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For such tiny creatures
bees have one of the biggest jobs in the world.
Hi, I'm Katharina!
And I am Frederic.
We use machine learning
to better understand how nature works.
And we're doing that by observing bees.
Bees have a symbiotic relationship with nature
Plants depend on the pollination
of bees, including the fruits and vegetables
that we eat every day.
Bees and other insects
are dying around the world
and we do not know why.
We don't want the lack of knowledge
to be the reason that bees continue to disappear.
I thought, 'We have to do something about it'.
So we built a hive monitor
that uses a camera to track the bees
as they come and go.
Bees always return to their queen.
If we observe 500 leaving the hive
and only 200 returning
we can assume there is a problem
in the local ecosystem.
We train the model using Tensorflow
Google's open-source machine learning framework
that examines the video from each hive.
But what do we do with all this data that we collect?
We share it with experts
so they can make informed decisions
on things like when to mow lawns
and where to plant trees and flowers
so that bees can continue to power our ecosystem.
This tech is only the first step.
Us humans will have to take it from there.
To all those putting nature first
Search on.


How machine learning is being used to help save the world’s bees

156 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 14 日
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