar Punjab just forget about the camera just watch your belly expands
good have it on like that oh my gosh look at that
wonderful it has a richness I was I've never had all that rich dal before get more
than 12 hours so okay I never just get ready with your vine and continued mark
it's just meant to you oh my god you don't have to chew it
yeah you don't even have to it it's that good just got a smother at like that
literally the best makhani dal I've ever had moving on to the palak paneer and so this really big
cubes of paneer iam supervisor Bob alright so I'm having a
giant piece of paneer here I can't wait to try this
my gosh stuff in here and just wonderful again it melts in
your mouth so so good oh my gosh and it's so nice to alternate between the
two different flavors uh-huh they have a very different taste thing
do dishes are the most beautiful of this restaurant
unbelievable happy for the local people that's wonderful If you come to Amritsar you have to make time
this is what we say you know because every Amritsari people
if you are in Amritsar and if you don't have dal makhani at Kesar Da Dhaba he said that haha you
then your visit to Amritsar is incomplete when we talk about Amritsar Punjab it means
Golden temple and when we talk about Amritsari food it means Kesar Da Dhaba this is probably my favorite dal makhani of all time with
this palak paneer level it's like it's like the Mars bro it's a that's all huge
this is the line to get into the restaurant Kesar Da Dhaba
that meal was simply legendary like it's just absolutely delicious like I just
can't get over how good it was anyways we paid the bill and I think we'll wrap
things up by grabbing some chai Wow so right now we are standing at Sharma Giani tea stall
stall which is one of the best tea Shamra stall in Amritsar it is just next to the David
ba we call it which is a very famous College and you can see how he's are
making tea over here in a traditional way he's using the call you can see how
he is making tea over here
right so we are finishing off with some special chai as cardamon in it and this
chai walah stall all you were saying was open for 50 years if you use the oh my gosh
so they know what they're doing cheers let's dries up
it just tastes the richness of it the cardamom so delicious and it's so
interesting to me there may be in front of you
absolutely love it cheers guys cheers there's if you guys love this video give
it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to our channel Samuel and Audrey Deepak do
Amritsar Walking Tour are walking tourists don't forget if you are visiting
Amritsar India I'm here to help you absolutely and David's been here we will have more
travel videos from Amritsar Punjab start coming soon
see you guys


BEST PUNJABI FOOD in Amritsar: DAL MAKHANI + PALAK PANEER at Kesar Da Dhaba 100-Year-Old Restaurant!

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Summer 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 8 日
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