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So Kyoto is known to be this very historical and culturally vibrant place in Japan.
So me and my friend Angela ended up going to this street called Yasaka-dori
and we end up checking out this awesome shop called Maisendo.
looks about the same the right size in your hand
So elegant.
There are so many different designs!
Oh my God! It fits!
How do I look?
Are you just being nice?
No it looks good!
I did the same thing as you.
I told you it's hard.
How many times have you done this?
Like for every summer festival.
Wow, that camera really does magic.
so we just got changed into our kimono and what are we going to do now, Tyler?
so Maisendo is not only a great place to buy like Japanese souvenirs for people back home.
But you can also kind of participate in this nice traditional Japanese game called "Tosenkyo".
Tosenkyo? What's that?
Basically, kind of like Japanese darts we're going to be using these as our dart these ones oh god I
don't want to break any of these right now I think I think I think they're pretty durable
I'm already gonna win!
That was good!
To play tosenkyo, you need three pieces.
You need the pillow or the makura.
Then you need the "cho" or butterfly.
Finally you need the sensu or throwing fan.
To score points, it's based on the positioning of
both the fan and the butterfly or cho in relation to the pillow.
Now there's a lot of different ways to score points in Tosenkyo but there's also a lot of
ways a lose points in tosenkyo.
Omg Minus 2!?
From the beginning!?
You are already in bad shape.
I'm still winning though.
Minus 2 points!
Minus 2 points!
see how much I can beat you by.
oh really and peacefully very elegant
Just go!
What does that mean?
Does that mean I win?
8 points!!!
Nope! Not "kotsun"
That's points!
If it leans on it, it's also worth points
This is ====
10 points!
I'm gonna swoop it under the butterfly.
Make sure it's open all the way.
Let's see the results of this little game.
I'm pretty sure I won!
I wonder who won...
Hey no claps.
Lucky 21!
If it was golf, you would've won!
Positive thinking.
Now we will hand you your license card!
That was a lot of fun!
So Angela, How did you enjoy your Tosenkyo experience?
I really enjoyed that I was really fun and it was actually my
first time I didn't know I'd be that bad at it and I wasn't expecting you to
be that good but how did you feel about it
I genuinely enjoyed a you know winning
I think it was a really fun experience.
I didn't think it would be as fun as it was but it turned out to be pretty
pretty cool but actually uh Yasaka tower's not far from here
I was thinking we could walk
around in a kimono and take pictures yeah let's do that
let's go
get up


看起來比這更難!! ft國際ME | 日本京都 (SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!! ft internationally ME | Kyoto, Japan)

306 分類 收藏
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