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well good morning good morning guys another day here in Mendoza Argentina that means
another winery today we are visiting at luminis and this is gonna be a
different experience from what we've shown you so far mainly because this is
a small winery operation so we connected with Athena and Christian via Airbnb
because we are renting methines mom's apartment and then we found out that
they offer tours of their winery out in the Maipu Valley so that sounded
really cool and we're gonna be getting a personalized tour with the two of them
and just learning about small wine productions touring their vineyard
seeing how things are done and hopefully trying some wines so that's the plan for
today hope you guys will enjoy it
we are three people project here in Mendoza Argentina the name of the winery
is called luminis again three people operation Christian element who is the
winemaker and also the one grow in the grace Martin Castro I'm also in charge
of you know the sales the marketing you know everything else and we have a young
helping Christian inside the winery the things that that makes us a little bit
different are number one we make hundred percent state-wise that means that we do
not buy juice we do not buy fruit from anybody in Argentina this is very unique
even more interesting about what we do is that Christian element the winemaker
he is also the one managing all our vineyards so he is being one of the very
few people in Argentina growing grapes thinking about trying to make great and
unique wines not thinking about the business of selling grapes remember that
in Argentina there is a total disconnect between growing grapes and making wine
in general and because of everything that I am discussing we are one of the
few projects in Argentina offering at a hundred percent level you know wines
with a true sense of place because of these we have two lives of wines we have
the luminis line of wines dedicated to show you our vineyards located in the
Lujan de Cuyo region which is the most historical that's where most of the old
vines in Maipu Mendoza Argentina are located and we have another line of wines called allamand and
you know to honor Christian this is Christians last name on the label it's
to showcase the characteristics of the oka Valley which is a different valley
southwest of where we are now much closer to the endless range
offering very different and unique characteristics today if you look into
this you will see that the up-and-coming and the you know the trend year place to
get grapes high quality grapes in Mendoza ARgentina are coming from the from Maipu
Valley and that's basically what makes our wines different it's just because
they come from a specific places and that we grow and we take care
this is the resident pooch she loves grapes she loves splashing in
the water and she loves life here in Mendoza Argentina
alright guys now we're gonna show you something super interesting which is the
watering system in place here in Mendoza it's called a cig yes and this was
implemented by the water fish and pre-colonial times the system was an
adopted by the Spaniards and it is still in place today and basically it's a
system where you get access to the water once a week when they open this trapdoor
and the water just starts flowing to your property and that's when you have
to make the most of it make sure you're not wasting a single drop because it's
only once a week and then the water is going to it another neighbor or someone
else so we're gonna demonstrate that right now so you have to prepare the
dish before the water opens and all the work needs to be done here is creating
these 10 rows so the water comes on the radiation beach with this you build like
a minute damn yeah and water starts flowing from here into the different
rows if you have if you have enough hours yeah how do you irrigate all the
region at the same time yeah but if not what you do is you move okay 10 by 10
let's say 10 by 10 yeah these are ten so last time we irrigated the first twenty
or so now we start with a second twenty I see and depending on the volume is how
many rows you can irrigate at the same time this one is URI 1810 and the one
that is down is to relate in another ten but today because of the lack of water
today you are irrigating the whole vineyard once a month prior irrigating a
quarter of the vineyard on the first turn the other quarter and the other
quarter if you are very efficient and you move very quickly and suddenly
because they the volume of water that comes varies so if you have a good
water maybe depending on the vineyard you should be able to to irrigate it all
but generally you don't the dog is loving it
now it is time to drink wine we're gonna be tasting directly from the barrel so
the first thing that we do trying to show that Argentina is much more than
just one way is to start off with this very unique and rare almost extinct grey
variety originally from France it's called San Jeannette Christian the
winemaker and the viticulture list for the winery is the only one growing this
great variety in Argentina and we are one of the few people in the world
making wine out of this grape he has two hectares fully planted 2008 and it is a
very typical white wine for Argentina people do not think about Argentina in
terms of white wines but this is something very unique and again very
atypical why because it's a grape that naturally gives you a wine with low
alcohol very high acid with very unique characteristics that make this wine very
very interesting so let's see great rate from the source
this is 2018 okay keep in mind that the wine still has some a little bit a
little bit of solids in suspension yes you still have a little bit of co2 going
so you have to move it salut totally different aroma I see really good it's
so smooth very smooth very Bible easy to drink the part that I like the most
about this wine is the very good level of acidity yeah
and that finish almost like saline finish yeah you know reminds me a lot of
you know eating oysters yeah again we are very happy with this wine
and it's great to be trying a very unique product yeah six thousand bottles
per year this one only yeah Christian is always is also using this part of this
he's putting into a sparkling wine that he's making equal parts of Pinot Noir
Chardonnay and Sanjana so the next the next three wines that we are going to
taste off the tanks the three of them are Malbec the idea here is that you
guys can taste capture internalize the differentiation between the three
different Malbecs grown and made from three different regions the objective
here is for people to understand that in Argentina like every words in the world
depending where you grow the grapes and however you turn your eyes you are going
to have different characteristics that are only unique to the place where that
wine is coming from remember that all our wines are under present state
we do not buy juice we do not buy food from anybody so all our wise represent a
direct connection between what's here and the place where the grapes were
grown so we are going to taste now a hundred percent Malbec from el carousel
el carousel is a place that is south of here approximately 20 kilometers like on
the same area that we are here but south 20 kilometers this vineyard belongs to
krishna's mother and Christian with Raymond his father they have been worked
in this place for 40 years and we have a Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon we have the
San Jeannette in that vineyard as well so this is the dermelect from from this
area 2018 vintage even in summer you have very cold nights so we get a Malbec
that we like not very aromatic totally different and
that's the most important thing for us that people see how different it is
different we we like it you've achieved your goal yes that's how we define
success we've been drinking a lot of wine and when those are these last few
days but the flavors here it's unlike anything we've tasted before in a
different profile it's a different wine altogether the next one that we are
going to taste is also a cannabis and Malbec but this time we are going to
travel southwest to the yuca Valley budget it's a higher altitude Valley
closer to the unders range compared to this area we another in the southern
hemisphere South is cooler so we are moving into a cooler area and when
you're in Mendoza Argentina as you go up into the mountains you are going to get into even
cooler places so the main differentiation between the last the
prismatic and the next one that we are going to taste is the place much fresher
vase and very cold night and you are going to see how different the Malbec
expresses itself there even from the onset that the color is different the
aromatic profile is different the acidity level is different the alcohol
is you want to be a little bit lower so we are going to see a complete you know
different expression of the Malbec grown in the quad
the aroma is totally different to the one that wishes hard is the same the
same here right same by the different locations in
Mendoza and anything that makes the difference understanding that my leg has
many faces if you want to call it and start learning you know which one comes
from where and also it's good for the consumer to start identifying okay you
know I like this area better than the other one and you can start following
people growing or making wine in different places just because of how you
like it gee this wine is amazing this one this
one so far this is my very favorite mobile my favorite Wow on the whole trip
on the whole trip man that's impressive what do you think ugly and amazed by the
differences within like one variety of grapes congratulations my man these
wineries out of this world I'm not going to put it in the indica I want to drink
this one you know in you go so now what we are going to do is we are going to
taste another Malbec from the yuca Valley from the 2018 vintage another
producer so here you now you can compare and contrast even within the same Echo
Valley you can come another interpretation of
what my leg is about
third Malbec of the Day dinner mint aroma
I hear these producer words with more oak in the fermentation which you can
start getting into this wine would be exactly really good wine also but you
can you can feel more the wood flavor exists one yeah this one you can feel a
little bit more woody will work with more with more oak beforehand yeah which
we don't say varietal same place but different you know philosophical
approaches to to how to make the wine but it's so smooth this wine is also so
smooth is unbelievable you know it has a more woody flavor than the one we just
tried smooth as silk when it comes down a little bit spicy
- comes in this case specifically from the addition of the oak the typical pair
for Malbec from do koalas kind of wild but the other good thing about Malbec is
that my leg is such a versatile you know variety that depending on the producer
depending on the style of the wine where is made how it's made that you can have
Malbec you know with a with a very greasy mistake but you can go all the
way to a light pasta so it's a it's much more about finding the profile of the
maker and then you designing with what with what you are going to pair it you
are having like a you know a monolithic approach to how to pair Malbec it very
slow it's a wide spectrum exactly to make sense excellent wine again yeah
it's a beauty of a wine go find it and you see what I'm gonna I'm talking about
you know this is the last wine that we will taste is a wine that we
not make it our friends are making the wine here but it's a one that I like to
include as part of the experience as part of the tasting because in our quest
to show that as the tears much more than just Malbec here we can taste a blend of
Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc which is not typical it's not usual Cabernet
Franc is becoming popular and they redeem and adhere in in Argentina these
people work really wonder wise they are making their wines here with us and
again is it's a good opportunity for people visiting us you know to taste
something other than you know just your regular receiver though and Kalla
nephron 50/50 50/50 French variety generally
used for for blending purposes all right we are trying something we've never had
before a very fresh aroma yeah for powers you with the freshness what do
you guys think that one like weeks of your taste buds it is the morning a lot
to have this wine with a nice barbecue con unas a low somehow when I'm drinking
this wine is telling me asado barbecue I love to have this one
with a barbecue believe me very smooth no good wines all of them are very
smooth wines you know really good good stuff if you want to visit us and come
here for the experiences that we that we offer we offer a short experience in
which we taste of the tanks he said two and a half I will experience we talked
about with the culture we talked about irrigation we talked about peak in
processing you know fermentation we go into the winery and we taste wines of
the tanks that's one thing that we offer them we offer a full day tour in which
we partner with other two small wineries that belong to friends of ours we take
you to the other two wineries and then we bring
here we do the same tour with a barbecue that I cook or Christian and very very
local nothing sophisticated but very true to
what we do if you want to any of those two experiences you can find us through
our website www.irs.gov all if you are in the US and you want to get our wines
we are currently the stivity in almost 25 states but if not you know send us an
email or give us a call we'll try to find a way to get you our way
yeah that's the bit to talk
alright guys so we are back from the winery that was a really fun morning we
tried so many different kinds of wines straight from like those metal
containers like the wine was still in the process of being made so yeah really
cool experience we learned so much from our two guides Matheny Christian and
well we came back to the apartment with six bottles of wine we've got these two
at the table that we're gonna try it with our bee gaga
so we went to the market and pick up some ingredients some red peppers grapes
cheese salami olives avocado prosciutto so there's bread there's facturas
the pastries for dessert yeah so a bit of everything we're gonna eat something
we're starving because we got up this morning at 7:30
yeah and everything was closed we didn't have any breakfast that's up at 7:00 at
8:30 young straight to the bodega and they started with the tasting an empty
stomach so we're hungry then we're hungry and
then the wine went lower heads up have a little nap when we came back rested a
bit so there was no breakfast no lunch now it's mid-afternoon it's 2:30
finally we're gonna eat something yeah that's the first meal of the day
yeah I can be a nice big one right now okay so we've cracked open the first
wine and it's a good one that's the one where I am right now
allemande yeah yeah this is the one that we were tasting this morning but it was
still in the big containers yeah now it's a is the one that has been in the
bottle for maybe a year or so yeah no this is 20 15 years four years we're
gonna try it Cheers today we're gonna let it breathe
a little bit and then we're gonna have it we're gonna enjoy it even more and
then we still have a second bottle guys we're gonna we've got
good times ahead of us how do you like that this is this is an extremely good
wine it's perfect you know when you when you fill it in your palate you know your
mouth is very very smooth yeah and yeah these people they really they really
care about what they produce in that little bodega it's all done with care
and the final product is excellent indeed this is not mass production it's
really more you know mom-and-pop type yeah operation but they really it was
fascinating to even see how they bottle it themselves and label it and
everything's done by hand you know like artisans you know yeah
exactly way they do it but they come up with a with an extremely well-made
product how about the food let's try some food here it's been great their
forties really good any favorites yeah
the salami here it's beautiful like today we didn't go to the supermarket we
actually just visited different specialty shops around the corner
basically so there was one that just sold fruit and vegetables another one
was a bakery then the other one had kind of like deli meats and cheeses
so pickled things as well so that's when we put together this meal it's such a
great economical meal and so tasty you just go in and you you go to the you go
to the bakery you go to the fruit and vegetable shop and then you go to the
local deli and you can piece this together just by visiting those little
shops not cooking and this is a bad meal this is the best it's the best
oK we've open the second bottle of one guys cheers Cheers
I love them both this but something about this one you guys prefer this one
yeah yeah I prefer this one yeah my favorite is this one here allemande yeah
Malbec value Co 2015 like for me this one the one you like has a bit more kick
like when you drink it it's kind of like spicy and almost peppery it like wakes
up your taste buds that's what I'm getting from the first one the second
one it's just different it's a different profile well they're both good the thing
is that's what's wonderful about wines is that you know there's one for every
every taste in palate yeah every date and palate and every situation every
situation you know like with an asado Aurelia picada
you know with lamb they're both good yeah this is bodega is extremely nice
that people were fantastic and they really really do care yeah about what
they do yeah passionate about it passionate
about it and the product reflects the amount of work they dedicate to this
place indeed we're just gonna sit back drink some more wine and what we'll do
is we'll show you our dessert with coffee yeah with coffee a bit later but
for now it's a wine time all I can say is
drinking wine is serious business yeah it is tiring it makes you need a
nap yeah aw shit my jury's still getting used to it
we're your dad and I are pros someday you'll be there I'd like
spending like two weeks in Mendoza just drinking day after day after day
especially when you go to taste the bodega like today yeah and they just
keep dishing it out you know like I mean okay let's try this later usually they
give you around seven to nine different varieties of wine to taste yeah so the
suggestion here is if you're gonna go to the bodegas to do wine tasting make sure
you have a nice big breakfast yes don't do what we did today no no no no stomach
today we well it wasn't up to us because they came to pick us up and last night
we said okay before they come to pick us up there is time for breakfast so this
morning we go to look for places to
morning forget it the city was like it was at war there
was nobody out there you know and so Oh what do we do now and by the time we
realized the car is waiting for us they tell us to get in and off we go
so imagine this we have an empty stomach from yesterday evening yeah around what
10:00 10:30 in the evening and then we go straight to the bodega we start look
yep look you know we were kind of walking out among those huge tanks like
already the legs felt wobbling and wobbling a bit yeah and so this is the
advice do not go with an empty stomach because you're going to regret it
yeah okay the third time today guys has been a day of excess yeah when it comes
to wine food not so much because it is the first meal of the day
a mid-afternoon yeah why not man I'm feeling white I don't know about you
two yeah it's been fun though it's a bit agree yeah but it's a good time now for
a cup of coffee mm-hmm cafe au lait pastries they are
made with some butter and jam or quince I think these Queens mm-hmm yeah
toots of the leche yeah and they're super sweet perfect item for finishing
the meal yeah we had a great day today yeah really was the weather here Mendoza
it's amazing days like not a cloud in the sky
yeah sunshine that feeling of easy does you know calmness
all around you climate here in this province is privileged the ones that are
able to live here because compared to the north in Canada this is heaven in
fact is heaven on earth but I think there's over 300 days of sunshine on the
land of the Sun and the wine good wine oh my god they only got 2 to 3
centimeters of rain per year I found shocking yeah yeah yeah
you never rains always a good time to VIN it and we have more we have more
Apple Degas and vineyards and stop coming from Mendoza it continues to
learn tomorrow my wine so we're gonna sign off for now and we'll see you guys
with another episode for Mendoza Argentina because they bet you continue
my friends


Mendoza WINERY + VINEYARD Tour ? | Visiting BODEGAS LUMINIS in Maipu, Argentina ?

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