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Hi guys! I hope you have all been doing well, considering the circumstances
I hope everyone is staying safe
It has been a while since I uploaded something,
because I was focussing on a little project that I was doing for a new app that came out, called “SaveMemory”
Since I knew some of the people on the SaveMemory team, and I always thought that this app was a great initiative and idea,
I worked together with them to make a tutorial. If you are interested to see what that's about,
I am going to put a link to their website in the description.
Let us get straight to “Taiwan Global News” right now!
Artificial baseball fans
This week, I am bringing you some news that I found in a Dutch newspaper called “RTL news”.
This was published on the 15th of April. This time it is a little bit less serious.
Last week were very heavy topics, but now, the title that I am going to translate for you, was:
“Robots and mannequins replace the baseball audience in Taiwan.”
I do not know if you have heard about this in Taiwan, but it is very funny that this made the international news.
I am going to read it to you right away.
On most places on earth, sport competitions can't take place. But in Taiwan, the national baseball competitions started last weekend.
BUT… Without an audience!
One club found a solution: robots and mannequins in the tribunes.
Robots were beating the drums while mannequins were holding encouraging signs.
Even some fans, dogs and cats made of cardboard could be seen in the tribunes.
Other than the players, there were also cheerleaders on the field, who had the difficult task to entertain the artificial fans.
Unfortunately, the game had to be suspended because of a heavy rainfall. ☹
That really sucks, because I thought it was so great of that team in Taiwan to have found such a creative solution to having no audience present.
It is very sad that the game had to be suspended in the end.
It is very funny to me that this article made the international news. It is not something important.
What I think, is that first of all: many countries are jealous of Taiwan that they can still play games
And hold competitions, while we are all on lockdown. We have nothing to talk about when it is sport-related right now.
Secondly: I also think that with all of the serious, heavy and depressing things we see on the news these days,
It can be good once in a while to have something that puts a smile on your face
This article definitely did that!
Now I am going to go ahead and read some of your guy's comments on last week's video
(That was the video on “Taiwan can help”)
Let's see what you guys wrote!
We have Hermin Ignacio who said: “Taiwan has done a great job in controlling the epidemic”. True!
“It is noble of them to help out other countries who are struggling.”
I think that is very noble. If your country has everything under control,
and you still feel like you have means to help others, it is amazing is you do so.
One person says: “WHO can help? Taiwan can help!”
That's funny because of the world play with “WHO”, that is the World Health Organization that excluded Taiwan from taking part.
They are being heavily criticized right now, because many people feel like they didn't take enough action
They were not prepared enough to handle this pandemic.
We have another comment from Thanh Mai, who says: “With all the shortage of medical supplies,
Including face masks, throughout the world during this pandemic, it is great to see the effort of Taiwan.
I am sure healthcare workers will make good use of this donation to help those in need.”
That is what I think as well. It was really dramatic here, even medical staff does not have enough masks
And they are the ones who come into contact with so many people, so they really need to be protected.
I'm sure that those masks that Taiwan donated will be put into great use here.
One message comes from JJ tw:
“Thank you Charlotte for providing and translating more international information and current affairs
For us who do not understand foreign languages and expanding our perspective and knowledge
You are great, thank you very much and looking forward to more videos in the future. Thank you.”
Thank you! That is so sweet of you JJ, thank you so much for watching my content
And I am really happy that somebody is appreciating what I am putting out there.
It is my pleasure to keep making these videos for you guys.
That was it for this episode of Taiwan in the global news.
I hope you enjoyed, and I hope it also put a smile on your face, just like it did with me when I first read the article.
Thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to “like” and “subscribe”
See you in the next video. Bye bye ~



454 分類 收藏
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