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[Ballet anatomy.]
Our feet are probably the hardest-working part of us as a dancer.
They have to not only support us, but they also have to be articulate and they have to be expressive.
Some people think it's all about line... really, really mobile feet look really great but often they're really difficult to maintain.
Ballet dancers will like to have that beautiful curve of the arch and the in-step and if you don't have that it can, kind of, be a mental game of finding angles and lines that look like you have that even though you don't.
It's like yin and yang.
You have an incredibly arched foot which is aesthetically pleasing for ballet, you really need to make sure you have strength and the control.
Jumping, for me, is the most taxing, that constant loading through the foot.
Although they're quite strong, they do require a lot of work.
I like to start off with the intrinsic muscles, they're basically key for landing and takeoff.
And whenever you're pointing your foot, you're using your intrinsics.
If you haven't identified the key weaknesses throughout your foot, it's quite detrimental to your whole body, really.
When you're working on strengthening these muscles, it can feel like you're doing very little.
But the concentration that is going into isolating one muscle, and tell all the others to relax, it's like a tongue twister for your body.
I'd say I'd spend, at least, an hour or two a week just focusing on feet.
It doesn't sound like a lot, but imagine just an hour of staring and looking at your feet.
Yeah, it takes time.



芭蕾舞者最關鍵的身體部位:腳 (Ballet Anatomy: Feet)

973 分類 收藏
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