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Hi guys! Welcome back on my channel.
I'm Charlotte, and in today's video I want to share a little tradition that me and my family have
every single year on Easter
Happy Easter
Originally, the Easter holiday is a Christian holiday
But here in Belgium, you don't even need to be Christian to celebrate Easter.
What usually happens, is that parents will tell their children that there is an Easter bunny or Easter bells
There are different versions of the story
That will come during the night and hide chocolate eggs everywhere in the gardens, in the parks
It's super exciting for children when you wake up on an Easter Sunday
and you run out to collect as many eggs as you can find
In my family, with my 3 siblings, even though most of us are grown now… We're not children anymore,
We still celebrate Easter in the same way we did as when we were young
My parents… I mean the Easter bunny, still comes in the night before Sunday
and hides a lot of eggs that we can find in the morning
We even have some kind of race, where we all try to find as many eggs as we can
And in the end, we will all put them on the table and compare who got the most, so it's really fun!
3, 2, 1, go! The hunt begins
After the egg hunt, after we all sit at the table and found out who won (who found the most eggs)
We will start exchanging
I like dark chocolate the most. And white chocolate. But I don't really like milk chocolate
So we can exchange to get our favourite chocolates
But usually, after eating a few chocolates we all have an “overdose”
and we just put them all in one big collective bowl
and we can eat chocolate for many days to come, after Easter.
That's the way my family celebrates Easter every single year.
I hope you enjoyed this little video
I'm curious to know, do you also celebrate Easter in your country?
Or do you have any other holiday that is similar to our Easter holiday?
Let me know in the comments down below!
Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe if you liked this video
Because it really helps me out a lot ^^
Thank you so much and see you very soon in another video.
Bye bye ~


比利時的複活節慶祝活動 (Belgian Easter celebration )

278 分類 收藏
周建丞 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 14 日
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