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well I get a morning good morning every morning guys greetings from the island
greetings from the island this is just we're just outside of Campbell River
we're visiting miracle Beach at the moment yes and Campbell River is where I
was born yeah so we've already went to sam's
hometown of Gold River now we're in his place right so my I'm from such a small
town village that you know nobody gave birth in town emergency so I was born in
Campbell River yeah and yeah we're gonna be checking out things in and around the
town today yeah okay so the plan we've got a few places plotted on our maps
yeah first up the hatchery because the other
day we were reading the news and we saw that someone had been able to photograph
a black bear because they come to the hatchery to eat some salmon that's right
I'm staring off in the distance because there's a seal just bobbing around
sticking its head out of the water under it goes again but yeah we're hoping to
see black bears yeah that would be our fourth black bear sighting on this whole
trips we've had extremely good luck so crossing our fingers that we see another
one today yeah and aside from that we want to go to Elk Falls to do a bit of
hiking apparently there's a cool suspension bridge there as well that's
right and actually within Campbell River there's a nice pier to visit so it's a
nice combination of beaches hiking maybe seeing some bears maybe walking along
the pier so it should be a really fun day and it's slightly raining at the
moment but apparently we're gonna have mostly nice weather this afternoon yeah
and we're looking forward to the side hopefully poppin yeah exactly
Thank You Vancouver Island what can I tell ya what do you think of miracle Beach so far
it's very nice and you know we're here on a Monday morning so there's hardly
anyone here at work working at school so peaceful so peaceful it's just beautiful
the the water looks like like clear today it looks like a like a reflection
you have clouds off in the sky there's a few ferries we're seeing a few animals
beautiful Beach and yeah we're just gonna walk around for a bit
after a stop at miracle beach we hopped back in the car and continued to drive
up to campbell river after a week at spotting black bears left right and
center we had a funny little incident where a fluffy black creature walked
across the road and everyone mistakenly yelled bear I wonder how often that
happens to this bus
once we got into town we checked out some of the murals and browse through
antiques at the Trading Post before heading down to the pier
well guys we made it to Campbell River and the first place we went to I think
it was called a trading post kind of like an antique store but with a
little bit of junk thrown in there so Sam found some cards some playing cards
or hockey cards from his childhood there were only two bucks so he's like yeah
I'm gonna get this so I'm gonna let him show you that little treasure okay so we
arrived in Campbell River ever entered what's the first place well the first
place we we noticed this this big store this giant antique store it's like a
pawn shop antique store slash trading post last trading post it's got
everything in their.all use and guys they had something memories from my
childhood pack of hockey cards Oh peachy from 1991-92 this is 28 years old guys
and these hockey cards inside of there is going to be the most stale piece of
gum you're ever gonna see in your whole life to eat fat no but I'm gonna show it
to you okay and guys all of my favorite you know hockey players growing up could
be in this pack I'm hoping for maybe a Jeremy Roenick or Chris Chelios or Ed
Belfour from the Blackhawks or if it's from the Vancouver Canucks which is the
most local team I might find Trevor Linden or Pavel Bure in here III
don't like them alright let's open it up oh wow mark hunter is the first player I
see but guys the the Bubblegum my 28 year old bubblegum right here are you
gonna try chewing it I mean no I don't want to go to the hospital today okay
let's see who we have Albert Melvin he never became much of a player whoa cam
neely that's a local BC boy hall-of-famer
right here guys he played for the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins
he's from Comox guys Cox BC he's a he's an island boy in the neighborhood
one of the most famous hockey players of all time from from Vancouver Island
Marty McSorley he had a pretty long career
he's also most known for a vicious incident on ice on ice he hacked a
player over the head with a stick Mike Schillinger Jay Miller Oh Michael you
yeah an old goalie because the old pads and it's like ancient gear John Druce Oh
none of my favorite players so far Toronto Maple Leafs come on were the
Blackhawks Kevin Hatcher had a long career and Mark hunter
none of the cards I was hoping for but you know what cam neely made it worth it
for two bucks okay I will get one more so next stop now that Sam has his hockey
cards on he's feeling happy we are at the discovery fishing pier and well it
looks like half fishing vessels and then half sailboats and we also noticed a
sign where you can buy fresh seafood oysters scallops clams and we saw signs
for smoked salmon as well so we'll see if we find any of that and maybe ice
cream I know there's an ice cream shop somewhere here because that's the kind
of thing I would be looking for the discovery pier is Canada's first
saltwater fishing pier so it's a little piece of history it looks out over the
discovery Passage and it's a popular fishing spot the pier stretches out 600
feet and is equipped with rod holders bait stands and fish cleaning tables you
can even rent fishing rods if you're there between May and October however I
was thinking a little less about fishing and a little more about ice cream
well caramel on the bottom and the strawberry on top well so we'll get an
ice cream time for a little dessert before we eat our lunch we do have
sandwiches in the car but I mean there was an ice cream parlor here so we just
couldn't resist so we actually got the smallest cone they had this is the kid
size if you can believe that with two scoops the regular adult sizes all had
three scoops so I got strawberry on top and then we have sea salt caramel for
Sam on the bottom so hurry up and he does draw everything you can get yours
yeah how's it
that afternoon we continue to the Quinsam river hatchery because have I
already mentioned that Campbell River is a salmon capital of the world the
hatchery has a visitor center with information about the hatchery program
in the salmon lifecycle but really I think most of us were there for a chance
to spot a black bear fishing
well guys we've arrived at our next destination
the Quinsam hatchery we got here just in time because apparently they close at
3:30 p.m. we had no idea so we barely got in there's lots of
warning signs here about two black bears and there's also a lot of photographers
with their massive zoom lenses waiting by the river so apparently it's a good
spot to see bears we haven't seen any yet but I mean we've already spotted
three during our trip here across the islands though we're doing pretty good
yeah we're just heading down to the water now see what's going on they also
have some trails that you can walk along a nice spot
we're just waiting for some bear you're just waiting for that black bear to hear
well guys we saw a bear but we didn't capture it on camera it was like
horrible timing just as we were doing our little speaking clip you notice
people were like pointing and there was a bit of a commotion and we turned
around and the bear was going back into the woods big salmon as well she called
one against the defends the barrier that they have over there to stop the salmon
from going upstream yeah and well for him is like going to the supermarket
because we have to do is open his mouth and grab there is you caught a little
bit of it going back into the bush back side in his tail like I mean I will show
what we got we saw I would be waiting for another 40 minutes to see if he came
back I figure he was going to come back because he was a large bear on one
Salmon and for him it's not enough but there were some reason he hasn't the
competitor has shown his face again so feeling shy not a big audience waiting
maybe he's late in the afternoon when everybody goes from here there's no
people that's right they said they shot this they shut this place down at 3:30
yeah it's almost that time now so it's already 4:00 I went into three I don't
think we're gonna see another one at least here but we still have another
hike and maybe we'll see one on the height okay
the Quinsam river hatchery was a real find and we only learned about it after
my dad saw a photo of a bear fishing for salmon in the local newspaper for any of
you who may be interested in visiting we geotag this location and added some info
over on the trove wrap the hatchery is located a short five kilometre drive
from downtown Campbell River heading west on highway 28 and left on
Queensland Road it's open to visitors seven days a week
from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and well worth the visit if you're already in the area
from there it was onwards to nearby Elk Falls
update welcome to old falls provincial park is it yeah I was telling Audrey
that I never came here when I lived in gold River and the reason being it's
apparently the suspension bridge area was created in 2009 and I left in 1999
so ten years ten years off it's been a little while and so this is actually
very close to my hometown of cold river and it's actually on the highway from
Campbell River to Gold River yeah it's a beautiful little trail and
there's gonna be a suspension bridge and yeah it's a nice way to kind of end the
day a little bit of a nature hike here um it's been a phenomenal day I mean we
saw another bear made a really nice time in Campbell River and yeah what a great
day yeah
one of the main draws to Elk Falls is a 25 meter waterfall that gives the park
its name there's a suspension bridge for those willing to brave the heights as
well as viewing decks for those who prefer to stay a little closer to solid
ground we saw Golden Retriever make it across but not all visiting pups were
well guys we are continuing our little walk through Elk Falls Provincial Park
we just finished visiting the suspension bridge and it's a really beautiful time
of day because the Sun is beginning to set so we're getting this nice golden
light it's golden hour so yeah it's just really nice for filming and photography
but also a nice time to be out enjoying nature and yeah we're just taking a few
different trails there's an incredible Trail Network here in this park and that
none of the trails are too long so we're just kind of like sampling them all and
yeah I've fallen a bit behind I'm trying to catch up with salmon my dad now I
think they wanted to go get a closer look at the waterfall
as a tip guys there are a few different loops you can take while you're here
right now we are doing the old forest growth loop and I have to say there is
one other person here side from the three of us everyone is keyed in on the
falls the suspension bridge chakra and this whole section through this
beautiful part of the forest we've got to ourselves so tip if you come here do
the whole circuit
and that's pretty much a wrap for a day exploring Campbell River and the
surrounding area in tomorrow's episode we continue our drive South making a
stop in Nanaimo to try their delicious Nanaimo bars and we also visit the
biggest hockey stick in the world before continuing on to our final destination
Victoria only two more episodes remain so we'll
see you soon


Visiting CAMPBELL RIVER, BC + Hiking in ELK FALLS | Vancouver Island, British Columbia

64 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 28 日
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