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Japan is a hiker's paradise
Beyond the busy streets and bright lights of its cities Japan's mountains which cover over
70% of its surface are a world in themselves
Hikers at any level can find inspiring trails all over the country, but for those willing to take on more challenging terrain
Japan offers some of its most breathtaking landscapes
For as long as mountain hiking has been popular in Japan the Japanese Alps
have been the ultimate playground for those looking for adventure in the mountains
And that is where I'll be hiking for the next two days
Here's the plan
In the northeast corner of Nagano Prefecture
Straddling the edge of the famous snow resort town of Hakuba lies Mount Shiroumadake
Shirouma has one of the most unique hikes in the Alps
The trail starts at 1250 meters above sea level
Then climbs up a perennial snow field called the Daisekkei and eventually reaches the mountains' ridgline
where I'll drop my pack off at a mountain hut and finish the ascent to the summit of Shirouma
Before finally heading back to the hut where I'll stay the night
The next morning after catching the sunrise
I'll hike along the ridge hitting the summit of nearby Shakushidake
before reaching our high point for the day Yarigatake
From there, I begin the long descent with one important stop along the way
Hakuba Yari Onsen a natural mountainside hot spring located at an elevation of 2100 meters and
After a relaxing soak. I'll make my way back to the trailhead.
I'm Joe Mignano, web developer and staff writer for Japan guide com
Today I'm on assignment in the northern Japanese Alps
Taking on one of japan's best mountain hikes
climbing Mount Shiroumadake
Day one
Welcome to the Daisekkei
In Japanese this literally means big, snowy, mountain stream
The Daisekkei is a year-round snow patch leftover from the massive amounts of snow this area gets in the winter
Before climbing it's best to check the conditions at the previous hut this area is known to have rock slides
We're at about 2,000 meters above sea level right now almost to the top of the Daisekkei
and just in the distance there is our destination
To the left, Yarigatake, our destination for tomorrow
We made it we're at the ridge line now
behind me is Yarigatake bathed in some clouds
we're at the ridge line and the
Mountain hut our destination for the night is just ahead
As well as the peak of Shiroumadake
Day two
We just made it to the top of Shakushidake
It's an intermediary peak between Shiroumadake and where we're headed today our highest point for today
Once you get above a certain elevation
The world below you just disappears
Suddenly you're amongst the clouds dragon flies buzzing around your head
It's a different world
We've made it this is Hakuba Yari onsen
At 2100 meters above sea level, it's one of the highest
Onsen in all of Japan probably one of the most remote places to take a bath
I hope this video has given you a glimpse into the world of hiking in Japan and
maybe a little inspiration to hit the trail and explore Japan's incredible landscapes for yourself
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Happy travels


Hiking in Japan: Above the Clouds on Mt. Shirouma | japan-guide.com

55 分類 收藏
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