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Has anyone ever told you that you need to have a clear goal
in order to achieve something or get better.
According to modern learning science the opposite is true
for example
the best surfers are not those that train to win a prize or to be featured in a glossy magazine,
but those that play with the waves everyday, because they love it.
This technique argues that you get better at something
focus on the process of learning
and not the outcome a product too far away to motivate you.
In a Stanford University design experiment,
a pottery teacher split the class into two groups
the first group focused on making as many clay pots as they wanted
the second on making one single very beautiful pot.
At the end that teacher graded the pots and announce the winner,
the results were clear
all the best pots came from students that made many pots
not those that tried making one single winning piece of art.
To optimize process learning,
set a fixed study time in which you focus on the material for say
25 minutes a day
in that time
don't try to reach a certain goal like reading an entire chapter
just learn for the exact amount of time that you set yourself
then stop.
Process learning will help you feel more relaxed during your study
and give you a sense of accomplishment once you are done.
the very affect that you were interrupted
in the middle of your practice before reaching a milestone,
keeps interest up
and increases the motivation to continue the next day.
To maximize process learning watch our general learning tips.
Please let us know what you think about this learning technique
by leaving a comment in the section below,
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at sproutsschools.com


Process Learning: The Way To Reach Excellence

284 分類 收藏
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