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Why am I single?
Can you tell me?
Am I ugly?
Would you date me?
[digital love]
Because I'm picky.
Because I got my heartbroken.
Nobody is as cute as me that wants me.
It's a good question for my therapist.
I'm just kidding.
The universe was like, "You're gonna be single."
And I also was like, I think it's time for me to be single.
I need time for myself after a breakup last year, and like I'm growing exponentially by myself right now.
I'm not accepting anything, you know, I'm not just taking anything, I'm very specific of what I want.
Previously I didn't set standards for myself in terms of the energy that I accepted from men.
And now I'm single because I have those standards.
Why am I single?
I haven't thought about that question.
Because I'm psycho.
No, I'm kidding.
I'm just looking for some unicorn that hopefully will come one day.
There's nothing out there.
I'm ready to get married.
People say five years, I want two years.
I can't find anyone that wants to be with someone as talkative as me right now.
It's tough.
I just get bored sometimes of people.
Oh, so that's how you feel?
And then they get so whiny and you have text him so much.
I feel like it's a lot of energy, to date someone right now, and I feel like if I'm gonna exert that energy you better be worth it.
I don't believe someone has to be perfect, but I want people to like deal with their past traumas and heal themselves before like integrating into my realm, cause I'm really protective of my energy.
Like I don't even hug people, so why would I date somebody that's not ready to like, grow with me?
I think I just need to work on myself right now.
I think I just need to like find myself a little bit.
For the past two years I've really been like thinking about me and like what do I need from myself, and what work do I have to do for me first?
And then maybe I'll meet somebody.
Before I was always in a relationship back to back.
Never had a moment for myself.
Just focusing on like priorities that I should be focusing on.
I work, I have a job.
So I'm trying to find somebody who's able to understand that.
But if someone's just like, "I've been texting you all day, like, where have you been?"
Like, it's not gonna work.
The people that I get in my DMs are crazy to even think that I would talk to them.
I'm not gonna be rude about it, but it's just like, I'm not interested.
No, thank you.
You see me, you see you like, no thank you.
I'm always on ten, I'm always on goal.
And you... you have to be just as ambitious as me and trynna, you know, get your goals out there.
You know, I can't be stagnant.
That's never worked for me.
I don't do the boring suburban thing where you date the same person forever and just go through the check-marks of life, kids, marriage.
I mean, there's some point for that.
Because you marry somebody, they're entitled to half your stuff.



單身又怎樣?我們選擇單身的原因 (Why Our Generation Is Choosing To Stay Single | Digital Love)

2799 分類 收藏
nanako.kamiya 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 18 日
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