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In this three-part series we are taking a seven-day six-night trip from Tokyo to Kyoto,
but not by the usual route along the Pacific coast known as the “Golden Route”, which
most tourists take.
Instead we are traveling through Japan's “New Golden Route” which delves into the
country's rural interior, continues along the beautiful Sea of Japan coast, and finishes
in Kyoto.
A great way to travel along this New Golden Route is using the Hokuriku Arch Pass, a seven-day
pass exclusively available to overseas tourists that allows for unlimited use of all the JR
Lines shown on this map, including the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
In episode one we made our way from Tokyo to the Snow Monkeys before episode two saw
us traveling along the Sea of Japan coast, through Kurobe gorge and to the mountain town
of Takayama.
Now in this third and final episode, we spend the last three days exploring an historic
city, beautiful countryside spots and an old merchant town before reaching our final destination:
So join me, Sam Evans, as we travel from Tokyo to Kyoto along Japan's New Golden Route.
Day 5
Here's the plan: We wake up in Takayama, where we will spend the morning at one of
its popular morning markets.
We then head to Kanazawa, where we'll have a lunch and visit the famous Kenrokuen Garden,
before staying the night at a traditional Japanese ryokan.
So we've arrived this morning at one of Takayama's two morning markets.
Now these morning markets that are open daily sell a selection of crafts, local vegetables
and street food.
I'm starving, so let's go and get breakfast.
We then head over to Toyama via the Takayama Line, before taking the Hokuriku Shinkansen
to Kanazawa.
From Kanazawa Station we make the 15 minute walk to Omicho Market.
We've just arrived in Kanazawa and first of all we're gonna get some local cuisine
for lunch and following that we're gonna take a trip to Kenrokuen, one of the three
most beautiful gardens in all of Japan.
Let's go!
Two of the things Kanazawa is most famous for are its incredible seafood and gold leaf.
Now this restaurant that we are in today in Omicho Market combines the two and it looks
absolutely delicious.
We're here in Kenrokuen, a garden that was made for the enjoyment of the local lord who
in the feudal era was the second richest in all of Japan after the Shogun.
Today this garden is opened to the public
and stands at Kanazawa's number one tourist attraction.
Following our exploration of Kenrokuen,
we make the short walk to our accommodation for the night.
I'm currently enjoying a course dinner of Kanazawa haute cuisine accompanied by some
delicious local sake.
After this it's off to bed because we've got a big day tomorrow.
Day 6
We leave Kanazawa behind and head on to Fukui Prefecture, where we'll partake in a Kimono
wearing experience and visit Maruoka Castle.
After a morning of kimono fun, we head to the Hakusan Heisenji Shrine before making
our way to Shiga Prefecture and the town of Omi Hachiman,
where our day will come to an end.
We take the Hokuriku main line from Kanazawa to Awara Onsen station, before taking a bus
to Maruoka Castle, where we will make the short walk to the kimono rental shop.
We have arrived at Maruoka Castle, one of only twelve in Japan whose keep has survived
since the feudal era.
From Maruoka Castle we take a bus to Eiheijiguchi Station and then board a train all the way
to Katsuyama Station, from where a taxi will take us to the Hakusan Heisenji Shrine.
We've just arrived at Hakusan Heisenji Shrine and this place is well known for the moss,
which as you can see covers a lot of the shrine grounds.
Now the atmosphere in this place is just absolutely serene, so let's go and check it out.
To end our day of exploration we take a train back through the countryside from Katsuyama
to Fukui, where we board a limited express train to Maibara before heading to Omihachiman
via a special rapid train.
The ryokan we will be staying at is around 30 minutes' walk from the station, or around
ten minutes by taxi.
So we've made it to the end of Day 6 of this incredible journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.
And tomorrow we've got yet another amazing day planned.
But I think for now it's time for a little bit of relaxation
before getting a good night's sleep.
Day 7
For the last day of our trip, we start with a boat ride along the Omihachiman canal, after
which we'll explore the old merchant district and indulge in a local delicacy for lunch.
Following that it's off to the final stop of our journey: Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine.
So the canal that we are sailing on this morning was made by the local lord some centuries
ago and later it contributed heavily to Omi Hachiman's ascendency as a commercial hub.
Only a few minutes away from where the boat ride docks is Shinmachi-dori Street, along
which many historic buildings have been well-preserved.
So we're here at a restaurant inside the old merchant district and this restaurant
specializes in Omi Beef, the local delicacy.
Today we're going to eat it Sukiyaki Style and the way you do that is by cooking the
beef in this broth before having it with a little bit of raw egg.
It looks delicious and I cannot wait to dig in.
Back at Omi Hachiman Station, we take a 35-minute train ride to Kyoto, where we take the Nara
Line a couple of stops to Inari Station.
So we finally made it to our last destination on this 7 day tour from Tokyo to Kyoto, and
what better way to end a trip like this than at Kyoto's fantastic Fushimi Inari shrine.
And that concludes our amazing adventure along Japan's New Golden Route.
If you are looking for more information about this itinerary, click the links on the screen
now, or head over to japan-guide.com, your comprehensive, up-to-date travel guide, first-hand
from Japan.
Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for more videos
about Japan.
Happy travels.


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