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Hey Everybody Tyler here with Doga TV. And I'm here with my good friend, Angela
And I thought I'd show her around with my favorite areas in Osaka, Nipponbashi.
First we checked out Kuromon Ichiba,
which is a giant street food market filled with a lot of interesting Japanese food.
Yay! He paid.
My Sugar Daddy.
It's like super sweet. I'm gonna steal another one.
How do I eat this?
From the head! Lick it like a lollipop.
Can you eat it with a more attractive face?
It looks like your teeth.
So me and Angela then went to this awesome fish place that had some of the best
tuna I've ever had in my life. It was amazing.
Oh my God
I suck at chopsticks...
I love that the white boy from Kansas can use chopsticks better than
the little Asian girl over here.
There you go! You got it now!
Did you fit the whole thing in your mouth?
Come on you can do it.
It melts in your mouth.
So after we got done at the market we decided to head to Jungle which reminded me a lot of my dad's comic book shop back home.
Two million yen? How much is that$200k? WOOOOO!
Hey, oh, I knew you were gonna go there. Oh you already... Yeah, I already started filming.
This is a very popular....
Vampirella Vampirella
My dad knew this stuff.
My dad was also a giant nerd
if you're watching this dad, sorry.
Normal young women artists make all of the jewelry and items you see in our store.
We have about 70 artists in total.
Different artists with different tastes make truly original accessories.
This item is really popular.
Actually, I'm wearing some now.
It's like a little girl whispering in your ear.
It's like whispering in her ear.
We couldn't come to this "Otaku Paradise
without checking out at least one maid cafe.
But what I was really surprised about was how chilled and laid back it was.
Even if you don't if you're not into like anime, this is pretty cool, right?
A giant it's a giant uh look one of these guy's hands.
Pound it, bro
Don't like really hit it jesus gonna break it.
The Gundam in Odaiba has been moved already, and they're going to make it this one, so it's like a more revamp cooler version
I guess oh hey o!
I'm breaking stuffff...
So while the character museum had a lot of gundam and action figures.. Your typical nerd stuff.
Super kids land was more focused on any kind of nerd having a good time
It's back there. Watch this. It's coming through the tunnel.
*train noises*
That's crazy, and they have little sakura trees little Japanese style houses
[oh], they have a proper station in the back too
This is great for like a souvenir. Yeah, yeah, I like this right here. I
I think this is Osaka Castle.
Woody Joe?
I like the pagoda.
That's tight.
I think this would be so nice.
I would love this as a souvenir.
Not this one. This one is two big.
Angela... Got them brand names.
Are you in the brand name goods?
Not really.
Not your cup of tea?
I'd rather use that money!
That's actually really cheap for Armani.
And go somewhere nice
Go to a nice Japanese-style hotel.
Go to a nice Kaiseki restaurant.
What is that!?
This is a futon cleaner.
it's literally just for cleaning futon
To get all the dust mites?
If you have bed bugs you have other problems.
You know how Japanese houses are really small.
So you use these like futon cleaners to clean the bed so you don't have to always like put it on your balcony and like
use that thing to wack it.
You can clean it inside.
and it's got the Uv light which kills the bed bugs.
Oh, I did not know any of that
This would be so cute to have in your...
So your focus on the cuteness
I'm focused on the fact that I'm gonna take my these home if I ever go back to the States.
Can you link it to the toilet?
Connected yeah, that's what the actual toilets toilets aren't that advanced
what makes it advances this thing
It's just the toilet. People always think the toilets are really advanced. It's like nah!
It's literally just the attachment that you put on top of it
Can it fit the size of your toilet?
Yeah, obviously most toilets are pretty standard size unless I mean America. There's some big asses in America
Like yours?
Wait a minute!
What was that [Angela]?! What was that?!
Shots fired!
Joshin's [Den] [Den] land is a one-stop shop of all types of souvenirs
They have brand-name goods, electronics and the thing I'm looking most forward to when I leave the country a futuristic toilet seat cover
We took the Osaka Wonder loop which is awesome
Basically all you can ride train and bus service that was about 3000 yen for two days
And we basically were able to travel from Nipponbashi to all the other major
sightseeing places around Osaka
So thank you so much for letting us come [out] here and film a big. Thanks to Angela as well from internationally me [channel]
can you just like model up real quick?
Someone just saw you?!
Come on. You don't need to be embarrassed



125 分類 收藏
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