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Black lives matter, black lives matter!
No peace, prosecute the police!
Black lives matter!
Around the world, since this weekend, there have been protests that mixed sympathy with the U.S. protesters and anger at the U.S. as well as anger over local issues.
In places where people see parallels to the situation in the U.S. that minorities are being repressed, that police are restricting gatherings, protests with what they see as excessive violence.
It's just gut-wrenching, the climate of what's happening in America, and it's also happening here in Australia though it's subtle.
The racism is real for me.
The people, we the people!
In essence, the U.S. protests have struck a chord in many other countries around the world.
[Thousands of people across the globe showed solidarity with U.S. demonstrators protesting racial injustice.]
Say his name!
George Floyd!
Say his name!
George Floyd!
No justice, no peace, no justice!
Silence is betrayal!
Silence is betrayal!
[Adversaries such as Russia and China seized on the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations as evidence of what they say is hypocrisy by the U.S.]
For many years, the U.S. has been the world's moral voice on so many of these issues. -[Adversaries such as Russia and China seized on the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations as evidence of what they say is hypocrisy by the U.S.]
When other countries have called out the riot police, started bashing heads, using water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, the U.S. has been there urging calm, wagging a finger.
Russia, China, in this case, they get to say, well, look, you're doing the same thing, United States, so you have no authority to criticize us for doing exactly what you're doing.
[Hong Kong's chief executive criticized the U.S. authorities' response to anti-racist protests and unrest.]
(Speaking Cantonese) We have recently seen these kind of double standards most clearly.
(Speaking Cantonese) That is, how the local authorities are handling the unrest in the United States.
(Speaking Cantonese) Compared to similar unrest in Hong Kong that happened last year, what was their position then?
[China's Foreign Ministry spokesman called on the U.S. to respect human rights.]
(Speaking Chinese) The current state of affairs once again reflects the seriousness of the problems of racial discrimination and police brutality in the U.S.
[Officials from Turkey, Iran and Russia, countries that have been accused of human rights violations in the past...]
[... have also spoken about the U.S. government's handling of recent demonstrations.]
The situation playing out in the U.S. now is at a, probably at an emotional level, fairly disturbing to much of the world.
To see the U.S. literally in flames like this and in conflict like this has got to be traumatic.



【人權教育】美國佛洛伊德警暴案引發各地抗爭 (U.S. Protests Spark Reactions Around the World, From Citizens to Leaders | WSJ)

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Annie Huang 發佈於 2020 年 6 月 3 日    Annie Huang 翻譯    adam 審核
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