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Hey everybody Tyler here with Doga TV, and I'm joined once again with my lovely friend Angela
So what we doing today Angela?
We are in Osaka, But we're not going to check out the usual place where people go to in Osaka
but some of the lesser known areas as well as check out some of the autumn foliage or autumn leaves that goes on around this time of year.
And we're actually coordinated pretty well for autumn leaves season so that's pretty awesome.
Why don't we have some of this towns specialty?
Okay, which is?
Maple leaves tempura. +et's try it all right, so let's get one of these
One of these, please!
It smells good
It smells good
Yeah, we can warm up on feet after a long hike from the waterfall. It was super fun
We headed over to Umeda to check out, Osaka's local delicacy. Takoyaki which is basically fried octopus balls
Oh lava it melts in your mouth like lava. My whole body is warm
See that sexy feet
Yeah, we can warm up on feet after a long hike from the waterfall. It was super fun
We headed over to Umeda to check out, Osaka's local delicacy. Takoyaki which is basically fried octopus balls
Oh lava it melts in your mouth like lava. My whole body is warm
It's so good.
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After playing with some Pokemon we decided to check out Osaka's famous nightlife
After a few drinks at the bar, we headed back to our hotel in Kyoto before starting day 2
Alright, it's day two here in Kansai
And we figured you know the best way to show you guys as much as possible as if we split up and do our own
Separate activities, so I'm going to be going to the Suntory Yamazaki distillery while Angela...
I'm gonna be going this shop behind me and getting changes to your kimono
I'm gonna be pampered get my makeup and hair done, so I guess I'll see you later, then alright sounds good
Let's catch up. You know share what we were doing in the afternoon. Yep
Tell me how your day was and I'll tell you how my day was sounds good. Take it easy
This is the most important the theme of today's
So I just got my kimono and here and makeup all done, how does it look?
But they have a lot of kimonos to choose from it was very hard for me to pick
Which one however the staff are very friendly?
And they told me which one I should pick so now I'm gonna explore around in my kimono
But I wonder what Tyler's getting up to now to check out the home of Japan's world-famous whisky. Oh Yamazaki
We're about to head out in the Sun Tory whiskey distillery to earth and one thing I wanted to point out is they have this
Nice audio guide that translates into English French and Chinese
So that's really useful. It's like a phone. Hello. How you doing I?
Want to drink it
That smell is a maze
That smells like whiz
Apparently over two to three percent of the whisky will evaporate each year, it's age, so there's constantly the longer
It's just aged the more more whisky kind of
Wow that's crazy
Oh, yeah, oh
So yeah, that was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever done
I think ever I'm a big fan of whiskey, but I didn't know how to properly
Taste whiskey before to me
It was like whiskey is whiskey
But it was really interesting to see the two
Unblended types of whiskey what they do before they make the Yamazaki whiskey is they take?
You know multiple types of whiskey try them and then find out which one would make the best
Combination and so getting to try the Ginsu
Basically, which is the pre distilled the under stilled?
Whiskey's and then trying what they combined into and then finally getting to learn how to make my favorite drink properly
Was pretty much the coolest experience I've ever had and they gave me little snacks to drink yeah
So I've had a couple in me now so I think it's about time to go see what Angela is getting up to
Now I'm gonna I'm gonna save you I'm gonna put you in my stomach. Okay. Don't worry. Oh
This is really good
It tastes like real much
If you come to Kyoto you have to try the macho macho is very famous here
My street
Thank you, I'll make up everything with that. Yeah, fun yes
Walk around I'm a little little tipsy. It's the loyalty have a couple of couple drinks
Just a couple just not a lot no a lot. Yeah. I think I'm good so you ready to keep going yeah
So anyways, that's a wrap for today's filming. Thank you once again Angelo for coming up joining me
Thank you for having me. I think you guys for watching. Anyways guys. That's it for us. Take it easy. Hope you guys enjoyed it
Today's video is sponsored by honk. You honk you is a major train one located in the Kansai area
One of these, please!
We are making some fresh hot ones right now.
Are these flavored?
It smells like .......
It's so good.


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