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I've been playing Animal Crossing for 14 years, and now I'm really excited for New Horizons.
It's one of the games where I could go home, and completely immerse myself, just by like, hanging out with some villagers, collecting some furniture.
I would say Animal Crossing for me, has helped me feel a little bit less lonely, by obviously playing with friends.
But connecting with villagers that have all these different types of personalities that I feel are relatable.
Animal Crossing is an amazing game.
It's a game that you can always just come back to daily and just have a bunch of fun.
The chance to have your own place and watch it grow.
I find it like a zen garden where you can pick it up, and sort of mold the world to, sort of a calming atmosphere for yourself.
My partner and I will definitely be spending time like after work just...building a town together, making a little progress.
I've always played with family growing up.
It's always been a part of my life honestly.
I played the game with my sister a lot when I was younger.
We would always search for fossils together.
And she would put the fossils in the museum, and I would bring the fish to the museum.
I ended up playing a lot with my sister, and we ended up bonding a lot.
So, it was something that we shared as a family.
She wants to get a Switch just because she's really excited and wants to play New Horizons with me.
I know I, I wake up, head right to the beach, collect all the shells for the day.
Go to Nook's, sell them, grab a cup of coffee.
It's just like everyday life but even better and more peaceful and cuter.
Filling up the entire museum, and having that full completed one is like my favorite element of everything.
I like to collect the fish, that's my favorite part of the game.
Like that's like the number one thing I always wanna do.
I always had a really fun time just seeing like fish in the water.
When you see a huge, huge one, it's like, "Oh my god, which one is that?".
So, it was always really exciting just when you, first pull it out of the water and seeing like, "Oh my gosh, I got a whale shark!".
I love the social element, I love designing my town.
And I'm also just very attached to all the characters.
You meet all these villagers and these animals that seem to have their own personal lives their own thing going on.
It feels like, they care about me, they're like, "Oh, welcome back!".
Or if I'm gone for a while, they'll like miss me.
It's like a home away from home, you know, everyone there is gonna be happy to see you.
You will log in and you have mail waiting for you.
You have little villagers coming up to you and saying they miss you.
And it becomes like a nice place to just be, to be you, really.



Switch 遊戲《集合啦!動物森友會》為何爆紅? (Why I Play – Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

4436 分類 收藏
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