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hey Psycho2goers and welcome back to
another Psycho2go video. Have you ever
wondered how friendships develop? Do you
want to know how someone goes from being
a stranger to being your best friend
While there's no widely accepted theory
on the formation of friendships in
social psychology, yet there is still a
natural progression that is easy to
observe. So here are the five levels of
friendship. Level 1 strangers。 Before you
become friends with anyone you start out
as strangers while you certainly know of
each other like their name or what they
look like your relationship is still
very superficial. Maybe you see them pass
by in the hallways or you run into them
on your way home, you're still yet to
introduce yourself. What matters most at
this stage is the impressions, you make a
good enough impression may pique their
interest and make them wanna get to know
you more and with continued interaction
it won't take long for you to go from
being strangers to acquaintances. Level
two, acquaintances. An acquaintance is
someone you know to a slight degree, you
might exchange names and contact
information with them, but you only ever
reach for important, usually work-related
reasons. You may have become
acquaintances with someone because you
enjoy making small talk in class or at
work, your interactions are occasional
friendly and polite, some people may even
stay acquaintances for years without
ever developing a friendship. Well when
you start to spend more time with them
outside of work or school and get closer
to them, your relationship may turn into
a friendship. Level 3, casual friends.
Casual friends are all about shared
interests, fun activities, and enjoying
each other's company. You see them every
once in a while to have fun with them
but you'd never call them after a
breakup or go out of your way just to
see them. Casual friends are defined by
exploration, at this point you're willing
to share more about yourself, but you're
only presenting them with the best
version of who you are. Your connection
with them is still uncertain, and so you
often keep them at an emotional distance.
You're happy to spend time with them, but
don't yet feel comfortable letting them
see you
lose control or break down and cry. Level
four, close friends. When you're close
friends of someone, it means you've
accepted them into your inner circle. It
may take a long time to reach this stage
since a strong bond of mutual trust
commitment and a comfortable sense of
familiarity is usually needed, most of us
may be careful about who we let into our
lives and who we allow ourselves to be
vulnerable to. You can always count on a
close friend to be there for you when
you need them. They cheer you on and
listen to your rants, they're part of
your weekend and summer plans.
Well, not all close friends end up
becoming lifelong best friends, your
friendship is still very much worth
cherishing. And level-5 intimate friends
casual friends may come and go and close
friends may drift apart, but a best
friend stays with you forever. They're
the ones you trust most, the ones who
have stood by your side since the very
beginning, and the ones whose happiness
is just as important as your own.
Intimate friends share a deeper level of
connection than close friends, they keep
all your deepest darkest secrets, and
know things about you no one else does.
You're not afraid to speak your mind
around them, because you feel like you
have nothing to hide, you're comfortable
letting them see you at your rust and
most vulnerable. Do you have a casual
friend you're hoping to become best
friends with or someone in your life you
never expected would be such a good
friend?Let us know in the comments below.
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Thanks for watching and we'll see you in
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我跟你很熟嗎…友誼的五種階段! (5 Levels of Friendships)

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