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after several days been touring wineries and vineyards and sampling our fair
share of wine we decided it was time to see a bit more of Mendoza Argentina so we booked a
full-day excursion to the high mountains to get a taste of the Andes in this
video we'll be visiting the natural wonder of the inca bridge gazing at
aconcagua which is the highest peak in the Americas and trying not to get blown
off the mountain a Christ Redeemer on the border with Chile this was a
high-altitude excursion and our bodies were definitely feeling it but we'll do
our best to show you what the province of Mendoza Argentina has to offer it once you
leave the vineyards in the rearview mirror
well good morning guys today we are taking a day trip from
Mendoza our tourists called as Alta Montaña we're gonna be making a few
stops over the course of the day what I'm totally sure where we're going yet
but we will show you the whole journey
our first stop of the day was the potrerillos dam which sits on the Mendoza River at
thirteen hundred and eighty meters above sea level
we have been driving about an hour when we got here so we enjoyed a quick stop
to snap some photos and also stretch our legs
from there we continued onwards to the town of Uspallata which was
another hour away
once we arrived in to spread out that we had some free time to walk around the
tour had started very early so we were desperate for breakfast and went in
search of coffee and a quick bite others enjoyed a little stroll through town but
it was still quite early in the day so not many businesses were open well guys
we just had a quick breakfast here in spread out thought we had a 30-minute
pit stop back and break as well so yeah now we're getting back on the bus I'm
not entirely sure about today's itinerary
kind of
from loose Panetta we drove another hour along Route seven enjoying dramatic
mountain landscapes and passing through small villages and hamlets until you
reached our next stop the inca bridge
so next stop we are currently visiting appointed alinka which means the incas
bridge it's a natural rock formation that used to be able to walk over now
it's been blocked off because of erosion and people are going with their vehicles
and things like that but at the bottom you have these thermal throughs yeah and
they're also used to be a hotel where people could come and enjoy those waters
but we built the hotel at the foot of the mountain and then they had a bit of
a a landslide that's what's left it's really totally destroyed the only thing
that survived is the chapel yeah that was not touched by the landslide right
and yeah you see the color of the rock here is the actual water that has so
many different kinds of minerals and with the heat of the water that can go
up to she was saying it can go up to 60 degrees now yeah it solidifies and then
it gives that beautiful like unbelievable it's so it's so pretty it
looks like it's painted yeah a latest cup of different colors here you got
everything every color in there a rainbow practically yeah
and there you have it went a the link so these souvenirs we see here they
basically taken items and put them in the water for about a month and that's
how it comes out aside from the inca bridge that we have here this is also
kind of like a little pit stop so you have cafes restaurants bathroom stops
lots of souvenir and artisanal shop so you can pick up some gifts but we don't
have very long here we have 20 minutes we've used that time to visit the
natural information now we got to get back on the bus it's one of those tours
we then stopped at the Aconcagua lookout point right along Route seven on a clear
day you can see the peak of the highest point in the Americas and we are pretty
lucky with the weather that day for any of you visiting by car with a bit more
time the entrance to aconcagua Provincial Park is right next to the
lookout and there are multiple trails should you be in the mood for some
trekking art or just opt for photos but this is a place where the mountains
beckon so maybe give yourself a bit more time
we then drove on to the village of las cuevas and began the climb towards
Christ Redeemer of the Andes which sits on the border between Chile and
Argentina at a rather dizzying height and we were feeling it
all righty guys our next stop we have made it to Christ Redeemer we are now at
4200 meters above sea level little bit dizzy and lightheaded here we also had
to like drive up this little dirt road that just zigzag all the way up so it's
serpentine the whole way up and I know
we made it we are all the way up here 4200 meters yeah I was a little bit
reluctant because when I was in Cusco the altitude screwed me up the big time
you know yeah so we were coming up the pass and when they told us 4200 meters I
said oh crap you remember it wasn't fun all the way up here amazingly no trip
and they also have like little food stands here where you can buy some type
of alcohol they said I bought at the end there something like that to warm you up
and wake you up if you're feeling kind of late yeah that's the deal
Chile Chile let's get some photos by that by the flakes let's get the photos
away big Christ the Redeemer
after visiting christ redeemer we started our descent into las cuevas
where we had a scheduled lunch stop lunch is not included in this tour so
you either have to pack your own or you can eat at one of the few restaurants in
the village meals are simple and quick we got some empanadas and some french
fries since none of us really had a big appetite at that altitude escuelas was
the final stop of her high mountain tour so this is where we did a u-turn and
started the three-hour drive back to Mendoza Argentina
but let's fast-forward to the next day so we can actually sit down and share
some of our thoughts and impressions for some concluding thoughts on the tour
yeah it was an amazing day yesterday we had a the mountain the mountain range we
felt a little bit mmm after we after we came down from 4200 meters
yeah Audrey was a little bit not a hundred percent yeah yeah to be honest
all of us have been really thirsty ever since yeah yeah it's you feel like kind
of dizzy and spaced out and stuff like that but all in all it was a very nice
experience the thing is that you know you're traveling with the tour's you
know in the minibus and all of a sudden they say okay we're gonna go see the
Christ the Redeemer the monument yeah and it starts climbing like this I mean
it's we were at 2,600 meters of altitude yeah I'm in 15 minutes yeah we went up
to 4200 yeah we doubled it right so it doesn't really give you a chance for the
body to adapt yeah you don't you don't know climate I know and also I think if
I could have done one thing differently I would have brought more water as well
yeah maybe like a sports drink something with salsa it's really really very very
important to hydrate yourself constantly the only other scenery I've seen kind of
like this in Argentina it's been in like the Salta Hui area and but I found it
fantastic what did you think Audrey we really enjoyed seeing the mountains like
snow-capped mountains and we left the city early in the morning so we yeah
soft light the only thing is we covered a lot of distance yeah so we spent a lot
of time sitting on the bus yeah the stops were very short usually like 20
minutes yeah except when we had one hour for lunch yeah but it was kind of like
quick always on the go yeah if you do this to her be prepared to spend a lot
of time and get a window seat of the bus were the last we picked up yeah and we
got the last seats yeah and that thing really bounced yeah
like I mean and your time kind of very cramped it was in the corner like the
last seat in a corner and the person in front of him was like putting his seat
all the way back it was like oh yeah I was pinned down like oh my god is really
bad the the bus like the seats inside were quite small so it wasn't very
comfortable yeah sorry sardines in a can of those it's a budget tour it's one of
those mercedes banz yeah extended the mini buses you know like i
mean for the 19 seater stuff like that yeah and another piece of advice is even
though you visit the summertime or autumn or and the during your stay
you're gonna see that if the city of mendoza the climate is really warm i
mean the dates are hot still here you know bring some sort of you know put a
jacket or something like a windbreaker and yeah yeah because on that tour
you're gonna be hot you're gonna be cold you're gonna feel the wind you get it
all you get like 3 3 1 climates yeah when you are up there at 4200 meters in
yesterday it was really blowing yeah the wind was amazing I mean you could
feel the chill you know like it was cold right yeah so if you go on short sleeves
or something like that you're gonna run into trouble up there
so overall recommended and um yeah thanks for watching this video we'll see
you with the next episode we are heading back to Buenos Aires that's it bye guys
bye not


MENDOZA DAY TRIP: High Mountain Tour of THE ANDES in Argentina ⛰️

276 分類 收藏
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