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well hello all you foodies today we are taking you on yet another Argentine food
tour this time in the town of Villa La Angostura where we hit up numerous cafes
restaurants breweries and chocolate shops in search of a taste of typical
Patagonian cuisine in today's video we'll be eating in places like a cafe
shaped like a cuckoo clock a cozy restaurant serving up specialties like
deer and trout a local joint best known for its snow topped pasta it's really
just cheese a colorful tea room that features savory waffles a local brewery
where we learn to toast the proper way and stared people in the eye plus we
also sample lots of artisanal chocolates this right here is our Argentine food
tour of villa la angostura in Patagonia so we hope you guys are hungry today we
are having a brunch this doesn't quite qualify as breakfast anymore because
it's 11:30 and we wanted to have a little bite at a place called cuckoo
chutes which is pretty cool I think it gets the name cuckoo because the walls
are covered in old cuckoo clocks and they have a wonderful menu with cakes
and pastry
this place is enchanting the coffee is great the cakes on display are
mouth-watering and the decor is unique if you only have time to visit one cafe
in town we'd suggest this one
first up savory this is a Patagonian sandwich with salmon I squeezed a little
bit of lemon on top it's got lettuce mayo sesame seeds I'm very so fluffy no
Simon tastes wonderful especially with a little bit lemon nice little kick well
if I tuck into my dessert over here I'm gonna try the tea honey vanilla the cow
I'll say it smells wonderful time across the table the aroma of the vanilla is
comforting or cool day like today and how about that dessert so this is
basically coconut with dulce de leche looks wonderful I love coconut
creaminess of the dulce de leche it's sweet it's decadent it's everything
you'd want it to be it's delicious guys I've already tucked into this wonderful
apple tart the filling it's not just apples like it has walnuts raisins lots
of cinnamon crumble air like an ice cream here reminds me so much
of a recipe my mom has she doesn't make it very often she used to make it more
often when we lived in South America and we were little but it's so you guys had
apple trees in your yard so guys that was a wonderful brunch I should mention
the whole restaurant looks like a cuckoo clock
it's not just cuckoos on the wall there you have it over my shoulder pretty
awesome and we ordered a lot of food you know what I loved about the the
architecture of that place it's just how how massive the windows were there's so
much natural light peeking in and they always had our really nice terrace if
you visit in the summer you can eat outdoors under the umbrellas so the
price for that meal was 24 US dollars that being said the sandwich was the
most expensive part that was probably half the total just the sandwich so if
you just want to have like some hot drinks and some cake really affordable
spot really cool environment the staff was friendly took care of us right away
so yeah great way to start the morning next up we're going to take you to a
nice yellow which is officially our favorite restaurant in Villa La Langosta we
ate there almost every day because we just wanted to keep trying all the local
patagonian dishes listed on their menu right now we're going to show you the
trout trucha what's that you say you're gonna try white wine white wine for the first
of all I think this is the first time we've had energy to it Sam never drinks
white wine but since its trout I'm so love about that you just feel like a
what now
it's admiring that bottle of wine yes which is not a white wine no it's not I
just couldn't help myself the ball back it's just too delicious guys what can I
say so we're trying chacabuco it is from the pepitas los robles we've had really
good luck with them yeah we really like their wines so we saw this one picture
of a bicycle countryside it's like possibly Mendoza there you go 20:18
Malbec and this bodega has been around since 1939 yes who knows maybe we'll get
to visit this Sunday yeah we would like to visit bodegas yeah we like to drink
wine we like to eat well and we are planning to go to Mendoza we are well
lookie here is just arrived best surprise ever we were brought
complimentary empanadas whole guys juices just spread everywhere look at
this I believe it's kind of neat it's a fried empanada I love the fried
exterior mm-hmm the juiciness of the minute the two trout's have arrived at
the table I got one with black butter that's like a butter with a bit of
vinegar and I got baddest a word that I cannot seem to remember in English at
the moment I know what they are I know the word because I have this on pizza
all the time so what does it have as a side I'll try
to talk about my side I'll mention that yes the trout it does have a bow but
they're very like small thin balloons you can eat them with no problem yeah we
had a few different options for sides like lots of different potato dishes and
solids mm-hmm I went for the mixed match which was
mashed potato mashed pumpkin yeah we've really been enjoying our mashed pumpkin
so I was like yeah pumpkin for the win good stop huh very nice premium
wonderful as well yes I'll be putting down this camera and trying mine
BAM you got cool bro I lift the other their style yes their style of trout so
it comes in a cheese and cream of mushroom sauce you can see there's
copious amount of mushrooms that have been also sliced up on top of there and
then was that style potatoes french style potatoes you know I can already
tell that the trout is crispy on the outside here so yeah the skin is nice
and crispy oh look at this cheese good it is one of their specialties oh my
gosh it's just so so tender good it and then on top of that to have a delicious
mushroom sauce and all that cheese this is a must try to come the Patagonia you
got to try the choke because I think in other parts of Argentina fish isn't as
common unless you're by the coast and so there's a lot of Argentina where you
can't really order fish mmm so here is on all we've noticed in some other
restaurants a trout is on the menu yeah so if you are here try a price point
price point that mia right so it came to 25 US dollars full bottle of red wine
really good Malbec we had outstanding bread bread we dip
free empanadas two dishes of trout which included all the side dishes while we
side not to get dessert we think we're gonna maybe pop in and
grab some regional chocolate chocolate my gosh we definitely are
and now we're going to take you guys for a mid-afternoon treat also known as
Midian that a colorful little cafe called LaMotta we stopped at a little
cafe that looks amazing as I was saying we stopped by the little cafe to get a
bite and this was a happy accident because we actually tried to order a
sandwich and they don't have sandwiches but they're like we have savory waffle
waffle so we have one with ham on kudoh
looks like it's been dried tomatoes and how about that lemonade I got the one
with a ginger and mint it's deliciously tart aha
when they brought the dessert my jaw was strong the size of the portion this is
amazing so this is a big piece of cheesecake with forest fruits
it looks very like creamy plastic yeah it's a it's not like New York style so I
thik it's creamier it's really good how's the kind of a whipped consistency
and love fruit as well lots of fruit oh it's really tasty you're gonna like it
I found that girl liked it a lot another day another Argentine food adventure one
traditional Patagonian dish that locals kept recommending was hunter stew with
deer so when we saw it on the menu at her favorite restaurant that we knew we
had to come back and try it Audrey's been talking into the deer and
loving it it's amazing so first of all my supporter like this isn't meant to be
for one person you can definitely share oh yeah
so it comes on a bed of potatoes they call it natural potatoes but it's like
boiled potatoes essentially and then you have this deer stew it's almost like a
goulash with like a really thick sauce mushrooms on top in a cream sauce
that's just unbelievably Trender it doesn't have too much of a gamy taste no
no no no it's just like more tender than beef I'm amazed well it's good that
we're trying new things because we haven't had this in Argentina before you
know there's something else that there's I guess wild boar is the thing here in
Patagonia okay we haven't yet seen it on the menu don't have way prepared for
your taste buds to be blown Adri away we've just been raving about this I
can't wait to try it it's so clean to make sure that I get
some of the sauce this is a mushroom - still piping hot
Wow it's some of the best like me we've had in a while I know and that's like
eating we've been having outstanding me melts in your mouth it melts in your
mouth it is so tender so flavorful yeah it's so delicious and it goes so well
with this mushrooms like this is one of the specialties of the house and you can
see why you have to come here got to come to this restaurant order this this
is the best dishes in house that we found yeah
best dish we've tried in the whole town I don't have to say yeah we probably
didn't need to get a second side of potatoes Rosen was it but hey we're
loving it what an amazing milk hanging out there for a while we finished the
whole plate we did we didn't we had to try really hard cuz it was a lot of
people were like we can't let this go to waste
you good wonderful dear I'm so the total it was 16 US dollars one of the best
value meals we've had in a while now we're going to take you to a restaurant
called grande Nevada this is a local eatery where the portions are large and
the prices are cheap we saw something called snow top pass down their menu so
that's what we ordered so the pastas here guys I got the gnocchi so basically
it's like the cream sauce and then you have chopped to bits of ham yeah and
they had also brought us Parmesan cheese I've used most of it I think this would
this would be the snow in my snow captain Yogi's a bit of an unusual name
comfort food on a cool day they're very tasty they're just really soft they
almost like melt in your mouth and it's nice having the cheese yes and the ham
in my pasta is very yellow and family got the fattiness first to need the
pepper warnings of warm got ass plenty of the palate so mine comes with cream
cream sauce AM and mozzarella again I put Parmesan
cheese on so it's gonna be a cheesy affair
the pasta it's nice yellow also this is a very popular place with logos like
it's packed right now 1:30 I love those noodles they're thicker than spaghetti
yeah they are thinking on spaghetti and very bouncy
yeah they stop up the sauce really well cooked nicely my simple hearty food well
well well well dessert has arrived and we are having pasta a Violante which is
basically its cheese and sweet it's called queasily Dulce yes it's
coincidence it's kind of like a jam and the cheese underneath mm-hm
it's basically just simple ingredients delicious tasty it's a very affordable
dessert yeah whether you have in a restaurant where you make this yourself
and go to the grocery store and did these ingredients as well so that was
the total was 16 US dollars amazing so bread it was a very affordable meal
bread half bottle of wine too many passes and a dessert dessert that's it
yeah it was it was very cheap it was tasty filling like hearty filling food I
won't say that it's like the best pasta I've had in Argentina it wasn't like oh
my gosh this is blowing my mind yeah bad oh yes I am
kitty you are amazing it just jumps really high what are you doing are you
gonna do it oh do it beautiful eyes pop
next up a cozy tea house for an afternoon tea with delicious homemade
cakes it is midian the time zone
yes yes - you had a Skype call as your friend yeah and we got a little peckish
so I guess la casita de Lomo do you know what that means it's like the the little
little house of the of the grammar or something yes there you go almost German
there you go that's what I thought and so we've put this little thing going
on with merienda one of us order savory thing other person orders the cake yeah
that's exactly what we're doing we went for the almond raspberry tart come to me
yeah get in my mouth she says it's got nice chunks okay I
really sweet raspberry jam crumble on top lemming team nice way to spend elite
opinion let's cut that sandwich in half guys anything
this one's me don't hold me Breton I'm just like a double there come and dump
all there jeezum fully loaded for this become I need it I'm really in the mood
for graphical nature but I know if I drink some at this time I will be able
to sleep that'll be the end of me you'll be dancing the night away huh yeah know
what I want
second meal of the day it was mid Enda yes I talked long time to eat MIDI and
oh my well in all fairness I think that's it is an experience no one's in a
rush and I mean I'm in a rush the the two ladies who were working
there I mean it was really busy inside they have I handle all the kicking and
serving so yeah they were busy but that's one thing you should know about
Argentina like meals are gonna take an extra long time here if you're used to
being like in and out of a restaurant like you would in North America where
they like bring you the food right away and bring you the bill and then kick you
out right away yeah over here I'm just kidding about the kicking elbow yeah
what was the price I didn't think it was 13 US dollars you don't coffee a tea a
really nice cake toasted sandwich on homemade bread yep but I will say if
you're going out for food here expect it to take a minimum of two hours like
every time we go for me although we spent two hours in a restaurant
we've shown you lots of Argentine food but what about drinks artisanal beer is
very popular in Patagonia and there are countless pubs and breweries to choose
from we chose one at random and ended up at Lagos we are at Lago beer artisanal
beer I'm gonna touch your Spanish ok do you know what lagos means in Spanish
Lagos is late yeah yeah beers and yes we're getting the small beers which in
Argentina are the chops yeah there are there below the pint
let's gain two chops we're getting you're getting a blonde I'm getting two
Scottish red
a lesson so an etiquette we've we've been taught that just like the Germans
here in Argentina do your cheers you look the person in the eye when you are
doing this yeah let's do it here and you're gonna look the camera lens in the
eye with a pencil eye and then when you drink are you looking you let me know
looking welcome in the eye I'm still getting used to that usually like all
yeah cheers Cheers I know I I think I think was much my
time in Asia where you're actually encouraged encouraged to look away a
little bit you're drinking with another person I feel I had better change my
habits we're gonna stick in Argentina for a while also they're honest peanuts
o generous portions is kind of fun and then like another plate to peel them
yeah so the fries have arrived huh
the handle this is really interesting it's actually more like the
chimichurri because like you do have the garlic in there but it's got a bit of a
like a vinegar taste so yeah it's something different they are very tasty
they're like big hand-cut fries yeah well well guys hellooo we're back in the
apartment we've got chocolates we stopped at a
chocolate shop on the way here divided perfectly in half yes we bought seven
different flavors yeah and Sam doesn't want anyone eating its chocolates gotta
cut them down the middle so come gets what's I get my profits right now but
yeah we've had chocolates from three different chocolate shops and since we
arrived in this town like our Airbnb hosts left us some to try I figured you
out of that shop then we went to doctor for you that mm-hmm and then today we
went to chocolate any other duty stuff yeah I think there's chocolates or a
real specialty of this this region and we got Patagonia so good they're stopped
with different flavors so we've got mint strawberry this one here is peanuts
peanuts strawberry raspberry Oh raspberry that's dropping strawberry
dulce de leche Maddock which is almond paste nuts and dried fruit I really like
that they incorporate lots of berries into the chocolates and hmm dried fruits
so anyways we had a really fun day today and so we see you guys in the next
episode yeah Wyatt we're gonna jump it that concludes our Argentine food tour
of Villa La Angostura we hope you guys enjoy discovering some traditional Patagonian
dishes in this charming mountain town from trout mains and hearty dears news
to homemade pies and artisanal chocolates this is a place where your
taste buds will delight at countless new flavors hopefully you now have a better
idea of some of things you can order if you end up visiting Argentina
all you have to do is bring your appetite if you enjoyed this video don't
forget to subscribe and click the notification bell and we'll
you soon with more Patagonia videos


ARGENTINE FOOD TOUR | Patagonian Cuisine feat. Trout + Deer Stew + Artisanal Chocolates and More! ??

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