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  • Egg, bacon, American cheese.

  • Soft, toasted buttered roll.

  • Just a dash of hot sauce.

  • Not too much, Sal.

  • I wanna taste the cheese.

  • What a way to start my new life.

  • With the perfect egg sandwich.

  • Mmm!

  • You're a lifesaver, Sal.

  • And I'm good for the 75 cents, okay? I promise.

  • That's all the money I got in the world,

  • and it's so worth it.

  • I don't know if it's the stray Armenian arm hair,

  • or the fact that his cheese slices

  • are always six months out of date,

  • but no one makes an egg sandwich like Sal.

  • I mean it, Sal. No one.

  • Freeze! Gotham PD.

  • Yeah, I don't think so.

  • Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Yo! Police.

  • It had been six short hours

  • since my little stunt at Ace Chemicals

  • announced to the world

  • that Mr. J and I were dunzo.

  • The immunity I'd enjoyed for so long was gone.

  • Cops who never would've dared come after me before

  • were suddenly doing this.

  • Freeze!

  • And what's worse?

  • Every person I ever wronged now felt free

  • to come and take their pound of flesh.

  • Turns out I wronged a lot of people.

  • Come on, boy. Get him!

  • Oh...

  • Finally.

  • And then...

  • We're gonna get through this, okay?

  • Tragedy struck.

  • It took losing something I truly love

  • for me to see that the target on my back

  • was bigger than I thought.

  • Freeze.

  • With the walls closing in around me,

  • I made a carefully calculated,

  • highly strategic move.

  • Fine. It was dumb luck. But still...

  • That felt pretty great.

Egg, bacon, American cheese.


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B1 中級 美國腔

哈雷-奎恩雞蛋三明治場景|飛鳥(2020)電影剪輯4K。 (Harley Quinn Egg Sandwich Scene | Birds of Prey (2020) Movie Clip 4K)

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