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  • Welcome back to CNN 10. I'm Carl Azuz.

    歡迎回到 CNN 10,我是 Carl Azuz。

  • We've been getting a lot of questions about how long we plan to be producing our show.


  • Our current spring season runs through Friday, May 29th.

    目前的春季節目會製作到 5/29 星期五,

  • After that we'll be off the air until Monday August 17th.

    之後會暫時停播,直到 8/17 星期一回歸。

  • If you are a student, chances are you're watching this from home.


  • School buildings have been closed in all 50 American states and five American territories though many schools are still in session online.


  • In at least 45 states, plus the District of Columbia, students won't be returning to campus at all for the rest of this academic year.

    至少有 45 州與哥倫比亞特區,這些地區的學生在這個學年都將不會回到校園。

  • That might wind up being the case across the entire country, though a few states may give schools the option of reopening before summer break.


  • Students, teachers, administrators, and parents have made sacrifices to keep the learning going.


  • They've missed out on plays, presentations, proms, graduations, sports, science fairs, book fairs, all sorts of trips and competitions adding to this challenge is the summer learning loss also known as the summer setback or the summer slide.


  • It's a time when students forget some of what they've learned during the school year, and it's expected to be worse because of coronavirus shutdowns.


  • I'm worried about where they will be if they're going to be at the level they should be at when they get back into school next year.


  • I do think though, learning loss is huge.


  • Parents across the nation growing increasingly anxious with school closed for months as education experts begin to warn of a possible COVID slide for student heading into summer break.


  • So, it's kind of a double whammy of starting to forget and losing that kind of academic mindset we had at school, and missing out on a couple important ones of instruction.


  • Particularly for those young kids where we know learning happens at a really fast rate.


  • Drawing on existing data from roughly 5 million students in 3rd through 8th grade, Megan Kufeld a research scientist at the Northwest Evaluation Association has been using learning losses typically seen in the summer to forecast how extended school closures could cause significant backslides for students currently struggling to adapt to remote instruction.

    從現有 500 萬名三年級到八年級的資料來看,北西評估中心的研究科學家 Megan Kufeld 從夏季常見的學力流失,預測了此次學校的關閉,可能也會對那些難以適應遠距教學的學生造成嚴重的學力流失。

  • What we saw was pretty alarming.


  • Kufeld predicts that for students working through the toughest conditions now, come fall, they could have retained as little as 70 percent of their reading progress and only 50 percent of gains they've made in math.

    Kufeld 預測說,那些情況最糟的孩子,到秋天時可能會忘記三成所學,數學方面則會流失五成所學。

  • Potentially serious secondary consequences of COVID-19, widening the achievement gap between wealthier and lower income students.

    COVID-19 疫情所帶來的另一種潛在傷害,讓富有學童與低收入戶學童的差距逐漸加大。

  • There's a lot of technology limitations.


  • We know many at least don't have access to internet or a quiet place for kids to be learning.


  • Already, teachers like Jill Marangoni a special ed teacher in New York, says she sees the signs of students falling behind.

    已經有老師看出異狀,特教老師 Jill Maranon 表示她看見有孩子已經跟不上學業的跡象。

  • Fifth graders that were strong writers in school who would have never turned in anything without editing it first.


  • You see what the work they're turning in, it's missing capitals.


  • It's missing punctuation, run-on sentences.


  • Just lacking that quality that they had at school and that they just don't have now.


  • And it's not just concerned teachers and parents: kids are stressed about school too.


  • I had a second grader say to me, Miss M, do you think I'm going to be allowed to go to 3rd grade.


  • Am I doing Okay?


  • It breaks your heart to think, like, this is what this seven-year-old is thinking.


  • While the full extent of any COVID slide remains to be seen, parents like Kristen DeCarlo, a mom of three in Atlanta, says she hopes teachers are ready to adapt to learning losses whenever classrooms finally reopen.


  • School systems are going to have to pick up and recognize.


  • They can't expect a child from pre-Algebra into Algebra immediately.


  • There's going to have to be some remediation.


  • Laura Jarrett, CNN, New York.

    CNN 記者 Laura Jarrett,紐約報導。

  • 10 second Trivia


  • Which of these words comes from a 16th-century novel about a giant king?


  • Colossal, gargantuan, prodigious, or brobdingnagian.

    Colossal、gargantuan、prodigious 還是 brobdingnagian?(四個字都有巨大的之意)

  • The first known of gargantuan followed the publication of the French literary character "Gargatua" in the 1500s'.

    Gargantuan 第一次出現在 1500 年代,一個法國文學作品中的角色名。

  • [Researchers are suggesting a new term, "gargantuan," for the hail that fell in this storm].


  • [The hailstones reached a diameter as large as 9.3 inches, and may have set a world record].

    [這些冰雹直徑最大可至 9.3 吋,可能已達世界紀錄。]

  • [Hail is formed within thunderstorms when water droplets begin to freeze].


  • [The size of a hailstone is determined by how long it spends in the storm's "updraft"].


  • [An updraft is an upward current of air].


  • [Researchers do not entirely understand the conditions that lead to a storm capable of producing gargantuan hail].


  • [The hope is that by studying the storm they can "anticipate and detect such extreme events"].


  • For today's virtual field trip, we're taking you so far off the grid you can't get there by road.


  • And if you think well, I'll just hop on the ferry, even that will take you 45 minutes from the nearest town.

    即使從最近的城鎮搭渡輪前往,也要花上 45 分鐘。

  • Freedom Cove is located off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

    自由之灣位於加拿大英屬哥倫比亞省的 Vancouver 島岸。

  • It's about 200 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington but worlds away.

    大概是華盛頓州西雅圖的西北上 200 哩遠,一個世外隔絕之地。

  • What do you say to people who just say, this is not a normal of living?


  • Thank you very much.


  • [Floating Off the Grid].


  • I'm Katherine, and this is my husband Wayne.

    我是 Katherine,這是我老公 Wayne。

  • And I'm Wayne, and welcome to Freedom Cove.

    我是 Wayne,歡迎來到自由之灣。

  • We live in a secluded cove.


  • The only options we have to get here is by water.


  • There are no road accesses: The water is our highway.


  • Everything that you see here in our home is floating.


  • We are tied to shore with lines. We are not anchored.


  • We have our main living house. We have the dance floor, the lighthouse building, four green houses.


  • As I started to grow the garden and make it larger than we had to have more space for that garden.


  • Everything's done with handsaw and hammer. No power tools.


  • I know every board and nail by name.


  • It's about 500 tons, 1 million pounds that I'm floating.

    這裡漂浮中的東西,大概有 500 噸,或者是 100 萬磅。

  • I've been building tree forts since I was seven.


  • And I said well Dad, I'm putting a tree fort in the ocean.


  • Do you ever get seasick?


  • No, when I go to town, I get land sick.


  • The thing about living in Clayoquot Sound on the west coast with Vancouver Island is it's the richest biomass on Earth.


  • So the opportunity to fish for dinner is big.


  • I just can get in my canoe and paddle out and in ten minutes I can catch a fish.


  • But when it's windy and too rough out there I can lay on the couch and fish out of the house.


  • I was hoping to make a lot more money as an artist.


  • So subsistence living was our only opportunity to have anything as ours.


  • We could never buy real estate so we had to make our own.


  • It was a great opportunity to actually move away from the city, to see if we could prosper out here.


  • Now 24 years later, we're still doing it.


  • I can't imagine living any other way. I feel completely fulfilled.


  • That's good honey. That's really nice. I'm working on it.


  • [For more, visit].


  • [10 out of 10].


  • My sports casting abilities are going to the dogs.


  • The gate is up, "Little Stretch" makes a late surge.


  • She's across in a thrilling finish.


  • Much more energy than the last heat when "Long Shot" had that tripping problem.

    比有跌倒問題的最後一名「Long Shot」要來得有精力多了!

  • Guess not every dog's a weener.


  • But what do professional sports casters do when there are no live games to call?


  • With no opposable thumbs, high risk at this stage... and it's gone, and Mabel takes it.

    沒有對稱拇指,氣氛十分緊張,被奪走了,Mabel 搶走了骨頭!

  • No mercy from the younger dog.


  • Now it's all about the asparagus.


  • Courtney's got the angle, she's got the pan... it's outa here!

    Courtney 掌握到角度,她握著托盤了,拿出來了!

  • Asparagus and Potatoes. Asparagus and Potatoes.


  • (inaudible) the 12-time champion with the trolley. [Sports announcers are narrating daily life during the Covid-19 pandemic].

    (無法辨識) 十二連霸的手推餐車霸主。 [運動播報員在疫情期間播送著自己的日常生活。]

  • How does she keep doing it year after year?


  • Here they come, they complete lap number five.


  • We've got Lexi in the lead, Louis trying to track her down.

    Lexi 領先中,Louis 試著超前。

  • Here's Louis to the inside - Oh! - Milly gets in the way, they make contact.

    Louis 切到內線道,噢!Milly 擋道路了,發生相撞。

  • [Many sports events have been cancelled, postponed, or run without audiences].


  • Crossroad dash! The light turns to red, we wait for the beeps, there they are, now then, JD Sports man, he's got a decent start.

    十字路口衝刺,準備變成紅燈,等待嗶聲,出發了,JD 運動員,他有個優雅的起跑。

  • Leggings on the outside - oh! -

    Leggings 則在外道,噢!

  • JD Sports man has been distracted over the shoulder and leggings is gonna get there! Oh, she does it again!

    JD 運動員從肩膀被干擾了,Leggings 要抵達了!噢,她又達成了!

  • That's the way to "mic" the best of it.


  • When you can't use the press box you could still use your voice box.


  • When you can't hit the "links" you can still use your larynx.


  • So if you're aiming to "strike a chord" with viewers who can only watch from "phone," you just take a deep breath, make the right call and fans will be vocal in their support.


  • Aviano Middle High School is in Aviano, Italy, we thank you for your support in commenting on our YouTube channel.

    義大利 Aviano 的 Aviano 中學,謝謝你們的支持與留言。

  • I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的 Carl Azuz。

Welcome back to CNN 10. I'm Carl Azuz.

歡迎回到 CNN 10,我是 Carl Azuz。

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