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Just as they've done before, Diablo and the family have to deal with this threat.
All the adults start to harass the caiman.
As the cubs keep their distance, Sophia takes her position at the front, sizing up the caiman.
Others move in to try to distract it.
Diablo once again moves in from behind and goes for the tail.
But the Cayman refuses to back down.
And then begins to fight back.
The cubs panic and follow the adults right into the middle of the fight.
They're in extreme danger now, so, the adult otters step up the assault.
The caiman tries to head for the safety of the bushes, but it's too late.
He's outnumbered.
The otters seize the moment.
Incredibly, they overpower the caiman, some holding it down, others biting it in the head.
After nearly an hour of brutal fighting, it's all over.
The caiman may be dead, but Charlie needs to know if all the otters are okay.
It doesn't take long to realize two of the cubs haven't survived the fight.
Stuck in the middle of the action like this, the young, inexperienced cubs were no match for such a powerful and aggressive predator.
The truce between otters and caiman has, for a brief moment, been broken.
What impresses Charlie the most, though, is the incredible show of family bonds and physical strength the Otters brought together to kill the caiman and eliminate the threat of it from their lake.



【動物】什麼?!水獺能殺死鱷魚? (Otter Family Kills Caiman | Wild Brazil | BBC Earth)

1307 分類 收藏
lauren.huang 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 3 日    lauren.huang 翻譯    adam 審核
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