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Hi everybody, my new book is coming this year in October. Yay! (laughs)
For more than two years
I've been working on this cookbook every day and night! I had to do this!
Now all my fruit, all my recipes are coming!
This book is very huge, much bigger than my first cookbook
150 recipes that's why the title of this book is Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking
I focused on user-friendly.
I thought about you. Anybody who already knows about Korean cooking or
a beginner. "I never heard about Korean cooking
"But I want to learn."
All of you guys can learn. I tried to make a user friendly book. At the beginning of the book
you will see a big huge section on grocery shopping. "I'm following Maangchi!" or "Maangchi's right next to me!"
This kind of book I wanted to make. "Oh my friends are coming over this weekend!"
"We are going to have a big party. Maangchi has any party food ideas?"
Of course I have a party food section.
"BBQ? Korean barbecue?" Meat section. "Any delicious seafood?" You can come and read this.
Lunch box, Korean dosirak.
I can make whole one book because I used to make these lunch boxes for my family for decades.
I want to hear that all you guys are happy when you make this food. If you preorder my book you
are going to get some gift. Korean grocery store shopping list.
You can print or put it on your phone. It's going to be very useful in the Korean grocery store.
It's in Korean, English, Romanization
Very concise concise words. What to choose! Where to go! (laughs)
Anybody all around the world, you pre-ordered my book and you come to
www.maangchi.com/big (laughs)
You will see that all information about how to get the gift.
So if you already preordered, don't forget your receipt and then you can claim it there.
And also there will be a limited number signed the books available.
My website has a list of the bookstores where you can find my signed books
But be sure this is the limited a number
I already finished my signatures. When I signed on each book
I just gave all you guys "Happy cooking. Happy cooking." (laughs)
First-come first-served. So just hurry up! I'm so excited about this book.
All the people who surround me, my publisher, writer, my agent
Everybody helping me, all together, we worked so hard.
I really want to see that you guys are using my recipes and then just
living your happy life with my cookbook.
Okay. See you next time! Bye!


My new cookbook is coming!

432 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 5 月 1 日
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