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hey guys Sam here and in today's episode we're back in India where I'm going to
be taking you on an incredible do-it-yourself Hyderabad Street food
tour I did this trip in India while back with my friend David from David's been
here who's a fellow foodie and traveler our mission was to sample as much Indian
Street food as possible and this day was especially delicious in this episode
we'll be focusing on sweet and spicy Indian food in Hyderabad's old town
we'll try traditional buttery biscuits called Osmania really warm I favor a
chunky mango malai let's try drinking the spicy ginger
chicken that will set your mouth on fire oh my god bought super delayed onset
with the spice fresh pomegranate sold right on the street it's amazing return
troopers and a refreshing lassi with ice cream to cool down after a busy day of
eating and sightseeing apparently this is the best place to get it in Hyderabad of course no
visit to Hyderabad old town would be complete without also visiting Charminar
so we'll climb up this impressive mosque which offers stunning views of the city
bring your appetite and join us as we explore Hyderabad on this street food
anyways we are going on a food tour I've got my friend David of David's Been Here with me we're gonna
have a really good time like we're going to five different places we're in the
heart of the old town it's bustling here there's some awesome places to grab some
food let's go do it let's go
we already standing now in Nimrah Café and Bakery Limerick even Vicki my name is Aslam I am your owner's
son we have a 25 variety of cookies okay and special Irani Chai and
then we have a traditional food in our bakery
I'll show you look at this it's a traditional the script any in Hyderabad
everybody can make this made this one try once if you want to be try to pace
it up please right all right so before we sit
down we've been invited to try a biscuit raise from the tray this is amazing this
is the traditional biscuit oh it's kind of it's quite a heavy one to love
oh man that's good you want reminds me of a friend Rico much of a shortbread
cookie its buttery it's also just melts in your mouth
oh my gosh that's so good it's not overly sweet either I taste more watery
than it does sweet I love it this is the most famous biscuit
every dude so buttery so buttery it's like the whole in size bill butter yeah
it's so cool they invited us to the back of the kitchen where they're showing us
how they prepared the local cookies you have one guy loading it up on a long
stick and the other guy throwing it into the oven and there's so much space in
the back of the oven that they can put like maybe 10 20 trays and at once and
here come the cookies the biscuits fresh from the oven
incredible look at that so these are 25 varieties of cookies that you make there
do you make these every day sir yes Wow it looks delicious
thank you so guys these are the 25 different varieties of cookies that you
can get at this Nimrah bakery absolutely incredible the diversity and there's
some that have coconut or some that have mixed nuts mixed fruits pistachios
there's some cream stuffed in the middle chocolate they've got it all in they've
got it all I'm gonna try to over try to so I'm gonna start with first cookie I'm
getting coconut with a cherry on top this looks amazing
I love coconut so I know I'm gonna like this one they take a big bite to get the
cherry in there
Oh wonderful my coconut is so sweet and chewy it's just like it's become melted
and it was fused together it's very dense oh it's just so rich and delicious
oh my gosh this is one of my favorite alright for
my second selection I picked the one diet two biscuits with cream inside so
let's pop the hood time to try this
Oh crumbly in the middle I think we have a vanilla and lemon filling delicious
this is a great second choice I mean we've been trying a few now everything
has been delicious here if we weren't moving on to try more things maybe I try
all 25 this is special Iranian chai it's a specialty of this
particular cafe let's try it oh yeah so rich so flavorful milky so spicy - a little bit frothy
on top makes for a great snack had a great experience at this cafe
it's just bustling look at how many people coming in and out all the time
that is the sign of an excellent place to visit if you're traveling always look
for a busy location look for locals coming in that's how you know it's good
irani chai with a little cookie that is the way to do it man that's the ultimate
way to do it
definitely let it cool down a little bit I don't know why in India they love super
super hot chai I know 35 degree weather I'm scared to go outside after this I mean
I'm from Miami I can not drink coffee in the heat I'm from Canada I'm getting
destroyed out here with that chai in the heat that's good
I'm in desperate need to cool off after walking around the heat like I'm just
drenched in sweat so I've come to this place Milan Juice Centre where I'm gonna try mango malai
for the first time I've never had mango malai it obviously has mangoes and
has some milk based products it is made from heating non homogenized whole milk
to about 80 degrees and then allowing it to cool so it forms a thick yellowish
layer of fat which is then skimmed off all right time to try that really taste
of mangoes was a big thick slices of mango very thick fatty milky substance
like the consistency is just so chunky like look at those chunks let's try
shrinking that hmm you know what guys it's more like more filling and as
refreshing it's a kind of thing that you'd have maybe like it's almost like a
dessert pudding in my fave
our next stop guys is that Akbar Food Centre as you can see I've got a nice
spread of food so I'll let you know what we've got chicken 65 over here ginger
chicken over here which I think has bones and parantha this feels like a
roti all right so let's try first one chicken 65
like popcorn chicken man but smoke smoking outside boy tender next up
there's a ginger check out it has a copious amount of sauce no need to see
that but the chicken ginger sauce is like slow-moving lava going down the
drain it's gonna pick up a piece of try it
it's just covered in that sauce Oh
oh I thought oh wow I love it so gingery it's really spicy
so flavorful but oh my gosh it's hot super delayed onset with the spice like
that city be really hard that sauce is very close encoded sauce I
look I've gotten all of my fingers so ROM apply to situate chip in the grab
the parantha break it in half and you know what it's so spicy I've got
to try it again let's try it again
there's only five rupees each you're talking about seven eight US cents you
can just order tons of these and that's how you can clean up all the sauce I
mean I suppose you could even put the chicken in here make a little bit of a
sandwich I mean there's a lot of things you can do with this flat bread taste me
I mean I like I really like the food here quite affordable too so I'd
recommend this place I late
while we were in the old town we also visited Charminar which is one of
Hyderabad's top attractions Charminar is a mosque that was built in 1591 and its
name literally translates into four pillars or four minarets we decided to
go up to get a better view of the old town
in terms of admission is 25 for locals 300 for foreigners and if you want to
take video like we're gonna do it's an additional 25 rupees which is actually
not so bad not so bad and you gotta know this when you go to India it's always 10
times the price of a foreigners it is and remember yesterday we paint a
thousand rupees for video but it was worth it it was worth it up absolutely /
now they're ready but this is meeting 1591 this is all steps up the minaret I
wouldn't say these steps out of that sleep but it's definitely not for anyone
who's claustrophobic I sort of am but I'll do it anyways I'm doing it for you
guys so you get the views from up top one thing I'll say guys is that this is
some good exercise and burning off my breakfast I had a huge breakfast this
morning ate lots of dosa
what an experience it was to come up top here I mean the views were incredible had so
many great views of the whole city and the other part I like was we've got
to meet some other locals the hangout take some more selfies
this is pomegranate straight pomegranate yeah straight pomegranate and it's so
refreshing like I saw this guy I saw this stand and I saw another stand like
further down the street and I'm like I know I'm glad try this have to try this
and at that price 15 for one you can't beat it
thank you oh look at that man it's all sliced up
you see the pomegranate seeds you know what it's gonna go dig right in oh yeah
so juicy so sweet sour mmm it's amazing for 10 rupees
it's maybe the best value snack I've had all day Wow
so these are the faces of two pretty tired dudes it's gonna be our last stop
of the day it's been incredible and we're gonna finish off with lassi which
you just got handed check that out looks delicious we're gonna cool off with this
I call it a day final sweet stack of the day or getting
a lassi apparently this is the best place to get it looks amazing looks
really chunky like look at the chunks of them here so lassi if you haven't tried
it it's basically a yogurt based drink but this one is special it has malai it also
has ice cream in it look at that ice cream and time to try it I'll try the
ice cream part later oh yeah oh it's one of the chunkier lassi I've ever had
it's very thick it's rich it's refreshing - they could taste a little
bit think it's like a raspberry raspberry sauce that's been infused into
let's taste it try some of that ice cream I've been told to mix it so I'm
gonna do that from the top corner let's try that alright guys so I think I'm
going to end the video here what an incredible food tour in the
city of Hyderabad if you come here you visit the old town you can check out all of these
places they're all right beside one another if you enjoyed this video give
it a thumbs up subscribe to my good friend David's Channel David's been here
also subscribe to our Channel Samuel and Audrey we'll see you soon with another
food and travel video from India ciao for now


Hyderabad STREET FOOD Tour | Eating Sweet + Spicy INDIAN FOOD in Charminar ???

61 分類 收藏
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