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Sam is back from the supermarket with charcoal oh how do you think we're
doing the live million in one sense I'm doing wrong
I don't know if I'm doing this right or not
Cheers good dog
well good morning good morning guys morning guys greetings again from el
bolson argentina we are still here we are we extended our stay because we
liked it so much we liked it so much and our host was so nice we get to hang out
with them a bit more yeah there's a big event happening tomorrow tomorrow the
biggest asado in all of Argentina huge party yeah how could we leave you we
miss that and miss it's gonna be in Cholila which is only like an hour
away so it's gonna be really fun yeah but anyway it's the purpose of
today's video we are going to be attempting to make our very first
Argentinian asado bbq yeah now we've ate a lot of asados and parrillas courtesy of
your dad and in some restaurants in Argentina i we have never attempted it by
ourselves and yeah we're totally winging it it's just the two of us we've gone
out and bought meat we've got wine and so yeah this is going to be our attempt
at making Argentine asado bbq for the very first time watch a couple Gringo's and
see what they can do that's luck so guys this is the grill this is gonna like a
barrel yeah it's super cool it's super rustic and what I love about it is like
you can adjust it because of course you do this at first to probably put in your
wood and everything in you if you want you want the meat to cook slowly you can
obviously keep the girl okay well I'm glad you figure that out because and
we've got some little chimney type thing happening for the smoke to escape
I should also show you guys that our host was kind enough to leave us with
lots of wood not only here but here and there's another huge stack over there
down yonder so I think what we're gonna do to start it is combination of some
newspaper I've got some twigs which will act as kindling and then yeah we'll
eventually throw in some bigger pieces of wood let's get going and we have dog
Oh joining us as well I think he's gonna love the asado this he knows what's up you like
guys I see you out here with the grill he's gonna get a lot we're gonna feed
him really well and yeah we bought them just for you
for you oh so we've got little pieces of wood kindling in the barrel I also
picked up some flyers from the supermarket and we're gonna use this to
start our fire we've got matches we've got limited
amounts of paper some twigs some big blocks of wood and look see how it goes
it went out LT won't work
so guys we managed to get the fire going I'd say it took us about 10-15 minutes
the minor struggles okay it's going it's going it's going it's going
that's the key point and it's not going out all right guys so let's talk about
the meat we went to a carneceria a butcher and picked up four different
items I feel like this is enough for two people so we're not really planning to
have any side dishes or salads or anything like that it's just gonna be
about the meat windy it's getting windy and whether we can cook it
so first up chorizo this cannot be missing when you make a barbecue an
asado chorizo commune cocido mm-hmm I guess
homemade common sausage that's what it means here we have FALDA de Vaca
which is kind of a bony cut but we're hoping to feed some of it to our pet
brands we also have a Costa later a cutlet with a little bent out of shape
in the bag it's got bacon so I should mention all of us came to less than 10
US dollars all this meat yeah ten bucks good price happy with
that okay what cannot be missing from an asado get to the meat good empanadas so
we've got four different kinds I'm gonna dive in here for you so this is the
human one so it has like orange cheese I'm not excited for that one and then
this one is the can't take carne would you have spicy meat in there guys mmm
the place where we pick these up from they are an outstanding bakery
yeah I'm have high expectations this one is the outer arabe yeah I guess it's the
Arab empanada and find another house that specific sheep just regular look
it's got lots of meat I wonder if it'll have lamb last but not least this is the
rock afford to cheese yeah he's look wonderful I can't wait to dig in so 2 &
2 2 & 2 so I gonna try the the spicy meat one the
carne picante yeah Oh dr. C it's spicy this is a Roquefort cheese is that a bit
like blue cheese how would you describe him yeah powerful too rich cheese
odorous to you mm-hmm these are incredible
empanadas yeah these are from marina yeah I can't recommend this place more
highly we had a really good pizza there and you know what we also bought some
dessert from there as well no let's see what the Arab empanada in case
it gives our asado that for some reason doesn't work out we're gonna have nice
empanadas and dessert a little bit sweeter okay lots of onions the reasons
in it I'm not seeing a reason yet I was expecting raisins - okay last but not
least the meat though one this is what you like to have for breakfast in Peru
mm-hmm and Peru I have we meet us for breakfast yeah I was expecting it to be
more orange in color like a darker corn color and a bit drier less mushy yeah
right hey let's see
hmm that's not bad not bad at all so it seems like half of it is mashed corn
mm-hmm and for the other half you can actually see the little grains of corn
stuff good selection guys I feel like the dog is looking at us wondering what
is taking you guys so long you started this a asado like an hour
and a half ago where's the meat I feel the same dog oh I feel the same update
so we've been burning some wood we've got some charcoal happening yeah well
you use the heat of the charcoal to cook your meat but it doesn't look like we
have enough maybe we just didn't put enough wood in there yeah it's actually
gonna go buy some charcoal and we just want to be certain that it's gonna but
what has it hasn't been it hasn't been a dud no I think maybe I may add the chorizo
sauce while you're gone okay well I'll be back I've got about a
20-minute errand
guys I've got to say I'm pretty proud of myself I don't know if I'm doing this
sprite or not but the sausage is cooking so I can't be way off
if the sausage is cooking either way as Sam is back from the supermarket with
charcoal with the Charco oil reinforcements the adventures continue
now the meat goes go on how do you think we're doing what
are your thoughts guys and impressively a million and one thanks for tuning
wrong so please in the comments or don't whine situation tell us what did you got
wine situation so we have a Malbec from 2014 we went to a vino taco here in the
city and the guy helped us pick a so he said this is great local wine as from
2014 Patagonia Argentina so it is exactly from is it from San Patricio de
Chan yaar nail can no can the province of neuquén province of the okay pretty
more can eat though so we just grabbed our chorizo they're ready that's the
first thing that went on you look fantastic guys I think they're cooked
well enough they're crispy crispy on the outside yeah well so we're gonna have
these while the meat and the chicken continues cooking I'm just gonna
reposition this yes good idea
she ching ching ching cheers to the first Argentine bbq asado we've ever made
and so far the wine has been fantastic the chorizo is look good good honestly
this is one of my favorite wines we found in Argentina and it came from a
vinoteca on so maybe they do have a few gem that's hiding out in there so
this was called three Mohini thought that means the firstborn this wine is
the firstborn I think this guy said it was aged in a special barrel barrels
nobody I don't know how to say that in English it's a type of probably Francis
um and it remains it spends twelve months and those wood barrels give him
yeah yeah then afterwards it remains a minimum of one year in the bottle at a
controlled temperature and also controlled light it's a good wine and
try it if you can't be mechanical one more I still I still can't believe we've
been able to somehow pull this off so far and the meats cooking nicely so dude
we managed to cook the chorizo and honestly I think we cooked it a bit
longer than we should have just because we were so worried that maybe we haven't
cooked it long enough well I know it's definitely long enough you put a bit of
chimichurri on it how is it so good we did okay pump to try the chorizo guys
when we've had Argentine asado that your dad to me this is usually the first
thing that's ready sometimes we do a choripan leave this into bread hmm
I'll say we cooked up pretty good yeah crispy on the outside
yeah I'm still juicy just definitely been cooked long enough so we're halfway
there to becoming Argentine would you say well if someone was actually filming
the entire process it would be embarrassing but yeah we have got it
going we have it's working and this is for dog Oh who's been waiting patiently
in the Sun yeah he hasn't bothered us for food he hasn't come whining or
flying or anything he knows the good stuff no pawing Oh
things take time right
young young dog oh now costeletta did we pull it off we cooked it well and we
sure did then loading it with chimichurri
even the bee their interests they're like oh I found asado
though I want a piece of that bad we've kind of pulled it off somehow I'm gonna
give the dog the bone dog was in luck though looks a little bit like a gremlin
personality to gremlin that Oh yum yum yes yes amigo stitch boo booing huh look
at him good dog Oh guys the meat keeps on
coming this is the next batch this is the brocheta you were nice big chunks of
chicken rolled and bacon but wait for it when you cut it open there's more bacon
inside double you never get enough bacon right it's very juicy of tender
I just had a bite of that Tia that's one of my favorites from the whole meal
that's just like that's so good such a good idea I feel like I'm hitting a wall
yeah well this meat like I'm entering food coma zone where my eyes are closed
well we have one more cut and don't forget we have dessert too yeah I need
to watch myself you need to you need to get some caffeine in there or something
chicken for the gremlin
putting those new knives to the test tough gosh it just cuts over all will be back soon all
right and getting all the meat off of the bone like yeah okay yeah we got
those at the Gaucho party a few days ago
with cuts it's called falda it means the alert hands down the star of
the show you like the bony cuts bony and fatty this is the best the meat around
this bone is just unbelievable oh good we went all out for dessert we got a
dozen of my sassiness line pastries would be the direct translation they're
basically little cookies with all different types of fillings toppings we
have cherries jammed in Sicilian chocolate glazed white chocolate it
looks amazing I'm gonna try this little one back here it's like a mini Alfajor
stuffed with dulce de leche very crumbling I'm just the perfect light dessert snack
to finish off a wonderful meal and I've got something to show you now - I mean
what did you get I got sorry it's like I think it's it's like alfajor - so no artists
a now artisanal dozenal with a glaze it's so dense it feels like I'm holding
like a hockey puck that's but it's put in half good all the dulce de leche in
there so fresh actually the outside I thought it might be meringue but it is
white chocolate mm-hmm this is like at a higher level than what you get from the
prepackaged awful force even from some of the better companies like this is
just cut above it's not good we survived we did that
was fantastic yeah took us a little while to get
things going but I yeah it just turned out so much better than I thought the
meat turned out really good we cooked it well we made sure to cook it like it was
well done it was well I know I don't really prefer to have my a little bit
more juicy but we just want to make sure and so yeah well wine was great
empanadas were fantastic what really made this meal good - was the fact that
we picked up things from that bakery empanadas the
cookies oh all very good and the meat cooks so well yeah I have to say I think
we just appreciated everything a little bit more because of all the efforts like
we spent the whole morning in town gathering the items we needed curious
also hold it I mean including like including getting all the supplies that
was like a whole day procedure obviously if we were a little bit more skilled and
prepared it would be faster you could probably arrange this in half a day but
overall it was so much fun and hope you guys enjoyed this Argentine asado
parrilla bbq our very first time to make it made by gringos hopefully it won't be
our last it won't be our last and we'll see you guys soon with with more
episodes on our Channel



60 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 24 日
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