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well good morning good morning guys good morning guys
it's hard to believe but it's our last few moments here last hours in Villa La Angostura you know
what this was a short stay we've usually been seeing in places for about a week
yeah yeah but we're running out of time here in Patagonia and there's still a
lot we want to see so we have to pick up and pick up the pace a little bit um
yeah we had a nice comfortable stay here really nice basically apartment yeah
we're gonna give you a little apartment tour at the moment so let's begin here main
entrance and all of a sudden we're in the kitchen right into the kitchen so
yeah we had a sink basic sink over here was the fridge if we left anything a
half a watermelon watermelon underbanked nice comfortable size and then if you
come over here this table was fantastic we used it for eating and also mostly
off the space atmosphere well then yeah we have those stairs yes so this brings
us and she called the loft right yeah
and here we are and here we are this is our bedroom nice big space comfortable
pillow you're gonna love that and this little section is like it's
kind of like a half a frame here yeah I like that style I also like wood on the
ceiling it feels very cozy for me so mindful of hazards hazards right oh man
I've been bumping my head a lot in yeah it was nice the sink was outside of the
actual bathroom area just a standard sink with some additional bedding I mean
guys this this particular destination is known as a popular ski resort in the
winter yeah and so you can see why they have a lot of extra bedroom here because
it would be considerably colder than it is no more storage space shuttle living
here so come on in here wooden toilet bidet and a shower shower shower had
lots of water pressure we ended up buying a bath mat for this place and
we're gonna leave it for them because you slipped what two or three times yeah
Christ and totally embarrassing I fell and it
was like so painful like I'm still recovering from it thankfully no serious
injuries one of those Falls where it's like like you're on the ice and you just
have no time to brace yourself and so like I slammed really hard into the tub
my ribs my shoulder my neck is sore and I put we put the bath mat in there for
them yeah featured guests won't have to deal with that yeah aside from that the
place was fantastic the holes were really nice they gave us lots of ideas
left us chocolate welcomed chocolate so yeah we couldn't recommend this place
more it's in a great location yeah what's two or three blocks away from the
main could make sort of wonder lock my friend one block from the mains this is
a small this is a small town yeah yeah so we just we have a bus in the middle
of the afternoon man I'm an errand to run yeah we'll tell
you more about that about that then we'll be taking a 2 hour and 15 minute
bus to - what is the names San Martin de los Andes
now vote a week or so maybe over a week nine nine nine nine days to be percent
we're gonna be traveling from mountainous Patagonia back to coastal
Patagonia to the town of viedma we officially paid for the Train we had to
go to banco Patagonia do a transfer there's actually really easy
wasn't it we just see why I have a sock teller we had the information the bank
account give us the money cause it's it to give you a masseur no now I just have
to email the train company and be like I sent you money sent you the money please
confirm I can ride your train they don't take
like credit card online or PayPal so this was how to do it but it'd be like
it just took us like less than five minutes we literally walked into the
bank we got a little ticket to wait in line yeah we were the next people will
to wait for one person
well guys we have arrived in home sweet home for the next five nights it's like
a little apartment attached to a private home and the apartment is on the second
level lots of windows all around like 360 degrees so we've got views of the
mountains and forests can we see the lake I do not think we can see the lake
but it is so bright here I really like it Sam's already passed out on the bed
chillin like a villain if you can hear him and see him back there but I
realized we forgot to mention the price for our bus tickets to travel from Villa La Angostura
to San Martin de los Andes and it was nine bucks I have an app on my
phone that has come in very handy here in Argentina it's called XE currency
exchange so you know exactly what you're paying for things
3:35 ooh $8.00 it is like 801 good math skills Sam so yeah here we are
uh the plan for today I think we'll go for a little walk just to get a feel of
the town maybe pick up pick up a few groceries but no grand plans um we
actually booked this place because it had raving reviews about the fast
internet and we really need to catch up on work and do some uploads so we're
gonna make the most of the Internet while we're here over the next few days
and obviously still explore but yeah that's a little update for you guys and
see you in a bit
dinner is served we've got vino Tinto the red wine it is
Patagonian Postales del fin del mundo Roble you look me Frances before it seems
awfully familiar the one does have a really cool name it's called Postales
del fin del mundo which means postcards from the end of the world and the bodega
what's the name of the bodega is Delphine del mundo
so winery at the end of the world in the world how dramatic how which is very
true you think the wine is coming from Ushuaia
why I'm not quite that way it's some milk in grapes that first time so cheers
to that sweet history to drinking local wine I
think most most people who try Argentinean wines try them from Mendoza
of course and possibly from San Juan or north
further north of that but I don't think too many people have the experience to
try to Patagonia wines that we've now had several bottles and they've been out
there they've been really good and some of them yeah so yeah we had a really
good afternoon I mean you did some groceries for the next few days
and we also managed to book a tour and get information for other activities you
want to do yeah so tomorrow the weather is less than ideal yeah we decided to
just do city tour to her I'm just gonna walk around on foot a DIY tour like not gonna
guide or anything and then the following day we are doing the famous seven lakes tour
to her yes siete lagos it's probably the most popular thing you can
do if you're cops in this particular town it's gonna be great basically you
said they drive us around we still have to take photos so it's basically we're
driving along Route 40 from this town San Martin de los Andes I think that us on this back to be
back to Villa La Angostura where we were so we did the full route today Oh on the
journey over but we obviously couldn't stop at the different lookout points and
enjoy the views nothing like that plus I slept on the bus ride over oh well sleep on
the bus right okay that deer the deer and wine just knocked us out so yeah
we're gonna into you it's a full-day excursion and we're
gonna get to see a part of Villa La Angostura that we didn't go to is it was
kind of far out of the town and we ran out of time so it'll be nice and then
there's also a boat tour we want to take another sunny day out on the lake the
nuts leaving great from the center of town that's a national park it's like
the combination of boating and hiking aha
so and then we have one more day and we're thinking of doing a local hike so
we've already kind of got our our four days figure it out tomorrow's the most
chill by far but we will be making a video about it of course and we'll
hopefully see you guys there yeah so we'll say goodbye for now we're going to
enjoy our dinner cheers to you guys thanks for watching we hope you're
enjoying these argentina videos mhm and we'll see you in tomorrow's episode tata



490 分類 收藏
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