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good morning good morning guys morning guys from San Martin de los Andes Patagonia today is excursion day one store
we've been busy little bees over here we have we are doing a boat trip on a lake
excursion we're going to Wow mm-hmm full day activity almost I'm really excited
because a couple days ago it was so windy here that's thinking like oh I
hope that the boats aren't canceled because they do canceled you cancel them
if the waters choppy yeah today's gorgeous just a light breeze not a cloud
in the sky perfect visibility and so yeah we couldn't have picked a better
day to go sailing yeah so we're heading out at 12 coming back around 7:00 or
7:30 yeah and during the day we're gonna be
doing some hikes stopping for food and just enjoying cruising on a beautiful
lake lacar patagonia so that's the plan for today let's do it
all right so doing the math for you guys letting you know the price right away
these are the boat tickets big piece of paper in hand right there yeah
so this was eighteen hundred pesos per person which is in US dollars
forty-three US dollars yes forty-three US bucks for a seven or so hour
excursion with a guide so that's what we paid and then because we're going into a
national park we also have to pay that admission fee yeah because we are
foreigners it is three hundred and fifty pesos which is 850 and US dollars yeah
but if you're a national the race is much cheaper seem if you're a student or
you're retired or if you're from the province if you're from the if you're a
local or from the province you pay even less than Argentine national that's
typically how the pricing scheme works here and as you can see here it lets you
know that this tour is suspended on windy or rainy days
first stop food so lovely excursions are so good the waters have been calm
visibility it's been incredible I mean yeah it's pretty great so far we were
actually weren't on the boat that long about 15-20 minutes before I first
thought yeah yeah we're both really hungry
lunchtime lunchtime we're gettin Amelia Nathan Napolitano yeah is the milanesa
that comes with tomato sauce and cheese maybe some ham as well - ham and cheese
empanadas and one carne which is meat and we got them fried whole Freitas oh
nice so yeah we're looking forward to this this will be our lunch yeah I guess
there's a pull up with an hour an hour and a half stop here yeah there's a nice
little beach here along the lake lacar argentina so we're gonna go for a walk afterwards but
first you need you I think this is the most chill stop eventually we'll be
getting back on the boat and yeah isn't parking somewhere else where we're gonna
do like a proper height yeah I'm looking forward to that the most the milanese
has arrived Auggie's already been going to town I
don't waste any time ever so yeah we got the complete one with ham tomatoes
cheese oregano we've got this little sauce here
what do you think it's good but now that's to go along with this
yeah and they brought us bread would you be able to tried yet so two types of
empanada trap so this one over here is gonna be the ham and cheese look at all
the cheese oozing out then over here we have yeah I should mention they also
mark them like you've got little letters on top I'll show you this one that's not
quite yet yeah you have Jake a charm on K so that's ham and cheese and the meat
ones also emerges that you can tell what you're eating hmm such a creamy cheese
it's dominated by cheese there's just a little bit of ham I love the fried ones
the free test that's that those are the tasty oh yeah they're way more flavorful
when they've been fried in oil they're not the healthiest but also there are
other restaurants here by the beach so don't be fooled into thinking there's
only one walk around read the menus you've got options
so we just finished lunch yeah here in quila quina we did we are now
going yeah it was 500 something pesos right oh yes I should mention yeah a 20%
discount if you pay with cash and you're a part of this excursion right that was
nice so there is also a little trail system over here it's called sandy dough
with Ondina three different options yeah so you've got one that's three and a
half hours ten kilometers mm-hmm now this one's only this one's fifteen point
seven kilometers but seven hours so it must be more difficult terrine oh it
also gives a level of difficulty as well and then there's another one that's six
hours it's 14 kilometers so you're into trekking there's lots of options here
one thing to mention there's another boat that just comes here tequila kina
it drops you off and you can spend time at the beach or go trekking and then you
return in the afternoon or evening so that's another tour option if you guys
are interested
so we're now crossing here a narrow point where there's only one meter of
depth we're off the boat again we are we were on for a while so now we are going
to be hiking it's about a two kilometre hike or so to go visit a waterfall we're
going to a lookout point yeah we're with the guide with crew big group just gonna
hang back took it slow take it easy come on hurry no no sorry
mo vamos a ayudar HOCl metros La Puente vamos a cruzar Ysidro spicy Puente
nosotros mo Quattrocento metro Mas si vamos a ganar cada narcotic a nice heavy
guys we made it to the waterfall touching waterfall I believe it was
called woh steep hike they're not very long just very steep but we made it
beautiful views Sam got some lovely creamy footage like
the waterfall just looked like the veil on a bride's gown oh cool
and yet we've walked back to the port now we're just waiting for the rest of
the group to arrive we're gonna get on and continue the tour I think we may
have one more stop because we're not meant to be back till after 7:00 and
we've still got a few hours so I don't know if there's more hiking or just like
free time along the lake lacar but yeah we're gonna get back on also blackberries
these are so nice I'm just craving sour stuff and these are really good
next stop afternoon tea at Ostia Walton this is our afternoon tea situation so
initially you wanted sandwiches but they're all out so we're going for the
entirely sweet options this is the n4 corner that's am so but I ordered like a
tart with raspberry jelly grapefruit
nice setting we have beautiful views of the lake lacar there's some kittens playing
outside yeah good stop look at all the coconut I wonder how thick is filling in
let's get a look the thickest alfajores I've ever had I don't I can't think up
for me that has more confident than this one it's so good
that's like sugar overload right thing I have to get another one for the road
there's a gun Wow Wow it's like thicker than the cookie it's all do
alright guys so I believe this is our final stop of the day we are now on
Santa Teresita Island if I heard correctly is only 400 meters in length
here in the middle of the lake lacar and we're just doing a little hike through the
woods and we're gonna be seeing an Irish on tree that is 90 years old that's the
one that's like coloured like cinnamon we're also gonna be hiking up to a
lookout point then we're gonna be using a chapel apparently there is a little
chapel here check it out the Aragon or out of shun this one is 90 years young
are you my and what's really interesting is that these are actually two trees
that have grown and eventually linked up they've joined nature at its finest
we are back we are back and we've brought our appetites you're gonna go
find somewhere to eat the tour is fantastic I kind of love the concept
have a little bite do a little hike have another little bite through another hike
that's my kind of sewer anyways we just read been eating like just small bites
throughout the day we need to get in there ready for a proper dinner exciting
so yeah we're just gonna head into town just go on the Main Street of San Martin de los Andes see what we
can find we'll show you guys what we find
oh what a wonderful meal what a meal my gosh it was good I mean I knew from that
like from the beginning from the get-go the appetizers on my wall this is a
little bit beyond normal to have like it's a nice hummus dip and then remember
the beat the garlicky bean dip equally the bread I'm like oh this is a good
start and then the main just got better it was really good so the place is
called tio Farkle yeah and Sam thought it was tio tacos not at all really
that's really nice wonderful steaks and pasta and we had red wine it was so
funny because our waiter Dave hello Dave thanks for watching our video
Dave Dave was such a good waiter I mean he was so friendly and he attentive but
he also he served us at the end we had a complimentary cheese cake and coffee
great meal great day oh my gosh I think it's time for bed yes say goodbye and
mind our way back home


PATAGONIA BY BOAT ?️ | Cruising on Glacial Lake Lacar in San Martín de los Andes, Argentina ??

54 分類 收藏
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