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Hi, I'm Katie Roney on behalf of Expert Village, we are discussing how to have a successful
interview. One of the questions that will come up when you're in the candidate seat
is whether or not you're interviewing other places. This is important to your potential
employer because they want to know if you're looking around other companies or what type
of industries are also interested in. It is also going to help understand what type of
timeline they need to develop. Be truthful if you're interviewing other places that is
perfectly fine more than likely they expect you to be interviewing other places. If they
want to go into great detail and you don't want to talk about it that is okay. You can
always say "I rather not say where I'm interviewing but I do have an interview with this industry
or I did have an interview last week", just tell them the truth. If you have an interviews
it will create urgency on their part. Phil do you have any other interviews going on
right now, any offers out to you? (Phil) I have an offer out from a one company and I
am going back for a third and final interview with another. The first offer is that for
similar sales manager position? (Phil) Yes. You're on your third round with this second
company. (Phil) That should be a final interview with them. Since we are just in the first
round of our interview is this going to hinder you, are you going to kind of wait? (Phil)
I just want to explore all my options and see what is best. I can totally understand
that you don't want to make the wrong decisions on your career. Those are all great answers
he told me exactly what I needed to know. Just how far along he was in the interview
and now I know that as an employer I need to hurry because he already has an offer out,
so get that sense of emergency out on the table.


面試時遇到不會回答的問題!怎麼辦?  (How to Interview for a Job : Dealing with Difficult Questions in Job Interviews)

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